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  • Chris Muir

    Grammy Clinton. Note:We’re Halfway there on DBD fundraiser!

    • Actually, Chris, she already won one in ’97 for her audiobook, “It Takes a Village”. *SMH*

  • Roessel

    Even though I was unemployed for 4 months last year, during your last fund raiser, I still felt a little guilty reading your strip. Your hard work and ingenuity should be rewarded by all your readers. I’ll definitely pitch in this year.

    • Chris Muir

      I grovel! 🙂

      • Do not grovel, rejoice!

  • Chris Muir

    Foolio had too many aspects of Iffy the troll,sorry.Blame her/it/him.

    • Foolio

      Dunno who that is. If she/it/he is anything like the shits I grew up around – liberal professors’ children in a college town – you have my sympathies. They piss me off so much, and even more so because some of their traits rubbed off on me. As you can imagine, I’m short on patience.

      Sorry for snapping at you, and thanks for giving me a chance.

    • JTC

      I only bet on sure things, like my poker with TBH when the pot goes to DBD, and that Foolio was indeed Iphie.

      Foolio me once, shame on me, Foolio me twice and -ZAP!-.

      • JTC

        Of course her/it/him can prove us wrong with a c-note in the cookie jar, in which case I will publicly admit my bad and my shame and say I’m sorry. Bets on the chances anyone? 🙂

        • Foolio

          Once payday rolls around, we’ll see

          • JTC


        • waitwhat

          She’ll Get a Grammy? She is a Grammy, and a decrepit one at that!

          • Pamela

            Eh, a little bondo, some fine grit sandpaper, a little ppg 1084-2, clear coat and some really good wax, she’ll be as good as new.
            Just keep her out of the sun.

          • John M

            …and she’s old enough to be a Great-Grammy, if Chelsea would have gotten started earlier…
            I mean, I’m a great-grampa x 3, and I’m only a year older than she is. (and we didn’t start particularly early)

  • LifeofTheMind

    Hillary must have been an outstandingly bad lawyer, fired from the Watergate committee, not trusted to do real work by the Rose law firm where she seemed only to have served as the Governor’s graft conduit, having made prat falls in every other position from Hillarycare to Senator to SecState. She may be worse than Barry and Mooch, both of whom had to surrender their law licenses.

  • Thursday morning, expect my notification. As for Bruce, take any cell you wish. Clone it. It will grow male. Do the DNA. XX or XY? Yeah. Hitlery? She does have a taste for raw oysters, if you know what I mean.

    • B Woodman


  • Lucius Severus Pertinax

    I wish I could recall who recently said this: “Hillary is the Democratic Party’s crazy ex-girlfriend who won’t go away!”

  • B Woodman

    “Maybe Hillery’ll get a Grammy.”
    “Her first accomplishment.”

    Too late. Shrillery is already a Grammy. But it took Chelsea to accomplish that for her.

  • Bill G

    I can’t go along with an award being an accomplishment.
    Of course, it would be proclaimed so by the left.
    Just as Obola’s Nobel Prize is.
    Or the one that the Far Left Times still displays for the suck-up article about the magnificence of Stalin’s agricultural policies that was written at a time when millions were starving to death.

    • eon

      The millions starving to death due to collectivist agriculture plus Lysenkoism were probably the reason for the laudatory article. After all, the primary purpose of leftism is the elimination of “undesirables” enroute to Heaven on Earth.

      Utopia is only for the self-selected elite’ plus a few guards and slaves. Everyone else is “excess to requirements”. Besides, they really, really don’t like the rest of humanity, anyway.



      • RegT

        It wasn’t bad agricultural practices, it was intentional starvation of millions by Stalin. The Soviet state confiscated _all_ food from Ukrainian farmers who refused to collectivize.

  • Dastardly Dan

    Hillary has a number of accomplishments.

    Oh, you mean POSITIVE accomplishments!

    Sorry, my bad.

  • Spin Drift

    Peeps, we a label for the legacy pledges (Shillary and Jeeb) that has a nice catchy hook to it. I’m calling them the “Coattail Candidates.” Now if we only had Bluto in the basement to give them real names. Have at it people.

    Hold Fast

    Spin Drift

  • Hillary already has a Grammy. She won one for Best Spoken Word Recording in the late 90s I think.

  • Mj Larkins Sr

    She’s won a Grammy in 1996. Remember “It takes a Village?”

  • steveb919

    Hildabeast, How I despise you. Let me count the ways.

  • Drumwaster

    Obama also got a Grammy. TWO Grammys, in fact, beating out two other Presidents (Clinton and Carter), Maya Angelou AND Alan Alda in 2008 (that must have cause some serious liberal angst for the voters), and Garrison Keillor (his only competition) in 2006.

  • west_rhino

    Or perhaps, as with Obama, the Nobel Committee shall bestow on her a Nobel award for being less accomplished than Obama

  • Technically (according to religious law) Chelsea’s “husband” is not considered the father of her child, since the two of them sare not the same religion.

    Had Chelsea converted to Judaism, then Hillary would not be considered the grandmother of the child.

    • I presume you mean Jewish religious law. But the child is not Jewish because her mother, Chelsea, isn’t Jewish, so Jewish religious law does not apply to the child, the mother, or the maternal grandparents, none of whom is Jewish.

      • correct. However, the **father** of the baby is Jewish so Jewish religious law applies to him. That was the point that I was making. That had Chelsea become Jewish, Hilary would not have been a grammy. She is only a grammy because Chelsea and the baby are not Jewish, which means that the “marriage” is not valid.

        • According to Jewish law, Hillary is not a grammy, Chelsea is living in sin, and the baby is a bastard. But only according to Orthodox Jews who adhere to these interpretations of Jewish law.

          My point is that none of Chelsea’s blood relatives is Jewish, so the only person in Chelsea’s life who might accept that the child is a bastard, that Chelsea is living in sin, and that Hillary is not a grammy is the child’s biological father, who is, in fact, a Jewish man.

          I’ll bet dollars to donuts that he does not accept such interpretations. Unless, of course, he is a complete moron.

  • Yup, it’s me, JTC

    Out of semi-retirement since went back to the sheriff’s office and I had to take back the pawn & gun biz, and blended my jewelry, coin and precious metals activities into it, so I guess I’m back to being “the pawnbroker”.

    Wouldn’t really have chosen to go back on full-time active duty at 60, but there ya go; as in most aspects of life, you don’t always get to choose.

    Anyway, still JTC, but maybe with less fun time to piss away at DBD and a few other favorite haunts, but still, wild horses couldn’t keep me away from the big opening of the Double Down Club; looking forward to it.

    • “since old friend Tom whom I had helped set up in the business went back to the sheriff’s office…”

      Meant to go back and add that to the first comment but forgot. I’m old so STFU.

  • B Woodman

    So. I just pitched in an extra C note. I had to do it two steps, two Sam/Zed $50 levels, (no merchandise). No place to do a single $100 donation. That should take me from the Jan/David level to the Skye High (Mile High?) level (with merch, please). Any questions, you know where/when/how to reach me.
    Off to bed, need my brain sleep. (hahahahahha)

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