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    • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

      Nice flag design. But I can’t find a flag at his site. T-shirts, bags, and a patch. But no flag.
      I’ll have to email him tomorrow.

  • Capn Jack

    Who is actually doing the rioting ???

    It all sounds a little to convenient and phony to me. Naturally the rioters all have masks on.

    • Punta Gorda

      And now we know why ANTIFA caused the violence. That uproar used up the time for debate as the CHICKENSHIT congressmen fled in terror

      • gbear

        Greetings from a Buttonwood snowbird.

        • Kafiroon

          Have you been down here before?
          You will love the traffic going in and out of there.

          • gbear

            Thankyou, I drove car service in Brooklyn in the 70’s, traffic is not bad. This is our 2nd winter here,

      • Auntie Venom

        And it allowed the chickenshits an out not to sign onto contested electoral states under cover of ‘what happened earlier today.’

  • Kafiroon

    Listened to some Newsmax and OANN.
    Some of them reporters were against anyone doing more than wave a flag or stand around.
    In the mean time antifa has photos taken in the Capital halls dressed as “peaceful protesters” and ALL of US are being blamed. Women shot/killed? Bet on ND by capitol cop. Most “official” voices are still claiming votes were all legal and honest.
    Time’s Up!

    • Halley

      Yes, I saw some uh questionable pro-Pence stuff on OAN… WTF?

  • Buck

    Wife and I did a 5 hour drive to Phoenix for the GOP gig this AM. Lots of camaraderie through the speech then the let down. One girl out of a thousand wearing a mask asking for a statement for her paper. “Which paper?” The Repulsive – er Republic. No sez I. When (if) you printed my LTE’s you made the meaning the opposite or unintelligible.
    May have had to be different in DC but masks in the Capitol indicate AntiFa to me.
    Got back home and made a toast to – Ever Trumpers – all the 15 year old we had.

    • Doggo

      …and nothing has changed. The linked page isn’t there any longer. We’re fighting a war for real information.

    • Old Codger

      This Tweet is unavailable.

    • steveb919

      I got tweet unavailable on the link.

  • JTC

    Not a riot. A demonstration. Fair notice of what is to come. Insurrection is violent.
    Yes time’s up. Or rather, it is time.

    But before we bring out this flag I would like to try Chris’s design…how many states will be represented in that battle flag of the Confederated States of the CRA?

    • NotYetInACamp

      I am set on 50. I believe that what may happen will be a restoration of the Republic, and the protection and the defending of the Constitution of the United States of America.

      Is this what Benjamin Franklin meant?

      Truth is needed. Truth is hard.

      • JTC

        I dunno, maybe 13?

        This is absolutely what Big Ben meant by “…if you can keep it.”

        And we couldn’t. Not in the face of open treason and coup against the last duly President and the consortium of commie collusion to guarantee there will never be another one.

        Need to start over with a new Constitutional Republic of America.

  • NotYetInACamp

    What a day.
    I am disappointed.

    Who benefited?
    .The people who disenfranchised the voters in the 2020 Presidential election are those people who are politicians in the seven states changed their election laws in a manner that did not follow the US Constitution.
    In so doing, they invalidated every one of those elections.

    The people who unconstitutionally changed election laws for president in those seven states committed a coup against the United States of America.

    • Pamela

      Who benefited? The Slavers did.

      • NotYetInACamp


        • John

          And we would do well to perpetually point out that they _are_ Slavers. The Culture War has only one real issue at hand.
          Do We the People abide by a Constitution or do we cave in to “Social Justice” which is only New Speak for mob rule?
          If it is the latter then we have lost WWIII to Red China.

  • David Smith

    Interesting that nobody seems to have been arrested, no buses full of “rioters” being driven to the Arena for processing. Were there folks there who didn’t fit the MAGA profile, perhaps who seemed to be particularly experienced at storming Federal buildings? We’ll never know, I guess.

    • Swansonic

      and they are calling THAT ‘white priviledge.’

      The pervasiveness of all this isa little hard to take.

  • Punta Gorda

    Got a cousin who knows a capital police officer. You don’t get in unless you are specifically let in.

    • interventor

      Reportedly, they were severely undermanned. FYI, Capitol Police has about 1,100 personnel.

