Day By Day


  • Delilah T

    Pep talks do work.

  • Pamela

    Careful sitting down Mr. President and anyone tries kicking will will find their toes crushed.

    • JTC

      “Careful sitting down Mr. President…”

      If what I think is true is true…it’s his own toes in danger. πŸ™‚

      Talk about some big ones!

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Brass? Or steel?

    • Damnit, you stole my line! πŸ˜›

    • interventor

      Adamantium, with an Ubobtainium wash.

    • Too Tall

      I’m thinking Titanium, or maybe Unobtainium.

      In Texas, is it “Huevos” or “Cojones.”

      Isn’t “Clang, Clang…” the intro to “Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead?”

      • Old Codger

        In Texas either one is acceptable. Most of the time what I’ve heard is “cojones” but I have heard ’em referred to as “huevos” but “cojones” it more common.

  • JTC

    Big brass ones.

    And “has”, not “had”.

  • Spin Drift

    Don’t bells also clang? “White Squall”


  • NotYetInACamp

    The Brass is back.

  • formwiz

    I don’t think Trump needs any pep talks.

    I also think he knows what he has to do. Right now he’s winning on almost every front.

  • Fronk!

    Cajones… What a concept!

    • Especially in “the swamp”.

  • I just want to see those things put into full blown operation!

    • JTC

      Dude. Ew.

    • kadaka

      Avenatti would’ve released the tape by now if there was one.

  • Pete 231

    The last frame shows three clang notes… Could it be that DJT, in addition to the standard load, is packing a spare third nard ? That would explain why a lot of boot-lickers lately are backing down from him…..

    • Punta Gorda

      Tres Hombres?

      Great Album.

    • MasterDiver

      That “Little Something Extra”!
      Zar Belk!

    • PaulS

      The three amigos! πŸ™‚

    • John D. Egbert

      Let’s hear it for lagniappe . . .

  • eon

    Incidentally, if you want to read a brutal smackdown of the Deep State, the Democrats, and the left in general;

    Yes, I know who it is, but this is one traditional liberal who is righteously pissed at her own political party. And what she has to say about President Trump, “deplorables”, and academia might surprise you.

    clear ether


    • Browncoat

      Camille Paglia is just short of ‘right’. She has been dissing on the Democrats since Obama got appointed…

    • Delilah T

      Thanks for the link, eon. She’s repeating what the rest of us know and recognize instinctively.

  • Brad

    She uses a lot of high-highfalutin words to say basically simple things. Pretty much all of what are called conservatives today could have happily been members of the Democrat Party of the thirties and forties. Paglia longs for the Democrat party of the fifties and sixties. There isn’t gonna be a return to the values of the past in either the GOP or the current DemoCRAP Party. The only way there will ever again be a major political party with a decent platform of philosophies is if a new one emerges to REPLACE one of the current ones. America will never have more than two major political parties. Right now it basically has ONE pro-globalist pro-OneWorldGovernment uniparty with two branches.

    • Halley

      Memory lane – back in the 90s Camille, bless her heart, helped me transition away from PC, and I devoured everything she wrote. But take a look at her voting record: OMG!!! 100% socialist/kooky-green/anti-American. She doesn’t practice what she preaches, which – regardless of her blazing insights into the arts and artists – makes it impossible for me to take her seriously anymore. She wants the criminal Dims in power – sorry, Camille, that’s unforgivable under any rationale.

      And by the way – are there people in the White House reading DBD?

      • Delilah T

        Paglia voted for Sanders, yes, but that took votes away from Clinton. In the general election, he received 6% of the vote in Vermont.
        The Bernie or Bust movement is often cited as one of the contributing factors in Hillary Clinton’s loss in the general election.
        Without his interference (even though he appeared to support her), things might have gone a different route.
        Would you rather have had Clinton declared the winner in 2016?

    • gruundehn

      The Duopoly has rules in place that prevent any serious effort to replace either from succeeding. To change the rules, a Third Party (Libertarians anyone?) must win and the Duopoly works hard to prevent that.

      I mention the Libertarians not only because I am an officer thereof, but because just about anyone here will agree with the Libertarian Party on at least one major issue. Moreso probably than any other party.

      • JTC

        Well I’m down with libertarianism just not Libertarianism, also independent but not Independent… funny how that’s kind of redundant.

      • John

        As a Libertarian myself I see a major flaw in our party ascending to prominence.
        The simple lack of, and indeed avoidance of, the teaching of old fashioned Rhetoric in our schools from junior high on.
        Of course the lack of said training was what allowed DJT to blindside the UniParty, but the presence of said training would have prevented this mess to begin with.

  • kadaka

    Is it high brass or low brass? Although I might’ve read that’s not as important when it’s time to shoot as the wad.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      I see what you did there.
      And I applaud! Well played!

  • JTC

    The leftocracy has made the Dim party irrelevant for forty years,
    and DJT made the Rino party irrelevant in 2016 and beyond.

    • JTC

      Wonder if calling it party-fluid would attract some signallers? πŸ™‚

    • John

      The rise of the illiberal SJW religion (and make no mistake, it is one) has effectively split the Left, and the more effective they become the wider the split.
      There is a great deal of room for Liberals on the Right, strangely enough, because of their respect for the Individual.
      The real test will be who can unite the Right enough to actually consolidate and use the power to roll back the State and reinstate the Individual as a political force. A conservative SCOTUS is only a first step.

  • Brad

    A conservative SCOTUS won’t CAUSE anything to happen. It simply won’t ALLOW some things to happen. The closest it could come to CAUSING any change would be if challenges to already existing government overstepping were brought before it. I don’t expect to see that happen.

    • interventor

      SCOTUS may only challenge overstepping of existing government actions, if such are dragged before it and presented. Such is the necessary nature of the beast. Its not a secondary legislature.


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