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  • Epador

    When I started in AZ it was bright red. Mohave County still is but we’re surrounded by Blue. Hope we don’t have to move to TX.

    • Unca Walt


      • Paladin

        Chris, are going to make T-Shirt or somethings with that new take on an old idea?

        • Chris Muir

          No, but feel free to do so!

          • Gary G

            Is there a way to get a hi-res version?

    • Rich Kammler

      You forgot Missouri

    • Roland Deschain

      I moved to AZ in 1977 and it was truly bright red. It was still the State of Barry Goldwater. Then we became the State of John McShame and we went downhill from there.

      • Blasternaz

        Yes, we did. Tried to impeach or recall that asshat twice that I know of and of course, the only thing he brought to his presidential run was Sarah Palin. He could of had a major stroke on Jan 23 (assuming he won) and it wouldn’t of bothered me a bit. Tucson has always been blue but between them and the Cali’s flooding in and Soro’s money…. Prep, lock and load. Sigh, …

  • JTC

    Many states were made blue but the counties and the real people are not.

    Maybe we can work out a mass prisoner swap; a lot of good Patriots behind those enemy lines that will be needed in a possible civil war.

    But maybe it doesn’t have to be a war…I would be very much in favor instead, of a “civil separation” if that could happen.

    • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

      “Civil separation”. Nice wish. From your prayers to God’s ears. May He make it so.
      But from my humble, earthly, sinner’s point of view, ain’t gonna happen.

      • Bren

        The last one began as a civil separation, but Mister Lincoln saw that notion off. If we want freedom, We’ll no doubt be forced to fight.

        Also, I’m ashamed that my state did not join. Wyoming is filled with conservatives, and went MAGA to the tune of 70%, but our politicians, while center-right, are machine center-right. As demonstrated by our carpet bagger congress critter.

        • Malatrope

          And, to my everlasting shame, my state, the great Free State of Idaho, did not join.

          • JTC

            Plenty of time to add red states and red parts of others; as the lines are drawn they will evolve in our favor.

            And when faced with massive force and resolve will the Blues accept a civil separation? Likely not as their agenda is not about their people except as foot soldiers, slaves, and eunuch enablers all of whom are expendable to them.

            Rather shocking, but really not, that they do not grok that it is they who are ultimately expendable and extinguishable.

    • cb

      Was pondering ‘civil separation’ earlier. If nothing else it’d give time for opposing sides to come up with uniforms. Tends to get messy not knowing who is who… friendly fire and all.

      • eon

        It will never work. The enlightened elite’, like the Roman patricians they so resemble, are obsessed with having it all.

        Like the “looters” in Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, they will never let a single state, or even a single person, escape their power. They feel they have their bootheel on this nation’s throat, and they intend to either crush it into permanent, universal submission- or crush the life out of it.

        A lot of them dream of Utopia. Probably an equal number dream of watching the world burn.

        Both dream of standing atop the ruins, limned against the sunrise, as they proclaim their Brave New World.

        But to get the full effect they crave, they have to have the ruins.

        And all the survivors as their slaves. Those they allow to survive, that is.

        You are not dealing with reasonable or even halfway-rational people. They are the product of a system of academic radicalization, plus a culture of proclaiming themselves perfect, which has gone uncontrolled for far too long.

        We sowed the wind in letting it happen.

        Now we are reaping the whirlwind.

        clear ether


        • No blackpilling here.

        • JTC

          @ eon, powerful description of the dark forces of greed and lust…

          Was that a synopsis of 2020 or 1860?

          • eon

            Actually, I was drawing a parallel between a 1957 novel and the rhetoric of the typical progressives on Twitter and etc.

            Their dreams sound exactly like the rantings and actions of Rand’s villains.

            The thing is, they’ve probably never read the novel.



          • JTC

            Why read it when they can write it…their own new, perhaps final, chapter.

            And of course the novel was itself a shadow commentary/warning of the methods employed by the First Rino.

    • Henry

      I’ve sworn off the “retreat and regroup” strategy. Like Epador, I’ve used it, and it has a terrible failure rate. It’s like finding termites in a bedroom and dealing with it by closing off the room. Any territory you cede to the enemy is entirely lost to you, and they simply begin again to sap what remains of yours. Look at Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Virginia, and now Arizona. Sadly, there’s only one workable strategy for dealing with parasites.

