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  • Key phrase: “That’s news Skye?”

    Exactly. Place is done. So be done with it.

    Love to see her get embedded in Austin and try to find out just what in the fuck Texans have let happen there, and how, and why, and who.

    • Even more local. In your fam’s own backyard.

      • Steveb919

        Has this Dallas prosecutor gone completely F’d in his mush for a brain? Fire that ass wipe quickly.

        • Steveb919

          This ass wipe prosecutor is there to uphold the law not bend, spindle or mutilate it.

        • JTC

          Ironic that this POS got elected by an almost exact opposite demographic electorate than the commies in Austin yet both pursue essentially the same agenda and ultimate goal.

          And that cop/lawyer/judge who wrote that piece is spot-on with the first half of his piece ref the WOD and its devastating effect on society and the criminal Justice system.

      • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

        I can see a lot of rope and bullets being used by vigilantes to make sure justice is done. And a whole lotta people will “see nuttin”, and cameras will be broken/unplugged/erased.

      • JTC

        And then there are the “prosecutors” who will do anything to get a conviction, any conviction, after they’ve had their evil corrupt leftist asses handed to them in a real court with a real judge and a real innocent innocent defendant…

    • NotYetInACamp

      So all of those hilarious or insulting voice over rants by supposedly Hitler when something he doesn’t like happens, using the video taken out of the movie will be called to be cancelled now? What a croc, I suppose Chapelle with have cancel attacks on him also!

    • Simon Jester

      Cleese was a big supporter of Obama and really, really hates Trump.

      • JTC

        His opinion of The One has changed in light of recent/current events.

        Trump maybe not so much but then again he’s not alone in that even among the unwoke/awakened.

        • JTC

          Which awakening is the whole point of the toon…Cleese is as entitled to that as anybody else.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Act local. Effect national (and possibly worldwide.)

  • Steveb919

    These WOKE assholes should be hunted down like the rabid assholes they are and either see the light or put out of their misery. I know this is morale wrong but something has got to give to get OUR UNITED STATES OF AMERICA back to the hard working people and military that made us great. If I get booted for this statement oh well it is how I feel.

    • Lucius Severus Pertinax

      “Rabid assholes is a good start; but I prefer the more florid: “Erupting Boils in the Buttcrack of Human Progress.”

      • Pamela

        You forgot to add Syphilitic to the Erupting Boils

    • MadCat

      Booted from where? Here!? Stick around, join in, you’re home.

  • Bill G

    Thanks to the glory of the NEA controlled Public Education, most of those lefties won’t have a clue about the background behind “Show me your papers, Comrade.”

    • “Papiren, bitte”

      Zar Belk!

      • MadCat

        Which reminds me, for no particular reason, my fav, ‘What the Captain Means Is…” I still have that on tape somewhere around here. Along with all episodes of “Chicken Man”.

        • MadCat

          Good Lord, what that 40-odd years ago?

          • MadCat

            *was that*

  • Too Tall

    Whether it is basic animal instincts for survival or a few vestigial functioning synapses, there are some on the Left, such as Skye, who sense that events are not occurring in accordance with the fairytale script they have been indoctrinated with, and are becoming uneasy.

    However, because the full fury of the impending Category 5, Richter 10, EF5, MMI XII, Force 10, Sh!tstorm is not yet crashing about their heads, they perceive in their favored land the sun is shining bright, and redouble their criminal efforts to steal wealth and power, self-justified that they are building Utopia.

    Even if they could process the Rayleigh Waves already overwhelming their dysfunctional minds, they are unable to react because they fail to understand that the coming cataclysm is the direct result of their choices and actions.

    As they are annihilated, their last sentient response will be (pace Joliet Jake Blues): “It’s not my fault!”

    • JTC

      …because the full fury of the impending Category 5, Richter 10, EF5, MMI XII, Force 10, Sh!tstorm is not yet crashing about their heads (it’s crashing about our heads first), I used to think and hope that the pending cataclysmic evidence you postulate would wake up enough of the woke to turn tide.

      And I believe it is; unfortunately the leftist handlers believe it too, hence they decided to just hijack the vote to achieve the desired results and to continue their rampage.

      So the ballot box, even enhanced by some who woke up from woke and see the real reality all around them as opposed to the created reality of said handlers and their handmaidens in the media, is I believe already and increasingly as they gear up from recent losses to concentrate on ‘22 and most importantly ‘24…rendered irrelevant.

      There really is only one box that might save us and the Republic, or the new alternative one…the Constitutional Republic of America.

      Time is UP y’all! CRA Now!

  • Frank James Gaughan

    This “movie” just keeps getting sadder and sadder. Tragically, we’ve all seen it beofre…

    • Duckhunter

      Seen it before and know the ending. That’s the bad part.

      • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

        Sounds like an ideal time to learn….and practice….The Four Esses:
        Shut Up

        • MadCat

          Indeed. Always figured not to call 911. Nice woods on both sides of my house. To say nothing of massive state parks within 20-30 miles…..

  • Son Of A Valkyrie

    Regarding the wokes, they are ignoring two rules: 1.) When the train is coming, step off the track., 2.) Make sure you are not just stepping on to another track.

  • DogByte6RER

    The Left have always used this slogan … might as well pwn it, re-purpose it and use when challenging Covid edicts, vax mandates and other Democrat bio-fascist diktats:

    Think Globally, Act Locally

    • cb

      Reminds me of push to add ‘Statin’ to public water supply a few years ago. That never happened… I think.

      • Henry

        At first I read that as “Stalin.”
        That would have explained a lot.

  • How “massive” a “massive spike in vaxx deaths”?

  • Night-Gaunt

    The supposed deaths from vaccines are few and far between. Still healthier for you than COVID19-20-21 that infects us.

    Liberals and Progressives make it a point to know their history and when was the last time you showed your papers? At a store, driving?

    Been doing it a long time just as with vaccinations being mandatory. Old news.


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