    • BinaryWatcher

      Saw video on NewsMax today, late in the afternoon, almost evening news time, of the police pulling the barricades aside and waving ’em in…

    • steveb919

      Same as I got. “This Tweet is from a suspended account”

    • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

      “Suspended account”

  • William Henry

    What’s that movie quote… ( There Will Be Blood ).

  • PaulS

    “Were there folks there who didn’t fit the MAGA profile”

    Yes, the ones acting disorderly.

    Chaos is what the left thrives on. Just have to ask “Who benefits from the violence?” Hmm, let me think…. The Seditious traitors.

  • cz93x62

    That is my take as well, Kafiroon. Possible ND, I didn’t see indicia of entry wound on her front half. The scene was a total clusterfXXk, and you gotta wonder why a USAF veteran with 14 years experience and security background would be in the place she was in. She appeared to be facing away from the direction the shot came from, and not posing a threat. What a God-awful circumstance.

  • JTC

    So “they” removed several of PDJT’s tweets and his video asking for calm because “they” believe that it will contribute to rather than diminishing violence. And “they” warned the President of the United States that if he dares speak the truth again, “they” will ban him altogether. Deplatforming the President, MY President.

    I won’t let antifa thugs get all the credit for tearing some shit up today…there will be a *lot* more violence to come, because that’s what war entails. And this is war.

    • James McEnanly

      I have never seen a President treated with such disrespect as this one. Between not having his phone calls to various government officials answered to being blocked from Twitter merely for stating his case he has been treated as a ‘deplorable’. They treat him like they treat us.

    • John

      “And this is war.”
      Yes, one manufactured in New York City for the sake of clicks.
      The enemy isn’t in DC. He’s transmitting from his fortress in NYC.

  • Pipe bombs were found in the bldg., and at the RNC HQ…
    Who normally uses explosives like that? Not our side, that means previous planning…

  • Mike-SMO

    A comment: “Do what you have to, we’ll clean up the mess and rebuild.”

    Just saying……

  • Mike-SMO

    The Capitol Po-Po shot & killed an unarmed USAF vet who was standing in the lobby. When is the riot (demonstration)? or even an investigation? I wonder if that firearm was even secured as evidence. I guess it doesn’t matter since she was “White” and probably a Trump supporter. That seems to be grounds for random execution by Nancy’s Dishonor Guard. Looks like Denver was just the beginning of the New Normal. Now coming to a Democrat near you.

    Be careful if you visit the office of a Trump supporting Senator or Representative. The Democratic Storm Troopers might consider you a target of opportunity. You know them Trumpists all look alike.

  • Halley

    “No taxation without representation”

    – and it’s now blindingly obvious that there is no representation whatsoever. Except for enemy-sympathizing corruptocrats, who are graciously represented at all levels of political and media power.

    What to do.

  • Old Codger

    Was thinking more of Emmet to Mal in “Silverado”

    “It’s gonna get mean.”

  • eon

    Reichstag Fire.

    Some Assembly Required.

    clear ether


  • Dread

    So, all of the horrible crimes of the Biden crime family are now and forever wiped from history? Just like the crimes of the Clinton crime family’s vast criminal empire? America truly has become the land of opportunity. Buy stock in rope manufacturers.

  • Halley

    Continuing to gawk with astonished astonishment at all the needless cucking going on since yesterday, especially by some I never thought capable of it. The rot is truly deeper and wider than anyone could imagine, and PDT has known it all along. Even if Barr/Durham would’ve incarcerated every one of the usual suspects, that’s peanuts compared to the malignancy the nation is actually facing.

    Trust the Plan, still.

      • JTC

        The plan now?

        They think yesterday was insurrection? Pfft.

        Was it an elaborate ruse to skip the objections and do their dirty deeds in the middle of the night? Maybe, but irrelevant.

        There is only one path now…call it insurrection or whatever but what it is is, throwing off the chains of oppression in preparation for Civil Separation and the formation of a brand new fresh Republic to replace the old and rotted and corrupt one that fully intends to turn what’s left of it over to One-World Communist rule, and eliminate our freedom and our society that was built on the bodies of Patriots.

