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  • JTC

    I have committed to another round of pay-for-play if needed, BigHenry has committed to join me. We played a little poker before, raising the bid and the pot in increments of dead presidents, ending in a draw with 160 from each of us into the coffers of DBD…

    Here’s the plan: If the red bar doesn’t touch the 2 in 2016 by 6/21, the game is on and all ya’ll are welcome to sit in. It’ll be fun and the cause could not be more deserving and important. Everybody plan ahead and set a little dough aside to play. Ante is at 8 p.m. edt on 6/21!

    And if you can make a regular payment before then, by all means do…150 gets you into the Double Down club door; either way, hope to see all the regulars and all you lurkers too, at the DD grand opening soiree!

    • Ante is at 8 p.m. EDT on 6/21

      My calendar has been marked.

      • BTW, let’s also include Hamilton (along with the dead Presidents) as an acceptable increment. Alex would have made a better Pres than most.

        • JTC

          Agreed, a good man. A little too trusting in the honor of his enemies to be potus maybe…of course that might make him fit right in with today’s politicians.

        • capn

          Alex would have made a better Pres than most.

          You are aware that he was born in the caribbean islands right?
          And that he was a monarchist at heart? He wanted Washington to accept the crown. Washington to his credit refused.

          Still a Hamilton is a respectable facsimile of a dead person so why not? It’s not like he is actually worth ten Washingtons after all even if that is the denomination level.

          I learned (in my short life – so far) that income beats outlay hands down.

          support our (your?) local minarchist artist and stay safe,


  • B Woodman

    Chris, if I can pitch in another century note by EOM, does that add to what I’ve already donated and kick me up to the next level?

    • Chris Muir

      Anytime you add it gets added to your total and you get whatever level is next-but don’t break your bank guys! These things usually need a ‘push’ or two to get rolling, and some people don’t get paid ’til the end of the month, others read DBD in 2 week spurts,etc. But I may run this into July a bit like last year.
      It takes awhile. I hope!

      • Chris

        Exactly. I get paid Friday, I’ll put my annual one in then. 🙂

  • I will be at Sam/Zed 6/18/15. That much I can do.

  • Lucius Severus Pertinax

    I tossed in my 25 bucks .. the least i can do!

  • Master Diver

    Waiting for the VA check @6-17 then at least Jan-Damon, but if I can squeeze the budget I’ll try for Skye. All for the Cause! Oh yeah, I have
    jury duty this week. The State can pay for some of it!
    Now that’s Justice!

    • B Woodman

      Give ’em hell at the trial. Tie the lawyers (both sides) into knots. Don’t know what your trial is about, but keep in mind these two words, “jury nullification”. hehehehehehehe

  • billf

    OK,so I donated another $100,just to guarantee that Sam will be there another year.(Oh yeah,and for the commentary,too.)

  • B Woodman

    “Some pitch, hon, you let it all hang out.”
    “I did NOT.”

    At least, not YET.

  • RegT

    If Zed gets too feisty, Sam can always give him a bust in the mouth.

    • B Woodman

      Ummmmm. . . Yum.

  • Bad Cyborg

    OK. Done m’ part. Could only afford Naomi level but hope that helps at least a bit.

  • Well, I dropped my dime (okay, a pile of dimes). Any more right now is up to the state lottery commission but I’ll keep you in mind.

  • Chris Muir


    • JTC

      Chris, yep…or so says my pawndar.

  • Laura Butler

    How do I donate to the cause? I don’t see a credit card option.

    • Chris Muir

      Hey there, Laura! just click on the toon itself it takes you to where you select a Level,Sam, Basic, Skye, etc. If it was Skye,you Click on the yellow ‘BuySkyeHigh’ button, and it takes you to PayPal which handles credit cards and PayPal! 🙂

  • capn

    And for those who don’t trust the webiverse with their financial info there is this notice at that link >>>

    In selecting a support level, you can choose PayPal; CreditCard; Money Order; or Check. To send Money Orders or Checks, please make out amount to: Day By Day Cartoon, Inc, full address. et cetera et cetera.

    I’ll go back to my corner and be quiet now ….

  • Chris Muir

    What bugs me most is I don’t have the time doing the toon and the fundraiser and the art to truly thank each and every reader.I know your names by now when I come across them.Just know I read every. single. email. and if I haven’t responded whether here or via email, it means I have to put in the time-the luxury-of doing DBD that you make possible.

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