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  • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    Too late. Party’s already over.

  • CZ93X62

    It’s always a Party when Vodka Nancy is in the House.

  • steveb919

    I certainly hope the party will be over!

  • Bill G

    It can’t end too soon. It’s too much to hope that all the caterers get incarcerated, but they need to at least lose their jobs.

  • BTW my early adoption of the ULTRA MAGA label that was gifted to us by SloJoe is spot on as DJT himself has done the same, really regaling in being called King Maga. And of course Braindead and all his spokesminions are doubling down; that tells us for sure they regret it!

  • Pamela

    Anyone working a real job would get their ass fired for buying alcohol during working hours and keeping it in their office/work space. Is that going into Nan’s I.V. to keep her going?What happened to ZERO TOLERANCE in the Work Place?

  • Heltau

    Too bad we can’t convince her to retroactively abort herself to show the world how much she is in support of abortion.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Party’s over.

    They mean for us. Then full gaslight and Open Society Foundation operations will kick in and the Closed Society Final Solution will be dropped on us. If they are able.
    That’s where the real action happens.
    Or so I speculate. Will the WHO take over as a means to “legitimately” control society for its own good. Health people only want the best for us. Free speech on social media and twitter will have to be ensured so that people do not even have the thoughts get in their mind that are bad. Full Control Jacket will be called for. A remedy for which has some FMJ included. that is a dystopian possibility.
    We are so far removed from the free Speech Movement days of Dominic Savio back at Berkeley in California. 2+2=5 nowadays. Freedom is slavery. You will own nothing and be happy. Will somebody someday succeed at an attempt to reduce population by 90%? And people used to call me a joyful optimist.
    Keep joy in your life. It drives them nuts. And always prepare to be ready for whatever comes our way. Power to the people, and we are the people.
    Don’t worry. Be happy. Nancy Pelosi has said what she believes will give them and her power since the 1960’s. Pelosi and the Democrats and the left have not changed, except for the worse.

    • Kafiroon

      Remember the old 2001 Terrorist Hunting Permit?
      Yeah, I think you are an optimist.

  • cb

    So, Putin has ‘blood cancer’, Xi has ‘brain aneurysm’, half of N.Korea is down with covid and WEF announces Zelensky to join annual Davos meeting. Or none of the above. What sort of ID do I need to order from Nancy’s new government paid for booze delivery service?

    • Henry

      You had me thinking, “What could Brandon come down with for the trifecta?” But then I realized he was already first!


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