        So we can honor those Patriots by providing their souls and their heirs with a new place, not just a physical place but a place in their hearts and minds to continue to build and defend our freedom and our beliefs and our American Exceptionalism to new heights without constraint from those who would deny us and destroy us and those who enable them.

        Call it Civil Separation, or Secession, or insurrection…or call it what it is and will be for years to come; War.

        • Chris Muir

          I wouldn’t blame Trump for walking away…though he must know they will go after him and all he has and knows. On the other hand, you will note he did not concede. He refers to a First Term,
          and you will recall Pompeo said months ago there will be a ‘smooth transition’ of power…to a second Term.

          I honestly have no idea, but I am getting a feeling what it must be like on the other side of the table in a deal with Trump! Even a good one.

      • Halley

        The entire Dark Age of 2020 was a criminal set-up, from Shampeachment to Covid-1984, BLM, right up to the 11/3 terror attack on our right to vote and the Totalitarian Media aftermath. If 80,000,000 of us saw it, we can be sure PDT saw it and was prepared. We still haven’t seen the effects of his 2018 EO and we know he has the goods on all the top (D) criminals. As of yesterday, I’m confident the turncoats & traitors are now sufficiently exposed and have crawled out of the woodwork. Next move… ? I expect these coming days before his Jan. 20 inauguration will be among the the most interesting in our lives.

      • Halley

        “I am in actual physical and mental pain.”
        Me too, JTC, me too.

  • JTPatriot

    The guy selling the “Time’s Up” stuff believes in Open Borders, and is against defending America.

    Be careful why you buy on the Internet.

    • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

      Pls show link/source. I went to his site (posted above) and wandered through it. I don’t recall seeing anything about open borders.

  • steveb919

    Same as I got. “This Tweet is from a suspended account”. They must not like the comment.

    • Chris Muir

      Old Codger is under review, but no one else is. Firkin tech filters!

  • Buck

    “There will be blood” Enoch Powell, April 1968 at the Birmingham political Centre relating how the country would fare if the Commonwealth passed the unlimited immigration and race relations bill. Referred to as the ‘rivers of blood’ speech the above quote is his actual wording.

  • Coeurmaeghan

    After the results of the election were announced, I purchased a new flag. The flag is a Banana Republic flag and I also purchased one that reads, ‘Don step on Snek’. Now that this phony election has been certified by our congress critters, those are the flags that will now be flying at my humble abode. Good luck to us all, we will need it.

    • Coeurmaeghan

      Post dog walk when I actually raised the flags mentioned above, I realized that the lower flag actually stated ‘No step on Snek’. That does read a bit more banana republic-ish than what I previously posted and I had also not considered that the ‘Don’ could be read as shortened for Donald and our Donald would NEVER step on his and our previously proud flag.

    • John D.Egbert

      My National Ensign is now flying inverted; it will remain so for the duration — right above the Gadsden. Since it is lighted, the Flag flies 24 hours a day.

      • Capn Jack


  • Paul of Alexandria

    Time for Zed to go to work?

  • PCChaos

    Down to the Conch Republic, leaving no forward address, come the expatriated Americans, demanding some form of redress…And if not, go fishing, have a drink, keep ammo dry, and pray something good happens for the upper part of the nation. Losing sleep over the madness up north, but an American lost her life, so I’ll not complain too loudly. How is it that when Antifa and BLM riot for an entire summer they are proclaimed as seeking justice and when conservatives protest, it is right-wind insurrection? We are screwed, blued, and should avoid being tatoo’d as that means we’re bound for a camp. I pray for a reasonable outcome within the next five years.

  • warhorse

    indeed, times up.

    but people people coming to us with “I have evidence of this” or “I can prove this”

    but they never DO IT.

    is it a lie? is it the truth? we’ll never know because they never SHOW US.

  • Pamela

    Lord, you need to clean HOUSE. Sweep it Clean of any infection and trash.

    • KenK


      (NEXSTAR) – As a mob of President Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building Wednesday, one face stood out from the crowd in photographs: A tattooed, shirtless man donning horns and red, white and blue face paint inside the chambers.

      The horned man in question is none other than 32-year-old Jake Angeli, a familiar face at pro-Trump rallies and a purported QAnon conspiracy theorist sometimes referred to as the “QAnon Shaman,” according to the Arizona Republic’s website.