      • TBeholder

        Since it’s not «the refusal of suffrage to asses» time yet, you are noticeably ahead of the predicted curve. Of course, the problem with being ahead of the curve is — how to pull enough of the others there, before it becomes a moot point?

    • Roland Deschain

      I do not believe that a “civil” or peaceful separation from these communists can be peaceful. I pray to GOD that we can resolve our differences and come to some solution but the commies are already talking about retribution on Trump and all of his supporters. Nothing civil about them.

  • JTC

    And Mr. Muir that is one awesome graphic that needs to be a flag if it’s not already.

    • JTC

      And just becoming aware that this being the Sunday episode, appropriately occupies the entire six-panel space.

    • Paladin

      Yep… merchandising. The time as come. A Day by Day store. I have always been partial to WWII bomber nose art.

    • John D. Egbert

      Take a screen shot and visit Cafe Press. They’ll put it on anything – for an appropriate price, of course . . .

  • Too Tall

    One of your best Chris. Somewhere Milt Caniff, Thomas Nast, and Bill Mauldin are giving you a standing ovation.

    • Browncoat

      As is Benjamin Franklin who drew the original in 1754.

    • PaulS

      De oppresso liber

  • Steveb919

    Seems like I mentioned separation of states last week. Oh well.

    • JTC

      Steve, where exactly was that discussion?

      Of course we’ve discussed it in some detail for the last year…but now, beyond the musings and rankings of we the oppressed, at least eighteen states, some of which are not contiguous, are giving serious official mention to separation by various means.

      I prefer civil, as stated above.

      But I am prepared and supplied for the alternative.

      Oh well

      • JTC

        …musings and rantings…

  • ottersmith

    I see what you did there. Well referenced, and well done.

    (Red ground, blue snake, white letters, civil flag? Red, white, and blue marpat, with RWB marpat snake, mil flag? )

  • Mike-SMO


    Separation of states is intolerable. They have the cities which are historical artifacts of the 19th Century. The rail(container) yards, the jobs, the airfields, the residential areas, the rest stops, the truck stops, etc are all out in the surround, which is, for the most part, conservative, traditional “Red”. “Downtown” will be a clean and safe attraction in Las Vegas, or Six Flags. Now the cities are the dumping grounds for the corrupt and the non-productive, often burned out and looted by the “Democrats”. Separation means building walls and throwing occasional food packages from the tourist viewing points.

    There is no way that the Corruptocrats and Ghettocrats get the harbors and resources. Even in California, the Blues are concentrated in the wreckage. The beyond is Red farms and Marines.

    With ~20 states facing ~25 states, I didn’t expect “No Standing”. Maybe a lack of “Ripeness” since most of the GOP legislatures in the Four have not chosen Electors, or refused to do so, or did so and then were ignored by their Masters. The Consititution says “state v state” goes to SCOTUS. If SCOTUS refuses its duty and we are deprived of free and fair elections, that also abrogates the Constitution which mandates a Supreme Court. Think of the opportunities!

    The Supreme Court site would be a fine location for one of The Trump Enterprises new hotels, with indoor parking in the heavily remodeled “Hoover Hovel”. After 2024, of course. I am still curious about the evidence and the “foreign election interference” Executive Order that maybe in the works. The Executive Branch has its own powers, independent of the defunct SCOTUS. The rest of the Federal Court system is just a feeder for SCOTUS maintained only by law and not the Constitution. Let the Big Boys solve their own problems. Normal humans can’t afford the fare for those august halls. Think of all the cash we’d save on laundry costs for the black dresses alone.

    Being “abandoned” has its upsides.

    • Henry

      “The Consititution says “state v state” goes to SCOTUS. If SCOTUS refuses its duty…”

      Goes to establishing the “long train of abuses and usurpations,” Your Honor.

      • Badger52

        Precisely. The Black Robed Druids have now signalled there is no CIVIL recourse or remedy to be found in that instance where a state and its people are wronged by another state. The plea will simply not be heard. Strike the word “civil” and proceed accordingly.

