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  • Henry

    Can’t we just keep the original… wherever he is now?

  • Pamela

    Coitus Interruptus more like

  • Steveb919

    still trying to get it delivered.

  • Too Tall

    “A few White Russians….”

    A most complete and accurate description of the Steele Dossier, Russian Collusion Hoax, and the rest of the immoral, unethical, and illegal attacks by the Left on President Trump.

    The worst part is that Mo’s impersonation of Wray is the only thing that has made any sense to resident Biden* in the last two years or so.

  • DogByte6RER

    Hey Wray … wipe your face. You got some White Russian dribbling down your chin …

  • PCChaos

    How do we let this bad show go on, specifically, the federal (selective) law enforcement agencies of our government? Or are they of our government? How can a dirt bag like son of Brandon get away with what he has done? Not advocating bad on him physically, that could happen in prison, but how does this not get sent directly to a grand jury with the indictment to follow?

    • cb

      “Or are they of our government? ” ~ We have a winner!

  • Buck

    And why is the only person facing charges a seventeen year old boy that tried to save Kenosha?

  • John

    A lot of “We are going to destroy the traitorous whistle blower in the FBI with the entire weight of the Deep State. The Eye of Sauron sees all.”

  • Too much focus on effects and not enough on cause…Rep. Jim Banks hit the nail on the head in reference to their long game…key phrase:

    “The people running our country aren’t dumb. President Biden may be the face of these policies, but we all know he’s not in charge. The people who are really running the show know exactly what they’re doing. So it’s wrong to suggest the multiple crises facing our country – the border crisis, energy crisis and inflation crisis – are a result of the Biden administration’s mistakes or incompetency. Because that would suggest they don’t want these results. On the contrary, they do.”

    Good piece, worth reading the whole thing. There are some politicians that understand. Question is, what if anything will they do about it…

    • Halley

      Yes, of course it is all on purpose. And there is no more Rule of Law in the USA. And we are not being told who in fact is in charge of the Dictatorship (let’s not fool ourselves, that’s what the former USA is right now), whether a person or a Politburo. At some level, everyone – on aisle Left, aisle RINO, aisle MAGA – senses that this is the situation now.


      Some “Rule of Law” remains.

      • Count 1: First Degree Reckless Homicide – Not Guilty

        Count 2: First Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety – Not Guilty

        Count 3: First Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety – Not Guilty

        Count 4: First Degree Intentional Homicide – Not Guilty

        Count 5: Attempted First Degree Intentional Homicide – Not Guilty

        • May the Minnesota fireworks begin.
          Kyle, go home and lock and load.
          Protect you and yours.

    • Halley

      A glimmer of hope.
      But the verdict that matters most is on the terror attack of Nov.3, 2020.

      • Unfortunately that jury is still out…
        The correct verdict? CRA Now!

      • It is a glimmer of hope for the rule of law, but it is much more than that in terms of the impact in cases of self-defense and 2A rights in general. A lot of what was said and done and a lot of the rulings by the judge on definitions and implementations. Beyond their blood-lust, that is primarily why the leftist machine was gunning for this kid so hard and so uniformly, to weaponize the verdict as it were, just as they create and take advantage of everything to further their narrative and their agenda. This won’t stop them but it will slow them down.

        What happened to this stupid kid who should never have been there and in spite of the stupidity of his parents who did not prevent it, when his life was violently threatened he defended and did what he had to do with the best means there is.

        And now God forbid when/if we have to do the same (hopefully in scenarios and contexts much different than Rittenhouse), this trial and this ruling will loom large. Self defense is self defense, and that was really the only issue in this mockery of a trial.

      • Chris Muir

        Hah! Nope.

    • Kafiroon

      Definitely a good find Chris! Backs up what a number of us have proposed. They cannot survive without us peons working our jobs.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Excellent stuff. Many thoughts expressed there better than I had expressed them. That fits the resist need. We do let much open t assault, but the mainland is consolidating and building for a building overwhelming victory. Don’t stop.
      \It seems that they have awakened a sleeping tiger.
      Many good thoughts there, and the direction the plan is taking itself.
      There are many gathering forces to do what needs to be done. And we can win no matter what the enemy does or does not do.
      Carry on. Defeat the btards. Lets Go Brandon

    • cb

      Thanks Chris !

    • Halley

      Thanks! Phenomenal.

  • JTC

    It is good stuff. And more than that, for me at least, a new perspective on the methods and tactics of Imperial Japan’ war on America as well as the leftist assault on the American Republic in the undeclared but oh so real CW v2.

    They both would have done well to study the methods and tactics of Sun Tzu instead. We must hope, strive, and pray for the same result, though it must be noted that the delayed but overwhelming response to attack came down to war, and the tools of it. And this time, control of those tools is not at all clear.

    Fervent hope that the thoughtful comparison is apt.


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