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  • interventor

    No old T-shirts to make cloth diapers, nor safety pins? I was changing diapers for my younger brother and sister, as a kid. Taught my sister how on a baby she was looking after. She asked where I learned. On your dirty little behind I said. She blushed and my younger brother kidded her. Looked at him and said, where do you think I learned, first. Not so many years ago, kids learned all sorts of skills at home. Dad taught me everything from rebuilding cars to electrical wiring, Plus, how to shoot.

    • GWB

      We used a diaper service for our kid. Real cloth diapers worked out very nicely. And we occasionally had to wash them ourselves. So, we always had a handy absorbent material for stopping geysers – you just gotta cap it fast. 🙂

  • Too Tall

    In a crisis, kids call Mom.

    But, if they really need the shirt off your back, they call Dad.

    • WayneM

      For the most part. In my case, the kids called me for both though. In the later years, they took to celebrating both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day with me… and that was before I got divorced.

      I got divorced for good reasons.

      • DeeKayT

        Yeah, I can understand the “good” reasons. Divorced from my first wife for religious reasons. I am a Christian and she was satan. Hit the jackpot on the second marriage. 41 years this year.

        • WayneM

          I hit the jackpot with the second marriage too… a blond Texan darling… And just like that, this Canadian became a snowbird.

      • tom ploszaj

        Been down your road, I get a Mother’s Day card every year. Raised a boy and girl since their mother had other interests than family and being a mom. 2nd marriage’s was a God send. Thinking about it, lucky I’m a Boomer with kids because today wive’s can just abort their burdens with out the father’s knowledge.

        • WayneM

          I’m on the cusp between Boomer and GenX.

          Between abortion and the spectrum of genders, the leftists are self-selecting themselves out of the gene pool. We just have to conserve western society until they’re gone.

          • John

            Sadly, if Leftism is a genetic trait, then just like intelligence there is Regression toward the Mean and we’ll never be rid of it.

    • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

      And if the shirt off yer back isn’t enough, they’ll ask for the pants.

  • Henry

    Good conservatives (with the space) have impressive rag collections.

    When we’re out RVing, we carry way more rag towels than people towels. Great for spills, sweat, wet dogs, dog wets, you name it.

    • John

      Nevertheless, a big pile of proper diapers and pins would be a great addition to the Stash. For trade items if nothing else.

  • WayneM

    Things like face clothes, hand & bath towels all absorb liquid. And there’s usually no lack of ’em around. Sam just wanted Zed’s shirt off for her own reasons.

    • Mike-SMO

      Most Moms, Dads, Docs, and Sitters quickly learn that pulling back the insulation triggers an automatic reflex. If you are just going to stand there, plan on cleaning up the mess and/or changing your clothes. It is an easy concept to remember after the first baptism.

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    BTDT, had many a baby pee and poo on me.
    A most memorable moment was when me, the Mrs Deplorable, and First Daughter (six months old) were getting a family portrait picture, we’re dressed in our Sunday best.
    I’m holding FD in the crook of one arm, in front of me, Mrs D to the side of me.
    Just as the photographer sez “cheese”, I feel a warm wet down my arm and shirt front. What do you do? Hold the pose and smile.

  • JTC

    Well kid, we all get pissed on at times in our lives. The key is learning how to handle it differently depending on whether it is by a loved one or an enemy.

    • JTC

      In the case of Samuel here, some irritation, humor, love, and duty.

      As for outsiders pissing on you, Dad will teach you about that later.

      Shirt off his back is not the most important thing he will give you.

  • Hobomatt

    Remember what LBJ said about people pissing…
    “Better to have someone in your tent pissing out, rather than someone outside your tent pissing in.”

    • nonncom

      He would know…LBJ pissed into a lot of tents….

  • jdow

    Criminal waste of cloth for face-masks. 15 comment penalty yummy male notwithstanding. (The bad news is he’s too young. The good news is mine is joined by the hip with me.)


  • Contrarian View

    Funny…at first I didn’t notice the shirt. I thought Zed was saying what the baby daddies in the hood say – “My contribution was months ago.” (Of course, they use different words.) So this cartoon is doubly funny. And it gives us guys a great look at Sam’s shape from behind, and a shirtless Zed for the ladies. Great work, Chris.

  • MasterDiver

    Out of wipes?
    Soap, warm water, and a washcloth. Launder thoroughly afterwards.

    Zar Belk!

    • John

      Which reminds me.
      When the electricity fails, just who _does_ have a proper washtub and washboard these days?

  • MAJ Arkay

    I learned on baby brother to have a wash cloth or another diaper handy. The second the dirty diaper came off, that “catch cloth” was ready for the geyser. When Old Faithful was done, then cleanup began.

    That is an art that way too many people today do not know.

  • JTC

    Did you know baby girls can do that too? Found that out at the tender age of 17 as a brand new terrified daddy. :/

    That was ‘72 before Pampers, not that it would have mattered, at two bucks an hour in an old-line hardware store we couldn’t afford them or the cloth diaper service, so that was a DIY proposition. I was shocked that tiny thing could poop that much and stink that bad, but I wouldn’t take anything for the experience…that first baby is 48 years old this Wednesday. 🙂

  • Pamela

    Girls, all I can say if a grown man wants to do that, run.
    Now as to your baby brother, that’s the reason you keep lots and lots of terry cloth shop towels washed and safely stowed. Have a bucket with lid, borax and water for soaking and old school rubber gloves for cleaning, rinsing , wringing and rinsing.

  • Oldarmourer

    As you remove the old diaper, the new one gets laid across the front in anticipation.
    After waiting a few moments you can then clean up safely…most times…
    I swear they do it on purpose because they always laugh afterwards…
    Which makes the whole thing worth it.

    • Indeed.

      • Don D.

        Father of two girls. They can geyser, too!

    • Merle

      OMG, yes! At first I questioned my wife as to why – she “let” me learn the hard way….. 🙂

  • Too Tall

    Zed: But – I’ve given so much already….

    After all, Zed already did the “hard” part.


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