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  • Pamela

    Is it going to have pink ‘n purple tuck and roll with the bouncy dog in the window?
    Just trying to see when the Idgits will say we have HF here.

    • Too Tall

      Don’t forget the fuzzy dice!

      • Pamela

        Yes and the MAGNUM Condoms on the visor.

        • Too Tall

          Along with the bumper sticker that says: Why Couldn’t I Have Been Born Rich, Instead of Well Hung?”

          • Edited to “Rich OR Well-Hung” in my case.

            Too late now, but I’d have been happy with either, as the latter can quite easily be turned into the former, and vice-versa. 😉

    • Too Tall

      Is the exterior Turquoise Blue and Primer Gray, or Cherry Red and Primer Yellow?

  • DogByte6RER

    Decepticons infest the East …

    Decepticons infest the West …

    Decepticons stack the deck in D.C. for J6 and plunge America to new lows.

    Where is Optimus Prime when you need him?!?

    • NotYetInACamp

      We are Optimus Prime. Wherever we are, There Optimus Prime is.
      We do what we can.

      We are still like the UK citizens when Dunkirk and Calais were surrounded and expected to fall with the entire British professional army about to be lost. Fight them everywhere as appropriate. Appropriate is a many meaning word. I am not going to start it. We should not start it. The enemy pulled off the false flag last year, with the help of easily deceived people and provocateurs. The good people are smarter than they think.
      An honest vote identifying all that vote is paramount. Free speech is also important.

      • Too Tall

        Dunkirk was a disaster averted. You cannot win this fight playing defense.

        Soon and very soon we will be forced to go on the offensive against every Progtard Karen and Karl you know.

        They will make it easy, providing nearly foolproof IFF by wearing masks, insisting on social distancing, advertising their 57 flavors of pronouns, and asking for you vaccine papers.

        Either kill them all, or lose your freedom. The choice is yours.

        • Henry

          Aim small, miss small.
          The hyphen is pretty small.

  • Lifeofthe+Mind

    Fauci and his Evil Minions are cooking up a Transformer Variant that will suck the very air out of our lungs. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Engineered virus with easy mix and match section(s) implanted, is s ;ogical conclusion. Quick and easy transformations occur in the virus.

    • cb

      CovidCon… covers them all, imo.

  • Kafiroon

    Plan on being sand in their gears. Or throwing it.

  • Halley

    The first Transformers flick had one memorable scene, something about the hood of a car and a Fox…

  • steveb919

    I looked at the package that my two dogs take for heart worm prevention and guess what. I was Ivermectin / Pyrantel for 26 t0 50 pound dogs. If I get some wu-flu I’ll take four. Not really, I would go to a doctor and get my Ivermectin. Screw their shots which are not even fully tested for side effects. “Fuck Joe Biden”.

  • steveb919

    BTW WTF is “corn pop?

    • jdow

      Distilled fermented corn?

    • OldGoat36

      Corn Pop is the name of some guy Biden lied about being a tough guy who he beat up… or something like that. Biden is the least likely tough guy I’ve ever seen, he was and still is a coward who tries to project he’s a tough guy so he doesn’t get beaten up.

      • NotYetInACamp

        Biden was long known as the unions bag man. Biden knows how to cooperate, get along, and do as the system wants.

    • cb

      Rod Serling: Imagine if you will… A world where memes are fact-checked but ballots aren’t.

    • Halley

      “Interesting” only if the GOP stands up for uncorrupted elections, and who sees that happening in time? MAGA was an unstoppable Red Tsunami Supermajority but they stole it in broad daylight and the GOP barely whimpered (or were in on it). Who actually believes after that, knowing they’ll “count the votes” anyway they choose, that they’ll allow the House or Senate to switch? And even so, it’s all Uniparty anyhow, so who cares? The corruption is omnipresent. At least we know that now.

      • Yes. further upturn in unemployment and downturn in housing last month, precious metals jacked up, I’m getting calls from old customers looking for coins, eagles, and bars.

        Even their proles are being affected and many may attempt to revolt against them at the polls; absolutely no doubt that MAGA aligned candidates will “win” the house and senate at the Ballot Box. But of course not at the Black Box, necessitating us turning to the Bullet Box. IMO.

        See TT’s comment upthread as to “offense”. But take it a step further as he mentions engaging/killing the foot soldiers but not the absolute necessity of a shock and awe attack of their handlers, elites, and God help us, their international godhead.

        Have to be prepared to do the former before we can get to the latter but it has all got to be done, IF a peaceful Civil Separation is not allowed. And it won’t be. Get prepped materially and psychologically for war.

        CRA Now! One way or the other.

  • The Duckhunter

    Zed’s right. The first film Michael Bay is known is Armageddon…

    Thanks Chris! the strip represents my thoughts as far as the transformation the Federal Government is trying to effect. My mind does go back to that saying “concern should drive us to action not into depression.” It also remembers the saying we said in the Army, “Kill ’em all and let God sort ’em out”. The infection goes deep though, it is at our state and even county level as well. The are not just trying to get the ballot box opened up to anyone, they want to let non-residents and Felons vote too.

    Conflict doesn’t exist without my participation. I’m all in.

  • NotYetInACamp

    New Zealand unintentionally became a test of the impact of the vax / jabs on a non covid population.
    Deaths increased in the population contemporaneously with the increase of the vax / jabs. It is not a scientific control group compared study. It is possible to value it as a clean study of what occurred to a non covid group of humans when vax / jabbed. It requires further study which it likely will not get. It may be useful to compare other populations with New Zealand’s population.

  • WayneM

    So much for “my body, my choice” as soon as the sheeple were scared of a virus and Saint Fauci of the Jab declared all must submit…

  • Cause and effect…

    My wife is grocery shopping and just sent me a pic saying “This is the chicken section at Publix”…totally empty cooler shelves.

    • JTC


      • Oh well I guess the attachment didn’t work, tried to post the pic that wife sent of the empty cooler shelves…

        • Henry

          Well, you can’t post the URL of the file on your hard drive, that never works!

    • Henry

      What’s funny is using the empty shelves to gauge consumer popularity.

      My son had ramen on his list… the shelves were entirely empty of all flavors except shrimp, which was full to the edges. He doesn’t like it, either. (My wife told him, “buy it anyway, nothing says you have to use the flavor packet, and I have plenty of bullion cubes.” I married me a hella pioneer chick.)


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