Day By Day


  • B Woodman

    And yet. . . .. and yet. . .. . I would bet a dollar to a doughnut that come the next election, the Africans/blacks/(what ever they’re calling themselves this year) will STILL vote en mass for the DemonRats. And the RepubliTards will continue to make fools of themselves trying to woo their vote.

    • nonncom

      That assessment, my friend, is dead on accurate….LBJ had it right…”We’ll have those n—–s voting Democrat for the next 200 years”….

  • Demonicrats.

  • JTC

    More exactly it seems, blacks love being ENslaved by the uppities among them (to wit, Bobo and what passes for gov in Haiti), whose only interest is in enriching and empowering themselves. And the Clintons, as the first black potus and flotus, fit that mold perfectly.

  • Dienekes

    As a man once said, “I just tell them the truth–and they think it’s hell.”

    • “Give ’em Hell, Harry!” Truman said it.

  • great ‘toon, Mr. Muir. But the Latinos are being imported en masse to replace Whites as well. Overall, the Blacks have been a big disappointment to their corporate-globalist/Tribal masters; low IQ, too hard to organize against the Whites. They keep burning their own neighborhoods, instead of breaking out into the suburbs. Latinos are smarter, form violent gangs more efficiently, reproduce like bunnies, & so are expected to do much better in the matter of race-replacement. In fact, it looks like the Republiscams are about to run one for Prez

  • Bill G

    It amazes me how folks can be persuaded to vote against their self-interest by a propaganda mill such as the Left Stream Media.

  • JTC

    “…the Republiscams are about to run one for Prez”

    Might be the best thing they could do…shoulda done it in ’12. A 2nd or 3rd gen Cuban or a TexMex with Doc Carson veep or vice versa might be just the ticket, so to speak. If you can’t beat ’em etc. etc.

  • Foolio

    Today’s strip is great, I admit, but it’s keeping us from seeing more of the ISIS hunt! You’re giving me blue balls, here!

  • “Apologies. I’m uppity in the morning.”

    HAH!!! 😀

  • B Woodman

    “Must you blast the Democrats every day?”

    Of course! With every thought, every word, every action, every INaction; the DemonRats set themselves up to be such easy targets. Like shooting fish in a barrel, with a 12 gauge, too easy. Not only must I do it every day, I MUST do it at least twice a day. T-O-Os, Targets Of Opportunity.

    • John Greer

      He’s just doing his part.
      At the frequency of “everyday” he still won’t put a dent in the backlog.

  • Daniel in Brookline

    So Damon uses a pink iPhone? Sweet.

  • KenH

    MUST he?
    In a not utterly-fracked-up world, you’d be hunting these bastards with dogs, large-calibre live ammo, and helos. And stacking the corpses for incineration or bulldozing into pits…..

  • B Woodman

    “Apologies. I’m uppity in the morning.”

    And is SHE ever glad!

  • Pamela

    I seem to remember something from Vietnam and a General who stacked the enemy corpses in a pyramid when questioned about the body count.
    Seems the lib loony msm said they were lying. He took exception, took a picture and used it as his Christmas card from the front.

    • Ming the Merciless

      You talking about Võ Nguyên Giap? Who murdered 30,000 civilians in the Tet offensive AND executed 50,000 South Vietnam government employees the day after the US embassy was taken over?

      • Pamela

        No, I think it was one of our guys-Major General George Smith Patton comes to mind

  • Ming the Merciless

    Speaking about blacks…when you fly in Africa, it is a huge relief to get further south and away from the muslim umma…Negroes are great and wonderful people, after you had to deal with the hateful crowd in the muslim hell holes.
    Bet Pamela and her crowd has orgasms just thinking about the Mohameds.
    Let her actually get to know these assholes and get black and blue from the blows…

    • Pamela


      Rapists, child molesters, kiddie porn makers, chemical death dealers, defilers of the innocent are locked away for good because of work I have done.

      For the areas of the world under the dominion of certain persons who ascribe to the rule that pleasure for females is forbidden even within marriage (see FGM, Honor Killings), I’d say the followers of that fricking idget are in violation of God’s original design of Woman.

    • Foolio

      Lots of black Africans are Muslim. Just take the Somalians, who are all Muslims. Lots of them settle in my home state of Minnesota and they’re ruining it, along with the Latinos. The Hmong is the other major minority immigrant group, but they’re all right – lots of them helped the U.S. in the Vietnam war, so the government let them settle here. The Somalis and the Latinos are contributing nothing of note. In fact, they arrested six Somali men last month for – guess what? – trying to join ISIS. They may be “Negros,” but they’re not “great and wonderful people.”

      Fun fact: Only 20% of Muslims are Arabs. The country with the greatest number of Muslims is Indonesia.

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