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  • NotYetInACamp

    That’s a better “Wired” than how Hunter Biden is usually wired.
    This “Wired” is an easy rescue.

  • Kafiroon

    Heh Heh! Barb’d Wyre!
    Been there, done that.
    Dressed to not scar. Do Not let a loose end or wrap get off on its own.

    • JTC

      Yes ol’ Bob Wahe can hurt you. Still, I do not know how a man could get in that position.

      Did he have help? Some kind of ride-by cowgirl bondage dominatrix thing?

      • JTC

        Bob Wahr. Not a nice guy, but efficient.

  • Damn city boyz, even if they DO bar-b-que….

  • Buck

    Can be done from the saddle of a motorcycle in an instant. Loose trail, a turn at the crest of a hill, distracted by a cowgirl; call it lucky if there’s just scratches on the paint.

  • Bill G

    Getting ‘all wrapped up in your work’ is supposed to be done another way.

  • AngryToxicDeplorable-PaulS

    What the frock?!
    October 24th show, 1 min 14 sec from end (to save time). Apparently the host read comments here and thinks this “is the dumbest audience on the planet… or just rude….”
    Been here a long time and dumb nor rude come to mind.
    Though hang on, I’M here, so maybe they are onto something. LOL

    • Yeah, that half of the equation is a run-on windbag. But at least he talks a lot.

    • Henry

      Sorry — WHOSE show???

      • AngryToxicDeplorable-PaulS

        What the frock, podcast, if you can’t find it from that, don’t bother. I put it on my list after seeing it here, mildly entertaining but off the subscription list now. Crossed the line for me.

        • Henry

          Ah, OK, it’s the NAME of the guy on first base!
          I thought you were just expressing your disdain.

          • AngryToxicDeplorable-PaulS

            Yes, I see how that appears that way, but it was too polite for my disdain. LOL

            That said, since I don’t see the dumb that he mentioned, maybe it’s me?!? 😉 but y’all are very polite about it, making his “rude” claim confusing, probably just too dumb to make sense of it, seems a trend these days in “backwards world”

  • Come-alongs, man. One slip and POW. That’s a lot of energy stored up in a strand of wire under strain.

  • Barbed Wire and being wired…Fond memories,

    Many years ago, late 80’s I think, I was at my uncles farm about 1 1/2 sheets to the wind and I decided to get on my nephew’s dirt bike and go for a ride (had a helmet on). My uncle owned a plane and had a grass runway on the side of the farm with his hanger. I wanted to see how fast I could go, so I opened her up on the runway. I was going as fast as it would go and got to the end of the runway and realized I was looking at a 4 strand barbed wire fence going across the end of the runway. Being a quick thinker I laid the bike down and flattened myself out on my back and while the bike stopped at the fence, I did not and I slid under the lowest strand. I was not unscathed and I think of the barb wire fence every time I look at those scars…

    Yeah, I have a keen understanding of being wired…

    • WayneM

      One of my childhood friends was less aware than you but despite such, he got very, very lucky…

      He was blasting across a snowy field on his snowmobile and did not see the barbed wire fence until after he got knocked off. As he laid on his back, wondering what happened, he felt wetness on his neck.

      Yes, the barbed wire cut his throat but didn’t go deep enough to take out his carotid arteries. He ended up with an ugly scar but lived.

  • Some inadvertent truth from the NYT…

    “Throughout U.S. history, government programs providing broad-based economic benefits have rarely been eliminated once created. “The idea is that these initiatives will get a good foothold in this legislation, and we can extend them,”

    There is only one program of any significance that Congress started but did not continue, and current slew of Democrat proposals seem unlikely to suffer from that problem. They would provide thousands of dollars a year, in direct payments or benefits, to many families.”

    Pure payola, and just a “foothold” for what they want to expand in perpetuity…or until the Golden Goose, finally exhausted, lays down and dies.

    • Henry

      A link to mail in your own Gmail mailbox is less than enlightening.

    • JTC

      What the frickin’ frick, sorry about that, so lacking in the inter tube graces, and stupid too.

      Chris can you zap that comment to eliminate that link please?

  • Halley

    Rush use to say “I’ll tell you when it’s time to panic”, and up until his death in February, it somehow wasn’t yet time to panic.

    If Rush were alive today, there is no doubt whatsoever that he, like a modern Paul Revere, would be crying out “OK – Now it’s time to panic!”

    • Kafiroon

      Nah. There is still prayer. For non-believers there is SMOD. There is also a box as yet unopened.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Offhand, if Fauci would do/have financed gain of function research on corona virus in Wuhan labs or elsewhere, what would stop his torturing beagles?
      Kill Humans, kill Beagles. 6 of one, half a dozen of the other, to Fauci.
      They want control.

  • Halley

    Quote of the day ”I am still unvaccinated. I survived the greatest psychological fear campaign in human history”. You and me, Candace.

    • NotYetInACamp

      As truth is relegated to the round file these days, this may just be the truth. It is not government politically sanctioned information.
      If this is true, it is not good.
      You all may have survived the danger that could be contained in following the recommendations contained in that fear campaign.

  • Pamela

    What channel is Travis broadcasting on? Radio Free America
    And maybe a Tetanus shot…

    • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

      With the current bout of “misadventures” between flu shots, Jabs, and any other injection (oops! sorry. wrong one), I’d have to know the doctor damned well, since childhood, before I’d let him/her give me any inoculation.


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