Day By Day


  • This Susan Rice thing is peculiar. I’m waiting to see how many of the dumbocraps start distancing themselves from it, and how fast.

    When has this happened before, kids?? Oh! I know! I know! Pick me!!

    It was long ago and another day, the world was nearly as strange as today….
    It started with the Pentagon Papers. I remember it well. I think his name was – wait, it slips my mind, something about tricks. Oh, that’s right: it was Tricky Dick.
    And the democraps have never forgotten it, nor have they forgiven it….
    Was that noise a car backfiring?

    On a side note, I do feel as though we’re in some sort of time warp or something like that. Deja vu all over again. – Yogi Berra.

    • formwiz

      Had more to do with LBJ than Nixon, as it was the Big Expose about the war.

      You’re thinking of the Watergate burglary.

  • JTC

    “Hard to find. Hard to know.”

    And especially hard to tell.

    • JTC

      Like my Mama used to say, “The truth ain’t in him”.

      Ain’t that the truth?

  • Bill G

    “Here come da bus, here come da bus, look out Suzie, here come da bus” with a hat tip and apologies to Flip Wilson.
    And a tip for the NYTimes type; don’t use the word ‘blown’ anywhere near a story about democrats.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    “just got blown.”
    Hopefully not in the Monica sense.

    • tomstockton

      Poor Monica!

      “Build a thousand bridges,
      but do they call me a bridge builder? No!
      But suck one c**k…”


  • KenH

    Meanwhile in the South Seas,
    BOingo the wonder dog is likely paging through of list of ”where can I flee to avoid extradition??” Maybe he can give that scumbag in Switzerland a jingle? But Asia is closer. As is Iran. Saudi. Bahrain…..

      • MudMarine

        Does he still have his Indonesian passport? 😉

        • silvergreycat


        • Well, he still has his Kenyan citizenship.
          Has had it since birth.

    • David M

      Maybe he is getting gender reassignment surgery at a secret clinic????

      • PaulS

        Hmm, first transgender leader of ISSIL? FOO!

      • Getting testes sewn on?

      • Henry

        Can you get multiple do-overs, like laser tattoo removal? “Clap on, clap off?”

    • Interventor

      British Virgin Islands

  • Pamela

    The Truth has always been hard to swallow for some.
    Open up, time for your medicine.

    • PaulS

      I’m pretty sure the truth has never passed their lips in either direction.

  • epilitimus

    I’m trying to decide if Susan RIce is a masochist or just an idiot after the whole Benghazi thing. Either she really enjoys getting pounded into pudding or she is just too dumb to realize that Government runs on paperwork. Did she really think all those forms she signed requesting names to be unmasked were going into the circular file? Or the times she logged into the computer weren’t being logged?

    There is an argument to be made that perhaps the reason BO hired her was to have a sacrificial goat.

    “Susan go stick your head in the blender.”
    “Yes or great one. Thank you for letting me service you oh lord of hope and change. I am so unworthy to be in the presence of such hallowed greatness.”

    • David Lang

      They expected Hillary to win, and the permanent Democrat Majority (thanks to the growing minorities) to keep them in power forever.

      But even 4 years of Hillary would have been enough to keep this quiet.

    • Bill G

      “There is an argument to be made that perhaps the reason BO hired her was to have a sacrificial goat.”
      I doubt if he hired anyone without first making sure of a soft spot in their back for his knife.

  • Spin Drift

    What we need right now is a good BLM riot to drive this to page 23. Don’t be surprised if a city goes up in flames soon and Oh Susanha gets Arkancided.

    The Times they are a changing!

    • Bill G

      Deputy Constable Greenwood was killed in Baytown, Tx., which is close to Houston. If his killer could be found dead in questionable circumstances that could create all kinds of headlines for the left to jump to.

  • JTC

    Quote: “I leaked nothing to nobody.”

    Is she playing Clintonesque word parsing games or is there something Freudian in that double negative?

