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  • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    “Sleepers”? With minor children? With drag queens? (SHUDDDDDER)
    Someone would end up dead. And someone would end up in prison.

      • Blackrifle081

        Thoughtcriminals are sent to room 101 for re-education.

        • Per order of Mr. O’brien, Ministry of Truth.

          Zar Belk!

      • John+D.+Egbert

        Re the CFP article: I am sooo glad that I did my26 years in the Steel Canoe Club (Air Reserve side) ending in ‘88, while there was still Duty, Honor, Country. No way I’d recommend anyone join today.

        • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

          Ditto here. 78-98, Army Signal (“you can talk about us, but you can’t talk without us”).
          My DD214 is my woobie.

    • Browncoat57

      Only if they’re caught.
      And only if convicted.

  • Kafiroon

    Why do they want to attack little old deplorable me?
    They claim I will give them the chinese crud.
    FJBiden says I will get sick and die this winter without then Kill Shot Jab.

    • Pamela

      Why? Resources. The more people over a certain age die, those resources are not being drained from the $$$$ Coffers. Plus for those without any estate planning or multiple deaths in families, All those minors left behind with Estates to manage and strip.

  • Halley

    A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
    Let’s hope it’s a good one without any FEAR

    (said no Junta Clown Puppet ever)

  • Paladin

    It looks like they are preparing the battle space. Newsweek article “Millions of armed Americans ready to seize power if Trump loses in 2024” by David H. Freedman. This guy has lost touch with reality, and beating the war drums.

    • FedUpDeplorable-PaulS

      I guess whoever bought that Mag, got their dollars worth. 😉

    • Kafiroon

      They are just priming up their troops to attack everyone they designate not willing to mouth their propaganda if their vote scam does not win for them.
      Also to attack if the vote scam does succeed. Then it is off to the railcars and prison camps for the final solution.

  • If Newsweek and Mr. Freedman are ‘beating the drums of war’, maybe he has forgotten who owns most of the firearms in this country.

    As to the mRNA injection propaganda
    The Quid Pro Joe Administration: “Getting the vaccine is an act of love for you fellow humans!”
    Me: “A forced act of love is rape.”


    Sponsored by CNN…Time to retire.

  • Mike-SMO

    Mr. President, It all depends on the jury. Grandpas & Mas would probably award a medal.

  • Barbara Skolaut

    Yee-double-OUCH! 😀

  • WayneM

    George Orwell was an optimist…

    • John+D.+Egbert

      Apparantly Austria’s so-called leaders still haven’t recovered from the Anschluss of 1938 . . .

    • JTC

      But it couldn’t happen here, right, because we’ve got the guns, right?

      But the land of Ahnold is one of the freer gun zones in Europe…

      So what else do we have that the Austrians don’t?

      • Henry


        • JTC

          And determinedness.
          And belief.
          I hope and pray.

  • John+M.

    I have the perfect name for this “puppet in charge:” Walter Brandon.

    Walter as in Jeff Dunham’s dummy,
    Brandon as in “Let’s Go Brandon!”

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