        • MAJ Arkay

          Excuse me? Kindly refrain from equating those nine robed cowards from Druids.

          My dogtags say my religion is “Ortho Druid.” The abbreviation seems to imply my religion was some kind of insecticide. In that case, we Druids would be inclined to use that insecticide against the pestilence that’s invaded our fair nation.

          Those nine robes are not occupied by actual Druids.

          • pyrodice

            It’s orthopedic, f you put your foot down.

          • Bren

            Druid is a misnomer. Druids are the holy secrets the “keepers of the Druids” keep.

            Or so my grandma McDonnall told me as a lad.

        • KenK


          First we should ask why the Court punted on the Texas suit. The answer is that SCOTUS wanted a different suit that was closer to Bush v. Gore, since it has fears of giving the states too much power over each other; this is nonsense, but the court did not want to be seen as politicized, especially with its new members appointed by Trump being under scrutiny. They got bullied, in other words. Texas obviously has an interest in the election being fair, since Texas is also ruled by the president, and if that president is chosen by fraudulent means, Texas is being dominated by other states, unfairly. However, the Court was not thinking about that, but how the decision could be expanded to become a state-versus-state version of the Fourteenth Amendment — you now see why this one has to be replaced by something clearer saying “be fair, taking into account the unequal status of all participants by nature of who they are” even though that would abolish Obergefell v. Hodges — where Texas says, basically, the some other state is not doing things to Texas standards, so they must adhere. That would come into conflict with some other amendments, so the Court had reason to doubt, and when it can avoid a complex matter, it does. It basically sent back a little note telling Trump how to refile his case so that it would not clash, eliminating objections from the Left; this is an exercise in compromise, but also in avoiding making overly-broad decisions which will be misapplied at lower levels. Summary: SCOTUS punted on a procedural matter, asking for the suit to be refiled. This is being done. My cynical side says that the Court wanted to keep Leftists from burning down America over the weekend, since lots of buildings will be empty.

      • NotYetInACamp

        Supreme Court allowed legislative action by the Executive branch in most of these states. So have the separation of powers been abandoned.
        SC should use its authority now or soon. Or they will be treated as President Jackson treated and ignored them or more.
        The violation of the Constitutional rights of the voters of those states and the nation may just be remedied by the executive branch.
        All elections must now have votes cast on one day (Military and legitimately unable to attend for valid reasons to be worked out). ID required in all voting. (Signatures and witnesses for all absentee allowed).
        All ballots shall be counted by hand in front of all available party witnesses. All counting of ballots shall be videoed and possibly streamed. All ballots shall have a secure chain of custody, with various party representatives as witnesses and police, to the county election office where the counting will be repeated.
        All ballots will be secured with constant recording of their repository outside and in until a future time to be determined.
        Use appropriate federal forces and national guard as needed. The goal is transparency and truth. Follow the laws and follow the US Constitution when it is superior to laws.
        Get wonks and honest lawyers (or at least good ones) to advise as to the best course, but get to the goal of honest elections.
        Details can be worked out better than the statewide absentee ballot drops were worked out.
        Easy peasy. A transparent election.
        Start with the Georgia Senate runoffs.

        Then the US Supreme Court can render an opinion that won’t make them worry about themselves or their children and relatives
        We are still not completely cartel run. (There are many cartels.)
        Mo muss. No Fuss. Just an election run honestly. And no separation. (I can think how some will yell and demand some entitlement or the other.)

    • interventor

      I wouldn’t abandon the SCOTUS building. Fill it with competent conservatives, yes! DNC HQ would make a nice hotel site.

  • Stan

    Yeah, where’s Missouri? We’re right in the middle of all this.

  • You forgot Missouri. We would have all of the Gulf State seaports plus energy production and most of the food. Should be fun!

  • GWB

    While the enlightened elite are certainly trying to drive this train, don’t be fooled. The education system has already indoctrinated the vast majority of Americans – of all colors – into progressivism. It’s the electorate that’s powering this train, and they all believe a lot of things that they shouldn’t – even so-called conservatives. And it’s worse the younger they are.