    • Bill G

      As in “There’s nothing to it, and I leaked it to some nobody.”

    • PaulS

      Nobody would have done a better job than her.

    • It warms the cockles of my heart that we have had an illiterate on the security council for eight years! I leaked nothing to nobody in correct English means that she leaked something to somebody. You know, double negative and all that stuff. So I guess she is telling the truth all along.

    • Pamela

      She wouldn’t be having the little issue if she would have used leak guard for the mouth. Unfortunately it has zero effect on the leaking of common sense, IQ points, the Rule of Law or anything else.

    • Same as “I leaked something to somebody”.
      No linguistic difference.

  • This entire world, lately especially, seems full of opportunities for a good shot of humor. Or vodka.

    • Lon Mead

      Why not both?

      • Two thumbs, way up! Somewhere.

  • The Duke

    “Truth is Hard.”

    Its harder when you’re stupid.

    • John

      “The Truth is Hard.”
      So we at the New York Times don’t even try.

  • Pete231

    Just finished watching the original “Manchurian Candidate” on the late show. Angela Landsbury as the Hildebeast and James Gregory’s perfection as Slick Willy were the villains. Talk about art imitating life. There were certain scenes where AL appeared to be Cow-Linton’s twin sister. I cringed as I poured another adult beverage to calm my nerves. The ketchup bottle scene still ranks up there. John Frankenheimer was way ahead of his time with this gem. Timeless cinema that should be required viewing…..

    • Genius.

  • Halley

    This looks like a case for Sherlock and Skye (the other Skye)…

  • Cliff

    The prevaricating is about to get deep (state).

  • David M

    So why are so few talking about 1-Why tap Trump over a year ago when he was nobody, and 2- Whom else was spied upon by ObaMao’s team????

    • Dread

      Because Trump wasn’t the only one that saw him as a potential threat to the status quo candidates?

    • PaulS

      Everyone of the opposition was “tapped”, standard BO MO. Eliminate the competition by any means possible. It’s okay though, everyone is recorded, it’s who decides what to focus on that matters, 😉

  • Dread

    Clinton strategy has always been to accuse their opponents of the crime that they themselves are guilty of. A fishing expedition to dig up enough insinuation to throw the spotlight away from Clinton Russian crooked dealings. If Russia is so bad, why was selling 20% of our Uranium to them, not treason?

    • Interventor

      Democrat strategy

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    “The truth is hard…”
    The NYSlime wouldn’t know the truth if they tripped over it while looking for it up their collective (see what I did there?) asses with both hands, a map, a compass, a flashlight, and written directions.

  • Mort

    Susan Rice, and her ex-(maybe still) boss, the very
    dangers our Constitution was designed to avoid.

  • JW

    Life is tough, but it’s tougher if you’re stupid.

    Fried Rice.
    Yours Truly

    • Bunker Builder

      Life is even tougher if someone tells you that you are “smart” in spite of all evidence to the contrary….

  • Norm

    Many people still seem to confuse the mainstream press with reporters who objectively report facts. They are instead, and have been for quite some time, cheerleaders for the democrats.

  • Mort

    The East coast elitists at the NYT won`t appreciate
    the illustration, and reference to their subterfuge,
    but we all certainly do…Thanx Chris.

    • Bill G

      As the Instapundit regularly says, “Consider them democrat operatives with bylines”.

  • Halley

    Based on mountains of evidence now at anyone’s disposal, I’d say we’re far beyond the time when the so-called “media” were merely cheerleaders for the anti-American Left, I mean the Democrats. Enemedia agents collude in the spreading of intentionally destructive disinformation(D) and they deceitfully coordinate with the higher-ups to coverup criminality(D). I never can seem to find in the 1st Amendment where that’s lawful… Oh, would that they merely cheerled (cheerleaded?)

  • Mort

    The liberal media would rather be wrong and first,
    than right and second.

