Day By Day


  • TomZ

    Snerking, not snickering.

  • Delilah T

    The last word? Absolutely! More cowbell?

    • WayneM

      Guess what? I got a fever! And the only prescription.. is more cowbell!

  • What everybody else already said.

  • Pamela

    Sam~whatever you ate prior to sleeping…Don’t do it again.
    Things can get really, really weird.

  • Delilah T

    How many times does Sam get up now in the middle of the night to find the ladies’ room? Has she been kicked in the kidneys yet?

    More cowbell!

    • Pamela

      Wonder if Zed has been kicked out yet …. 😉

    • Too Tall


      Thank you for keeping it real for those of us who now only dimly remember what our wives endured to give us children.

  • Punta Gorda

    Interesting how one cross dimensional inspirational entity became another. Probably more conducive for the submarine races…

  • Bill

    Thar she blows!!!

  • Wotan

    Vewwy promising, Perfessor!

  • Pete231

    Ain’t it the truth……….

  • Old Codger

    OK. I’ll bite. In this context, what does “cowbell” mean? Oh, and for the record, my wife was unable to conceive so I never had an opportunity learn the meaning in practical circumstances. Got my two kids 2nd hand. Love ’em both with all my heart. But I’d have given anything to have held a living bit of the two of us.

    • JTC

      OC, as to the first part of your comment if you dislike Walken and Ferrell as I do it is irrelevant, especially as to the last part…and your last sentence is heart gripping. My condolences on that, it is the single most important and fulfilling part of me and my life. But it sounds like you did a great job filling that gap, and those kids are fortunate to have you.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      “Cowbells” refers to an old Saturday Night Live (SNL) skit with Christopher Walken, back when SNL was still occasionally funny.

      I’m sorry that you were never able to have children of your own. But it sounds as if you made the best of what you were able to have. And kudos to you and your wife for that.


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