    Even with a “civil separation” – or an un-civil one, for that matter – our remaining republic will be full of people who believe progressivism to some extent. It’s not that there are termites in the house. It’s that the owners of the house are keeping termites as pets.

    The only way to change the direction is to indoctrinate and evangelize the proper morals and civic thought that can restore self-government and the proper balance of individual-family-community-government.

  • Browncoat

    Conservatives can survive quite easily without Progressives/Liberals.
    Not so the other way around…

    Sheriffs and militias… I like the sound of that.

  • Dastardly Dan

    Someone with the ability needs to make this into a flag and 6×6 inch stickers, sold in volume, that can be slapped up everywhere

    • Paladin

      Kind of like what Bands slap all over telephone poles, and such advertising what bar they are playing at that coming weekend. Could turn into a “Who is John Galt?” kind of thing? I like it.

    • John D. Egbert

      See my comment re Cafe Press upstream. And they are probably not alone . . .

    • The image is free, drag it off onto your desktop, print it up, I don’t care.:)

      • JTC

        How many entrepreneurs, historians, thinkers, artists, and renaissance men freely give the product of their efforts?

        Only ones who can also add Patriot to their list of descriptors. Thanks CM.

        • Chris Muir

          Well, I did steal it from Ben Franklin…;)

          • JTC

            Yeah I was talking about him. You thought it was you? C’mon man… 😀

      • Browncoat

        I’m from Louisiana so I’m ‘represented’ but it would be nice if you could revise to include the ‘Show Me’ state. The more the merrier…

  • My Way or -->

    Strange days we’re in…. I used to take home any novel in my school library that was based in historical context. I once told my history teacher that I thought we were falling into the same disastrous decay that doomed the Roman Empire. She said she thought we were already there. That was so long ago it seems like yesterday now… and here we are…. but this march into -(whatever these morons think they want)- is faster. The Empire didn’t have instant communications like we do.

    Stalin at least waited until he knew for sure that Lenin was dead.

    Well, when you have two generations (not mine or yours) that are nothing but spoiled brats who think the world owes them a living but they can’t get jobs, and now we have a dictatorship started by sucking up to a bug you can’t even see, then you understand Hanlon’s Razor: “never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”.

  • Blue States can indeed hiss off. They can leave; I’ll hold the door.
    But this is my nation, and I refuse to abandon it.
    Full stop.
    Eric Hines

  • max wyeth

    Hey ! As a Missourian I resent our absence . Only three counties in the entire state went for the Chinese guy.

    • Sorry ’bout that, but this was based only on the ones who joined the Texas lawsuit at the time I drew it. Ohio, Missouri, others joined since then!

  • Richard

    You left Missouri (who joined the suit off the list) but added Alaska (who didn’t join)

    • Don in AK

      Richard, Alaska DID join. For some reason most outlets did not pick up on it. But our Governor had a press release detailing our reasons for joining and the importance of it.

  • Kentuckysnapper

    Where the he11 is Kentucky? Is 2/3 red not good enough?

    • Christopher Ryan Johns


  • Halley

    Blue Meanies have a final solution – yes, they crave their one-party totalitarian State, but the dark intent that drives them even more than that is to punish, steal from, and eventually kill the creators and makers, the productive and innovative, anyone who is proudly self-reliant and free. They would soon be invading the Red States to accomplish this goal.

    • eon

      That was pretty much my point. Bullies will bully. It’s how they affirm themselves. And they can’t be “reasoned” out of it.

      People who believe that the world is a zero-sum game that they are determined to win do not believe in, or practice, “live and let live”.

      clear ether


  • JTC

    Nothing says the CCAR (Constitutional Confederacy of the American Republic) redraw the lines..Cali for instance is more than half red, give them the part that is not and add to their hive of villainy with the prisoner exchange I mentioned above, employ the methods of their beloved Fidel by emptying our midst of the thugs and educators and aliens that belong to them in exchange for the oppressed and trapped citizens that belong to us…

    It works for Korea, why not us? They are the Loko Noko’s and we are the South, then as now. But this time we are prepared to defend from incursion by civil and/or other means as needed.

    Man up boys and girls.