  • JIMV

    Massive news. Rice has 4 options when she is summoned to talk under oath
    1. Tell the truth…never going to happen
    2. Lie and risk a perjury charge
    3. take the 5th
    4. claim executive privilege and involve Obama
    I expect option 3

    • David Lang

      If she ends up being given personal immunity, she cannot take the 5th

      While I the the idea of her getting off scott free, it that is what it takes to get the story out to the public and get people to realize how easy it is to abuse the data collection, that would be a worthwhile tradeoff (even if she doesn’t indite others in the process)

      • PaulS

        Didn’t Lois Learner do exactly that?

  • tomstockton


    I don’t know how many are in your readership, but thank you for shining (at least) a flashlight in some of the darker areas of America.

    Now if we could only make that the light of the Sun…

    Hmmm, maybe if we could make more web viewers aware of Sam, Jan, and Naomi — and Zed and Damon for folks who like beefcake instead of cheesecake — maybe that would draw more viewership and an enlightenment of some of those who could use it!

    Kudos for the best web site I’ve found for spreading the news — and entertaining the eyes! AND for the great comments from your other readers!

    Best regards to all,
    Tom Stockton

    • Chris Muir

      Thank ya,Tom!:)

    • Light of the Sun? Maybe we could use some “canned sunshine”?

      • Deplorable B Woodman

        Would that be similar to “can o’ whoop’ass”?

  • I see Zed’s hands are in his pockets? Are they cold again?

    • Pamela

      Now you have me thinking things I shouldn’t be thinking.

      • Deplorable B Woodman

        And why shouldn’t be thinkin’ whatever it is ye be thinkin’, lassie?

        • Pamela

          Oh what I’m thinking would be breaking the Red Head code

  • Spin Drift

    I’d say DBD is a guilty pleasure for a small smattering of progtozzies who get the irony, salaciousness and ennui. Can’t let on about it though sort of like Baptists not drinking on days that end in a y.

    War Dam Eagle

    • Pamela

      Kind of like saying they are abstaining from sexual congress during Lent.

  • NotYetInACamp

    The Mainstream Media. Branchs of the Democrats, Progressives, Marxists, leftists, Muslims and globalists.

    There is no good water in the branch water they carry.

    • Pamela

      They are so full of Piss to the point the cloth of lies being dyed will fade in the sun.

  • Spin Drift

    Big D follow the Rice story to the end. Apply the law equally no matter where it leads. To not do this will cement the notion of dirt people and sky people. The dirt people will not be entertained. No bread and circuses will stop the dirt people taking their vengeance.

    Dirt person

  • While I’m out repairing the computer, I’d like dbd’rs opinions on what you like about Dbd. What you dislike. Where you think the strip is headed. What you’d like removed-or added. Basically, a quick informal survey, if y’all would be so kind. I am leaving the comments on this toon open for a few days,so you can go back to it to add your comments. I appreciate your feedback, and of course,trolls will be removed.

    • PaulS

      Like: Pretty much everything.
      Dislike: Computer breakdowns.
      Where it’s headed: Heck, it seems to nearly write itself from the keen observation of current reality, never ending supply of material.
      Add: More panels, ability to remove dialogue bubbles (It’s tough to get a good wallpaper shot around them most of the time). A “hover over” with an authors statement of the point being made, or inspiration for the particular strip.
      Remove: Most of the gals clothes, right up to the border staying on the work safe side is my favorite. 🙂

      • Henry

        Ditto on the hover-overs. At times, you comment on news items or like subjects that are so recent that I’m not yet aware of them.

    • Doggo

      While I love a double eyeful of Sam in the morning, is it possible to put up an NSFW warning label when she/they are giving us what we want? I’m not the only one who can see the electrons coming to my desktop, and HR would take a dim view of your fine art.
      Oh, and bring back Skye. Jan is starting to see the light and you need someone to poke with a sharp stick now and then. Plus, 4 girls in the watering hole are better than 3!

