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  • “Someone tase our esteemed V.P.” Dang, I might pay good money to see that…

    • rickn8or

      I’d pay good money to DO that.

    • Pamela

      New Job~ Law Enforcement Practice Dummy

  • Hotrod+Lincoln

    How about airing a cage match on pay per view between Jill Biden and Cameltoe? Call it the “Hookers’ Ho-Down” ! It would probably generate enough revenue to make a sizeable dent in the national debt!

  • steveb919

    I went to the site and don’t understand what they are selling. Not a big sports fan but I love drag racing. Call me uninformed.

    • steveb919

      I do understand the Piece of shit Biden in the garbage pail if you want to insult garbage pails.

    • Henry

      Think of it as kids’ trading cards featuring the sort of weird characters they were likely to see in Mad Magazine or Cracked. Back in their day, a kid who brought these to primary school was considered “edgy.”

  • steveb919

    Yes Tase the VP for the next 3 years please.

    • Bill G

      Do tase her, bro!

    • Too+Tall

      Please Taze the Ho!

  • Bill G

    Just what the country needed, eh? Thanks, DMC.

  • Halley

    Clown Puppets usurping ultimate power in the US means the global Enemies of democracy know the US has suddenly become their ally. The creepy fact that no “party of the Right” in Europe or anywhere else boldly stood up for free-fair elections in the US during or after the Big Steal has not only permanently discredited them and their “principled conservative ideologies” but sent encouraging signals to those who aim to abolish elections worldwide with the help of the Clown Puppets. The Good Guys vs Bad Guys premise for War we’ve all grown up with is utterly erased.

    • eon

      it’s rather interesting to see both “conservatives” in the GOP and “progressives” in the Democratic party clamoring for war with Russia over Ukraine.

      It’s almost like they all have something to hide over there.

      Or else all of the above are succumbing to the siren call of a hopefully “short victorious war” to distract us from the slow-motion train wreck that is the Biden administration and its enablers.

      They should be advised that no war in or especially with Russia has ever been short, and none have been victorious for anybody but Russia.

      clear ether


      • John

        It shows that the groups you mention are firmly in the pocket of the CCP. We have no reason to oppose Russia at this time and every reason to help them deal with Chinese ambitions.
        I don’t know if I’m marginally psychic or not, but when the Soviet Union fell it was a daydream of mine that Russia would actually join NATO and save everyone the trouble of an armed standoff in Europe. It would have saved hundreds of millions the misery and poverty the Fall led to, even if things turned out the same otherwise.

    • Halley

      Should a single American soldier’s life be lost in a war waged by and on behalf of the sinister Clown Puppets? I say no.

      (the assumption that War is their next-in-line Great Reset sham before Covid20 is an educated guesstimate)

  • JTC

    Good vs. Bad; don’t cross the stream!


    The premise for War is survival.

    Let God sort out the Good and Bad.

  • PAUL

    Cant we just have Walter as president ? he just has one hand up his ass and no strings !

  • PAUL

    Cant we just have Walter as president ?

  • Benedict Bidens XI strings certainly need severed!

  • PCChaos

    We have no interest in the Baltics that wouldn’t be sorted out by those who live there. Let them figure it out. The military-industrialists are frothing at the prospect. What a great way to distract the general populace to the current domestic goat rope. Instead of a circus and bread we have war and nothing but domestic chaos. God help us from these elected imbeciles.

  • CDR+Nortrive

    Who is Walter?

    • the+Chicken+of+Depression

      One of Jeff Dunham’s cohorts, there is an uncanny resemblance to President Spongebrain Shitspants.

    • Mikey72

      Walter is one of Jeff Dunham’s ventriloquist characters, and WAAY sharper than Biden.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Paraphrasing Nancy speaking to a friend of mine decades ago, ‘telling the truth is unimportant. Gaining power is what matters. Tell them anything to win. Then we use the power’
    Fact check. They lie. Then they abuse the power they gain.
    Resist, I say.

    • Kafiroon

      How to stay in Power 101: When you have screwed up absolutely everything you have touched beyond belief.
      Start a War.

    • JTC

      Sounds familiar…

      Was that Jihad Nancy or Speaker Nancy?


      • NotYetInACamp

        Speaker Nancy before she was speaker, along with ‘Take your guns America’ Diane F in the same conversation, back in the day when they were in San Francisco developing their commie (Democrat) power machine.

        • NotYetInACamp

          Another person i know is still great friends with them, and donates huge amounts of money that her daddy earned to the “Causes.” San Francisco was a paradise back then compared to today.

  • Oldarmourer

    It’ll be ‘aliens’ next…once people start actively resisting the ‘vax mandate’
    Hints have already been dropped over the past year or so
    Nothing like the threat of ‘imminent invasion but we don’t know when’
    to subdue a panicky population that couldn’t name three stars in the sky
    If not that, then there’ll be something else equally ‘scary’
    You’ve practiced enough, don’t waste ammo punching paper.
    The alphabet departments have been buying it up anyway,
    Time to start hoarding powder and primers

      • NotYetInACamp

        That could be Marvin the Martian’s Moon Base.

      • Henry

        I looked at that video, and all I can see is Kyle Rittenhouse threatening a Hero of BLM with an assault rifle.

      • Oldarmourer

        How’s that for timing ?
        and a little chinese collusion to boot 🙂
        Co-incidence is my middle name

        Still, people are starting to get irritated with the perpetual flu season and the powers that wannabe are going to need something new to add even more controls “for your own safety” like a ‘take shelter in these government built fortifications that nobody ever seems to come out of’ order…and the sheeple will go up the ramp to the boxcars without a bleat.

  • NotYetInACamp

    I wonder if her California government slavers used similar on those unjustly detained prisoners of California that she kept beyond release date or that she did not have her office release information that would have resulted in the prisoners release.
    Well, really! Her office and California resulted in desperately desired and needed income from those prisoners effectively hrld as indentured unpaid labor. (Slavery? Like her old white man ancestor in Jamaica used slaves to do work on hisplantation properties.)


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