    • Kafiroon

      Kurt Schlichter’s novels were based pretty much on that concept and I believe that may have some basis to continue to live together on this continent without “Kill Them All and let God Sort Them Out”.

  • NotYetInACamp

    If we would have applied the law or US Constitution, over time, we would have had less non citizens in the nation, and a less Democrat votes. This invasion fostered in various ways has been a long term part asymmetric war against the USA by many parties.
    Reference the past 3 Chinese Defense Ministers, Asymmetric Warfare by two Chinese colonels, Democrat statements, statements by the past many Mexican Presidents and in their schools, the Muslim Brotherhood, Sharia practitioners, US university professors, most of the traditional EU leadership, Franklin School, and more,

    • Halley

      .. and we’re still not sure PDT didn’t even carry New York State.
      +7,000,000 millions votes wiped, switched or stolen is quite the heist..

    • JTC

      I didn’t forget you Pam…see my comment just above at 12:46. Like a lollipop that hits the ground, break off the dirty part and keep on sucking the good. Cali is the most prominent example but as I said there are many patriots trapped behind enemy lines; in some cases they can eliminate their oppressors and take back the reins of their state, but when that is not possible as in CA, NY, and others give them the spoils and we will take the good by micro-separation or relocation.

      • Pamela

        JTC~ Were my ancestors, who were here in California before it became a Republic and a State, alive today they would be having a necktie party after a speedy trial for the traitors to the State and the Nation. Plus they never would have voted for any of the pox -ridden asswipe orifices in the first place.

    • JTC

      Beautiful. Thank you for linking that.

      God help us to live the song’s entreaty…

      We’ll carry on the legacy, like we’re made of stone.

      But I don’t really want to see the video of this one.

  • Blackrifle081

    The New Republic should be run from Texas. As Austin Houston Dallas San Antonio and El Paso have been turned into enclaves of stupid and handed over to the opposition, I say Waco, Fort Worth, or the historical precedent of Independence Texas would be a good location to start from. (Unless some underused grazing land off the DD Ranch is available…)

    • Halley


    • JTC

      Well that is a tortured pile of shit about how sorry they’ll all be when shit goes to shit, taking us with it…who the fuck cares at that point if they are so sad and sorry?

      And equating the innocence of a blue-eyed baby with all of that sorry dark evil shit as a sympathetic gambit…what the fuck is that???

      But then…then some hidden hand of logic and reason and hope and resolve takes over and writes those last three paragraphs for him. Could have just done the TL;DR review and cut that crap down to just that, and I’d be praising and agreeing without all of my own wordy superfluous shit getting in the way.

  • Island Richards

    You forgot Wyoming, the reddest state in the states.

    • Bren

      You’ll have to clean out the state capital. Wyoming politics puts Texas’ ol’ boy network to shame.

  • Hotrod Lincoln

    Two of Frederic Douglass’ “boxes of freedom” are broken beyond repair. The dems have stolen the ballot box, and the Supreme Stupid has emasculated the power of the jury box. “Lock and Load”!

  • Roland Burgess

    Everybody FORGETS Missouri, But the Truckers. Almost all traffic east or west goes over those 3 bridges at St.Louis.

    • JTC

      Already called for AW to be AG. He’s not a lawyer but that’s a feature not a bug.

  • Chris Muir

    The sun’ll come out
    So ya gotta hang on
    ‘Til tomorrow
    Come what may
    Tomorrow, tomorrow!
    I love ya tomorrow!

    • JTC

      Tomorrow is the day and you as usual seem to have inside information…

      …I like that tune so far.

    • Henry

      But tomorrow is always a day away. 🙁

  • Dave

    Many of us would want NC to be part of that republic.

  • Bob S.

    You forgot Idaho! One of the most conservative states?

  • Dave Night

    As Krisanne said, I’m not in favor of succeeding, let’s Expell THEM.
    Then we could accept new states like Liberty and Jefferson.

  • Mark

    Secession, while it may feel good to talk about, is not the answer. To secede would be to abandon all the good red folks in blue states to an intolerable fate. In 2022, Congress, in 20204, the White House! The Blues will overreach because it’s what they do, then voters will swing back.

  • CharliePATpk

    I’m going to have to move….


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