      In the past year, Angeli has been spotted — often in costume — at various demonstrations across the country, including a Washington D.C. protest after Joe Biden’s presidential win in November.

      The Arizona native has also been photographed multiple times at the Arizona State Capitol — and in one instance, during a pro-Trump rally in February, held a sign that read, “Q Sent Me,” according to the paper.

      According to Arizona Central, Angeli was shouting, “You all know who Q is?” and explained to passersby that Q “was a government agent who wanted to ‘take the country back’ from pedophiles and globalists.”

      Prior to allegedly joining the QAnon movement, Angeli was “a small-time actor, voice-over artist, and singer,” according to Nick Martin, an editor at the Informant.

      That observation appears to be confirmed by a profile for Angeli on, a job-hunting site for those in the entertainment industry.

      The website page claims Angeli is skilled in singing, screenwriting, public speaking and accents, among other attributes.

      Arizona Central reporter BrieAnna J. Frank said on Twitter that Angeli “is very much” a Trump and QAnon supporter. Frank cited an interview she conducted with Angeli in May, in which he applauded President Trump and criticized the media.

  • Halley

    Seems to me, with only 12 days to go, that the sudden push to invoke the 25th and forcibly remove PDT immediately – with only 12 days to go! – would indicate that some people are really really terrified that the mother of all shoes is about to drop.

    Also interesting that his speech yesterday included so much about the vets..

    • Pamela

      They are afraid Biden will kick the bucket prior to being sworn in via another brain bleed that will leave him more of a walking vegetable than he already is.

    • GregD

      Chris, Cathy, Halley, Pamela, & the rest of you DBDers,

      Take a gander at this article (thanks Cathy for leading me to their website):

      Trump did NOT concede… Lin Wood explains “many traitors” to be arrested shortly… final list of confirmed traitors acquired last night during congressional vote

      & this twitter tweet confirming Prez Trumpster’s move to the National Defense Command Center in Abilene, Texas

      & Lin Wood’s Parlor tweet:

      The sh#t is about to hit the fan!! That’s why they were all freaking out last night & trying to take the Trumpster down before he could finally reveal all the evidence and NAMES of the traitors and begin their arrests……

      So, don’t lose hope all my friends here at DBD. The best is about to come!! I’m looking forward to the next 4 years of his 2nd term. But, I wonder just who will be his next Veep. What do you guys think?

      Take care and stay safe out there.


    • Punta Gorda

      So now we get a Hooker in Chiet?

      I don’t think she is gonna be able to screw her way through negotiations. She is in the realm of “damaged goods”. Just another worn-out old whore.

  • Kafiroon

    So stand strong and hang in there!
    I do Not believe the fat lady is ready to sing yet.
    Remember; If you think all is lost, what did those Hebrew boys think as they were actually thrown into the furnace? Was it all over as they entered the flames?
    Didn’t turn 0ut that way did it?
    I’m waiting on what the real Prophets have said.

  • Punta Gorda

    I’m worried about what shit-fest Hooker Harris is going to get us into.   All of our really fucked up wars were started with democrat presidents.

    I may be above draft age, but I have family that is within draft age…

    And as a typical trend… about every 5 years democrats have been trying to put the draft back in effect.

    “Wag the Dog” was supposed to be a criticism against a republican president faking a war to cover his indiscretions… and Billy (cigar) Clinton actually played it out in real life.

  • NotYetInACamp

    I have a Trump flag on the front fence. It is a main road, so it might even get back to Punishing Kamala. (fantasy thinking. But it harms no one.)
    I would have left that big party of 250,000 or so+ carry on where they were. That says so much power in itself. I saw no reason for any large numbers to go to the Capitol Building unless they were going to stay outside. Large crowds need to be managed and taught proper decorum. With what had been said on the internet earlier, instructions that would only result in antifa going in would have been appropriate. Education and self control are always needed.
    That would have been a great way to object to the unconstitutional elections that disenfranchised the voters in those seven states and deprived the United States of America of a Constitutionally elected President.

  • Sarge

    Chris,,,, Youtube has removed the video you linked to as it has violated Community Guidelines…


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