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  • Too Tall

    Washington D.C., a shithole so massive it is a black hole for your freedom and wealth.

    • Unca Walt

      How could we POSSIBLY ignore the clearly obvious front-leader shithole of all shitholes?

      Can anybody match Chicongo???

      • John

        I don’t think anyone can match Chiraq. Their corruption is so thorough even the Woke can’t really dent it.

    • It started out as a fever swamp, and hasn’t changed.

      Zar Belk!

  • Shonkin

    Seattle? Shithole on the Sound. D.C.? Mother of All Shitholes.
    Houston? Armpit of Texas.

  • Miami…melting pot of shitholes everywhere.

  • Wow, different look for Skye, sexy conservative business suit?

    Oh right right…Halloween dressup.

    Thought maybe Sam would reprise her office party slut look.

    • Henry

      I thought maybe she was trying to rock a long-sleeved version of Krysten Sinema’s denim “hard work” outfit.

      • Pamela

        My hard work out fit consists of an old shirt, old jeans, work boots, gloves and a hat.

  • Buck

    Minneapolis – Antifa and BLM’s progressive niceness to shithole.

  • Kafiroon

    Well everyone including Skye knows our cities.

  • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    DC, Mordor-on-the-Potomac.

  • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    Biden Blast.
    I am going to have to print this out, and take it with me next time I go out for ice cream.

  • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    The biggest difference between Halloween and politics is that the day after Halloween, most ordinary people take off their masks and costumes and get back to productive work.
    Politics and politicians, it never ends, and no productive work is ever done.

    • Henry

      Speaking of which, my son showed me a school announcement today that invited the kids to show up in Halloween gear for a day, but “no masks covering faces because it interferes with the educational process.”

      Oh, now you think so?

  • steveb919

    We don’t seem to have the shithole problem down here in Panama City. I’ve never seen such shit here anyway. Guess it is the red necks kick the shit out of trouble makers. F Joe Biden is alive and well.

    • Ah the Redneck Riviera. No they haven’t shitted on it yet, but give them time, it’s just too nice not to muck it up…

  • Tom Stockton

    Or as the media call it:

    “Let’s Go Brandon!”

    As I hear it, “our people” follow it with “F B J”…

    • steveb919

      Was that supposed to be FJB instead of FBJ?
      I’m confused.

      • eon

        Juck Bo Fiden?

        clear ether


      • Henry

        Federal Bureau of (Social) Justice.

  • Bill G

    “All the blue cities are shitholes.” Ayuh. And the lefties there keep pumping out the message to the serfs that if not for them, the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy would take over, and things would get really bad.

  • Paladin

    This is why I think that there can not be a “Separation/National Divorce” or “Civil War 2.0”. There is no Mason-Dixon-Line. Major metropolis’s are “Blue”, even in “Red States”. What are those governors to do? Blockade, lay siege, wall them off aka “Escape from New York”? The Federals keep pushing, and pushing until some fool goes off half-cocked. They will jump on them with both feet. IF, it escalates from there. Where they lose control; Martial Law. “Posse Comitatus Act”??? They only follow the law when it suits their purpose.

    • Pamela

      Isn’t that why there was a stained blue dress…

    • JTC

      Everyone has said right along this won’t be a geographical war (and yes it will be a war).

      As you reference, there are Yuge swaths of red in blue states and big blobs of cancerous blue in the reddest of states (my nomination of Miami as the place where shithole people who escape shithole places flock to and create another giant blended shithole is a prime example).

      But contrary to popular belief (and further to refute the misinformation and revisionist history that has been force-fed to us all for generations), the CSA was far from a cohesive force or even a settled group of states as the CW was forced upon us. So many Americans everywhere wanted so much to be a unified force and nation, but that was not allowed and eventually states signed on officially. But throughout the war the splintered needs and wants continued to divide families and yes even towns and counties from one another as they were forced into bloody conflict to establish and defend the hastily and loosely assembled sovereign nation.

      Same but different this go ‘round, and as others have mentioned the division of military assets and asses may be the big issue…which partly explains why the left is actively altering and destroying its whole intent and purpose.

      Separation and war is going to be bad but it has to happen; continuing down the path to turning the government of even red states blue for all administrative intents and purposes -and the literal and/or virtual camps that follow- will be much much worse. There is no choice:

      CRA Now!

