Day By Day


  • kadaka

    Now who’s going to put that on a leash?

    • Steve S

      Not I! Keep ’em WILD!

  • Unca Walt

    Dang. I’m late.

  • Too Tall

    For the right cause, against all odds is a pretty fair fight.

    Besides, I’m intrigued by Sam’s idea of no limits on imagination.

    Truth, Justice, and the American Way versus the Farce and the Schwartz.

    I’m in.

    • Ed Brault

      Her girdle is placed too high on her hip. It should ride down at that marvelous point best described by “How the HELL does it stay UP???” );-D}

      Zar Belk!

        • JTC

          “Posing seductively”? Ugh.

          Not seductive to me, not sexy either, in fact she looks quite miserable, which as I understand it, she was.

          Is it strange that I find the Art of The Draw here much more attractive and with much sexier costuming?

          Our ranch girls don’t need to be, and would probably die resisting to be, anybody’s “slave”.

          • Punta Gorda

            Salve maybe…

  • Just Joe

    Nothing clears the pews like passing the plate.

    • Gus Bailey

      Heh, I’m guessin’ you’re new here, Joe.

      OTOH, Chris; I’m not seeing levels?! Perhaps that’s why Joe is … unimpressed?

      • Gus Bailey

        Nevermind, Chris; I came in through the side door. (yes, I dodged that joke on purpose). Found them.

        • Mykal

          I guess I can only see that side door. Where’s the front door?

          (That is, I can’t see the levels either.)

          • Chris Muir

            Scroll down, scroll down! 🙂

  • JTC

    Glad you woke from your stupor…and btw as I said there smarmy little blame games are unbecoming. Get drunk, pass out, and own it! Then move on. 🙂

    Fortunately for you, the PSA weekend deals were ended by the time I tried to spend your dough on some (more) ammo, so I made the drop to your box just now.

    Had to trade my Franklin for a couple of Grants though…one merch, one no-merch. You really need an even 100 button for OCD types like myself. :I

    As to today’s episode (beyond the cool camo string thing), I do hope that those who figured the odds and did the polling in 11/16 will be handling those chores again.

    • rolanddeshain

      (beyond the cool camo string thing) That’s actually Sam in a Princess Leia cosplay costume. She wears it well!

      I am saving some pennies and hope to donate this year as well. Last year was my first time and I will make it a habit. Thanks for all the toons over the years, Chris.

      • JTC

        Leia? Ugh. Wish you hadn’t told me that. 🙁

    • Pamela

      Chris and I had a nice, lucid conversation over a drink one night.

      And more ammo is always good. Just like a fine Bourbon or Tequila.

      • JTC

        Miz P, that last part does raise questions about the first part, but discretion/valor and all of that. 😉 As to the middle part, never enough!

  • kadaka

    Strange that no one has yet mentioned how yesterday’s comic was dated 2018 0n the border. Chris, you’ll be fixing that for the hardback collectors’ edition omnibus Kickstarter, right?

    • Chris Muir

      Um, that’s a Classic™ rare edition, yeah.Or, that I forgot I used last year’s template…

      • kadaka

        But it had the correct 2019 copyright right next to the 2018 date so we’re awarding partial credit.

  • Payment made, time for fun!

  • PaulS

    Wow, almost missed Day #1, that would have been tragic….
    C’mon DBD’ers let’s git’r Done fast so the clothes can come off. 😉

    • Ed Brault

      Currently negotiating a refi on the house. It may be a few weeks before I can commit to a level, but COMMIT I SHALL!
      I SHALL BE COMMITTED!! (My wife has been telling me that for years!)

      Zar Belk!

      • Hey, even Naomi level gets you in…

    • Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JSStryker

    Chipped in for my share of the best webcomic out there!

  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    Soon. Patience is. I have my saved sum ready, but I have to make a couple of things right before I can “pull the trigger”. (Oh, to go on a week long feral hog hunt at the DD Ranch. All that shooting. All that meat. All that BBQ. And what’s left over can be donated to a local islamic charity).

  • WayneM

    I’m glad to be in better financial shape this year than previous years… although building a house in Texas is running up the bills fairly quickly.


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