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  • JTC

    The train that capped Ryano’s career is the one that ran him down and out of town…the Trump Train.

  • Too Tall

    Soros, meathook, lamppost, so assembly required.

    • I like it. And then, just to make sure, a trident.

    • interventor

      I’d throw in a silver bullet, a stake thru the heart and a generous sprinkling of holy water.

      • Doggo

        followed by the pit of lava in Mount Doom

  • WayneM

    Although I’m not a huge fan of Rebel Media, they aren’t afraid to get down & dirty…

    Whether it’s Soros (Sr or Jr) or Beto or others, there is clearly a well-prepared organization keeping this gaggle of fools moving forward…

    • Delilah T

      Rebel Media is a little off on their census count.
      It’s down to about 4500 now. The rest have turned around and gone home. And they aren’t interested in asylum and/or job offers by the Mexican government, they aren’t civilized about the food and water they’re getting, and they are throwing rocks at Mexican police. Real nice of them, ain’t it?
      It’s all hogwash, and we all know it.

      • Alexj

        Lovely Deliah, according to the last account I read, there are FOUR different invasion groups headed for the border.

        Four columns? Pretty good plan on the Invaders part.

        Question: Is the support of illegal and unfettered aliens by the Sanctuary City/State an attempt to disenfranchise our Constitution Rights?

  • Delilah T

    Make the trains run on time? Yeah, but Mussolini was hung.

    Big deal. The buses and trains all run on time in my area.

    • PaulS

      “but Mussolini was hung.”
      I think that’s just a byproduct of strangulation.

      • interventor

        He was shot dead. They hung him by his heels to show he was dead, plus spit in his face.

        • PaulS


  • I’m thinking there may be some interruption of Georgie’s plan. You just have to trust THE plan. *AHEM*

  • Punta Gorda

    Amazing how “Train kept a rolling” sounds so much like “Honey Hush” as performed by Foghat.

    • TomZ

      The train kept a rollin’ on down to San Antone…

  • Delilah T

    Just because Guirgy Schwartz didn’t have much as a kid, doesn’t mean he’s a better person now. I doubt he reads any of those books on the shelves at all, or ever has. They’re just ‘things’… kind of like people are ‘just things’…. And he’s up there above it all, while the rest of us are down here rolling around in the mud.

    Ever wonder how his starched shirt would look with mud splattered on it? (Oh, that was just mean of me. Sorry.)

    • Delilah T

      I see I misspelled ‘GIorgi’. My bad. Too early, not enough caffeine.

      You all have a good day and go vote on Tuesday. Some places are not counting early vote ballots. Don’t know which they are.

      • PaulS

        Oh, they count them. Here in WASHINGTON (State), where it’s all by mail now, they get a head start on figuring out how many they will need for the recounts.
        We’re doing what we can to solve our Maria problem this go round, Patty cakes is up next.
        Unfortunately we had a candidate for sheriff die in an accident prior to the election, but he still made the ballot, and was a great write-in for several of the redundant positions. I figure that lets them know EXACTLY what I think of those positions.

  • NorsePiper

    Don’t hit me with them negative waves so early in the morning. Think ‘The Plan” will be there and it will be there. It’s a mother, beautiful “Plan”, and it’s gonna be there. Ok?

  • Wood

    I had to suck it up and choose between Scott and Nelson here in FL. I wanted to vote for Nelson to get Scott out of the damned game, but I couldn’t do that knowing we will need to have the senate for the next SCOTUS appointment, whether by Trump or by “other”.

    • JTC

      I do understand your antipathy towards Scott, the heretofore reliable Trump Train type who went totally off the rails after Parkland, and I even understand about Nelson who is pretty much the invisible go along to get along guy…he has pretty much kept his head down and stayed out of the way under years of conservative guidance.

      Problem will be if our state goes way beyond blue and all the way back to deep red in its original context of communist (a very real possibility with Gillum/Sanders and some of those wackjobs in South FL) what he goes along with to get along will be very very bad.

      So you are right in your ultimate assessment of getting an R in there to keep the numbers to where they won’t impede the Trump Train.

      Incidentally IMO DT’s single-handed responsibility for the nomination of DeSantis instead of Putnam for FL governor is one of the few serious mistakes he has made in his decisions for support; while DeSantis will undoubtedly follow the Trump lead in things national he does not have my confidence in handling the unique and multiple-personality-disordered land of the Floridiots.

      • JTC

        Jump to 1:02 to see Trump’s take on the FL gov race last night on his last stop rally in Pensacola:

        If you have the time go ahead and listen to Scott and Desantis speak before DT, kind of meh but at least they will keep the faith.

      • JJ cooper

        Floridiots. That’s what we call them the North Georgia mountains. They come for the Summer and bring their bad manners with them.

      • James Gemind

        I did not really approve of Scott’s signing into law another ‘We Have to do something’ piece of legislation against guns, but it did get him some votes. I have voted for Nelson in the Past(I am GOP, but Nelson was very Pro-Space industry)but after the Kavanaugh vote, he is gone as far as I am concerned. Between that and the negative ads Nelson has been running including attacking Scott over his service… Yep. No Brainer.

  • JTC

    BTW I can’t let CM’s accurate portrayal of Soros as the ultimate traitor pass without noting the incredibly ignorant and tone-deaf use of him by LSM as an example of what they call the wave of anti-Semitism in this country after the Pittsburgh slaughter. After several mentions of him as a victim of it, they suddenly stopped; don’t know if someone whispered the dirty truth in their ear or what.

    • JTC

      Lest we think our left/right division is unique, and speaking of multiple personality disorders, I note that in this (rather long) synopsis of it among Jews, no mention is made of that particular “jew”. No wonder.

      American Jews have forgotten the lessons of Soros’ former employers, and seem determined to allow or even aid in a repeat of it.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Soros (and all fellow traveling relatives) needs to be put on the same train that he put his fellow Jews on, lo, those many decades ago.

  • Punta Gorda

    Well, there’s always karma. Remember Herod? Fournier gangrene got him.

  • Pamela

    They do what they do FOR THE GREATER GOOD.
    At least that’s what they tell themselves while taking the next dose of Oxy and Xanax.

  • NotYetInACamp

    We are voting.
    Western Civilization has stopped, and can still stop much evil in the world.
    Hence the Great Replacement Plan that is supported by the UN, progressives, Soros’ Open Society Foundation, China, Don Lemon, Oprah (They need to die, Oprah said), much of the paid main Stream Media, Mexico, and many Marxists and so many of the other miscreants across the land and world.

    Imaging an orange colored shamrock, and a Green Derby being world by the Northern Irish Orangemen. That would be a switcheroo.

    I so hope my plan has come together. Started a big fight, I did.


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