      And in the microcosmic meantime even though he is just a ragdoll with no real control even of his own bodily functions, since I just hate him so bad I will say it over and over…

      Let’s Go Brandon, FJB!

      • John

        Personally I think separation is jumping the gun.
        Madison & Co. very deliberately broke up the various functions of government for a reason; to prevent the dominance of any one Faction over the Government.
        They did not specifically anticipate the rise of the Military/Industrial/Deepstate/CaptivePress/Uniparty (which some have labeled the Cathedral), but I think we should wait and see if Madison’s scheme will prove effective yet still. We’re already seeing cracks in the Cathedral’s facade, and it has become obvious that the longer it stays in power the bigger the cracks are getting.
        Two lessons should be learned by the Electorate from this:
        1) Know your politicians by their actions, not their words. Both Democrat and Republican voters have no idea who they’re voting for in general.
        2) Any election should be so air-tight the results can be, no I take that back, _will be_ audited as of midnight of Election Day, no exceptions. There is absolutely no excuse for ambiguity.

        • Halley

          “Sundance” at CTH has posited the theory that the Fourth Branch (Intel, weaponised for the Left and its flaccid Uniparty sheep) is now tyrannically in charge of the other 3 branches, in effect leapfrogging the Constitution and (since at least Obama and with 2016 the sole exception) now deciding all election outcomes. Madison et al had no way of anticipating anything like this.

          The other thing is that Red State/Blue State isn’t all that relevant anymore, given that “Red State” now encompasses so very many GOP “Friends of Barack&Soros” that one can no longer imagine supporting such a fake alternative to Twilight Zone World, especially as the GOP has yet to remove the 23 knives they gleefully stuck in MAGA’s back.

          • Nothing new about Shadow Gov except its coming out of the shadows…they know that we know that the whole thing is a charade and they just don’t care. Cocky? Stupid? Evil? Yes.

      • Saaruuk

        I was at the Fl/GA game in Jacksonville yesterday (yeah, the dogs went home carrying alligator luggage….again) and there were 3 planes flying around the stadium all towing banners that proudly stated: “Let’s Go Brandon, FJB!”

        I’ve got clear pictures that I’d love to post here… can I accomplish this?

        • JTC

          Preaching to the choir…?

        • Henry

          I just use a free account at Microsoft OneDrive and post the URL.

  • DogByte6RER

    The ladies at DBD are no witches … but they are bewitchin’!

  • Son Of A Valkyrie

    The Ladies are magnificent! But the Biden Blasts are a great punch line!

  • JTC

    To wit. The problem is ultimately self-solving through attrition:

    “A new study examining household incomes and comparing them with median new home construction mortgages found the California capital tying with Miami, Florida. Eighty percent of households in the Sacramento region, same as Miami, are priced out of new homes, the study found.”

    Unfortunately we are being attacked on a dozen fronts; for one thing those displaced shithole denizens that don’t die have to go somewhere, and we too will be victims of attrition if the path of separation by pronouncement of sovereignty and by force is not followed. CRA Now!

  • DrUrchin

    Two comments:
    (a) I am **so** looking forward to voting for Youngkin as governor on Tuesday morning… both because I like him and also because I want to watch MacAuliffe blubber like a drunkard without a bottle.

    (b) Skye is a reformed liberal. Many of that kind wind up doing very well. Most of the liberal’s espoused goals are great (i.e. a clean world, justice for the poor, equality for everyone) but their methods S.U.C.K. (i.e. destroy everything and ban all energy and kill the excess people, confiscate everything and give it to the powerful so that they can dole it out to the poor at their leisure, destroy all rights under the law so that nobody is equal under the law and those who are the favored groups can bully the non-favored ones). Ex-liberals who have seen this and realize that conservative methods produce a better world in all these matters… well they actually tend to be pretty good. If she can hold fast to her new life, I think she’d make a pretty good wife to *Travis*. I wish her the best. And him, too. She’d probably be a better match for him than Mia, when you think about it.

  • Hotrod Lincoln

    There needs to be some ballistic impeachment of the Stalin-style “vote counters” before any conservative can ever hope to notch another win. The steal is already under way in Virginia. The old tried and true 150 grain .30-06 at 2700 FPS comes to mind- – – – -much more punch and longer range than the ,223 “poodle shooter”!


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