    • JTC

      Hey I resemble that remark, for a given value of “frothing crazy”. 😉

      Myself, I can’t say I would change how you incorporate (sometimes even foretell) current events. And your whipsaw storylines keep us guessing instead of anticipating, you are the maestro here, not us. . .

      I know it’s hard on you doing 7 days; to give you a breather, what about once a week doing a throwback ‘toon from the archives? I mean, even God took a day of rest.

      And personally, an self-edit function for comments could make some of us (ahem) look less stupid sometimes, give us maybe an hour for corrections and cool-down?

      Other than that, as others have said, don’t fix what ain’t broke. DBD is a rare breath of fresh air and truth when the established players have come right out and said it’s just too hard for them.

    • NotYetInACamp

      I was considering asking deep biting questions while you were out, or causing a ruckus of some sort. Now you’ve asked for the stuff and I feel stifled. But everyone else carry on. There is lots of good brain matter involved here pondering and thinking about all sorts of stuff. Now that edit to remove some of my frothing crazy. well. Then i could hide my imperfections a small bit. Is that fun or no fun? Analyzing? Such a quandary.

    • Pamela

      Computer problems suck donkey dicks. So does the DNC and a portion of congress.

      Chris ~~ I like feisty, funny, feels being copped and sex. Plus the Truth of how the loony toonys around the country are trying to silence anyone and any subject they do not endorse. Shine the light in all the dark places, pick the locks and throw open the drawers, cabinets and rooms where the Truth has been hidden away.

      Some more Naked DBD Men would make my day. And anything else your amazing mind can come up with.

    • What I like. That’s easy. Zed. More Zed. Hubba hubba! I’ll drop in a few lines of poetry there and here.

      • Pamela

        Noisy as always for a Saturday poetry reading
        coffees, sweets and an attitude are de rigueur,
        including black angst outfits
        with a tasteful new tat or piercing.

        In the back, drinking coffee (black) as always
        Pad, pencil and a seeing eye… he sits
        watching interactions and weekly pairings
        a sometime bemused look on his face

        Tonight I’m feeling in a mood
        A jewel red corset mood

        It’s a Red Shoes kind of night
        and it’s my turn to read.
        music soft in the background
        lights turned down low
        with one small spot on the mic
        and luscious quiet.

        I speak in tones of want,
        yearnings deep and dark…
        of passions hidden away
        untapped… buried
        so the music plays and I read
        of need and desires
        while he watches… intently silent,
        his hands at rest

        Later, closed for the night
        with only the mic light on,
        music starts playing again
        when the writer walks out.
        He asks “please read again”
        just for him and I do
        only this time, he’s behind me
        standing close and whispers

        He wants to finish the reading this way,
        showing me how he wants to finish…
        rendering me speechless
        in the spot light he writes a new page
        for the Saturday night poetry reading

    • Swansonic

      Chris, I love seeing your take on the days events and I look forward to seeing where you take the strip. I would also love the ‘hover-over’ as described by Paul although I can usually figure out your opinion on things – your strip on the 911 firefighters statue is one of my all-time favorites.

      Keep doing what you do, do what you love, go retrospective on us every so often – I’m looking forward to it all..



  • Trolls as in frothing crazy comments only, I mean!

    • Pamela

      Oh good. I thought you had something against the little nekkid critters with the really wild hair and the belly button jewels.

      • The ones you could put on pencils,I remember. Clackers, feelie meely,etc…

          • NotYetInACamp

            The nuns said that we couldn’t bring those to school. 🙂

          • Pamela

            I wonder why. We couldn’t bring anything with the Beatles or the Rolling Stones as they could lead a girl down the path of ruination.

  • Dread

    The toon has reflected the reality we face today, and tomorrow too, if we don’t get and keep control of the ship. Just keep it real like you always have Chris. Just keep it real.

  • I like the very current events happening on the strip. Your corrections from the comments is very fast. I also like the SF references. You need to kill a Joe Buckley sometime. 🙂

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