Day By Day


  • Merle

    shirt over eyes – VERY VULNERABLE !!!

  • formwiz

    Caves be a fare crop on the double D.

    Soon to be Triple D.

    Maybe Double F.

  • Pamela

    Like Damon would want a left leaning kink in his equipment…

  • Gotta love this stuff!

  • Pete231

    She’s well-armed and she knows where you live…………

  • Too Tall

    IIRC, the Devil didn’t fare so well in Eastwick, and Damon is up against three women who are far more competent than the three witches.

    Discretion really is the better part of valor.

    • Fronk!


    • interventor

      I suspect the joke will not go further.

  • Delilah T

    Careful, Damon. The Girls don’t need cherries and feathers to turn you inside out.

  • Tagg

    Damn! Chris sure kniws how to turn out a well turned breast. Simply beautiful.

  • rickn8or

    Tap-dancin’ on a land mine…

  • WayneM

    Like I said before, Wade would be happy…


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