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  • Too Tall

    So even android men become discombobulated and act like 12-year olds (13 in Chris’s case) in the presence of attractive android women?

  • CuriousB

    It had to happen.

  • JTC


    • Wood

      Resistance is futile!

  • Too Tall

    IIRC, young Javier programmed R200 to deliver “a fate worse than death,” which turned out to be some kind of “thermonuclear wedgie” where the perp suddenly found themselves walking on the rear waistband of their underwear.

    Poor Tucker has to write another report on another mysterious occurrence. Please, no pictures of “Zir” in that condition.

    • John

      Any field oriented LEO can empathize with Tucker.
      The stuff they see on a day to day basis would screw with anybody’s head.

  • cz93x62

    Jo looks VERY HAPPY to see R200. Love dawns on DBD. Again.

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    “They’ll live”
    There’s a non comment for ya.

    • MasterDiver

      Could be they will “live” like the protaganist in the horror story who finds a watch that tells you when you will die. He finds he will live for 70 more years, so he embarks on a series of high-risk activities, only to be involved in a flaming car wreck that renders him a blinded, mute, quadraplegic. Doomed to live 70 years as a fully conscious basket case.

      Zar Belk

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    I see even Jo calls the Black Hoodies, “PantyFa”.
    Lately I’ve taken it a step further and started calling “them” “PantyFags”. Living out here in the Rocky Mountain West, (unfortunately?) I haven’t had the opportunity to say it to anyone’s face…..yet. But give it time.

      • CaptDMO

        Saw the purple haired fat chicks “protesting” patriarchal whites on the same spot where his “Megaphone” photo was taken today.
        Pretty sure they learned the word patriarchal two days ago.
        Also, a duo of clear “knapsack wanna-be” boys, desperately trying to look “hard and serious”, but I think they forgot canteens.

  • Jay Dee

    Personally I think Klantifa is far more descriptive of the bunch.

    • WayneM

      Oh, I like that!!

    • GWB

      Given the video we’ve seen of them disrespecting black police officers, and the testimony of that black Portland officer, I think you’ve nailed it with that one.

    • ExNuke

      I lean more towards “New Klux Klan” for the anti first amendment types.

    • John

      And dovetails nicely with the “Whiteness” bullshit the commies are pushing.
      The more I find out about these bozos the more NSDAP they seem to be.

  • Shame, that. So long as they were rendered, in some fashion, unable to forget their mistake.

  • GWB

    “They’ll live.”
    Well, that’s unfortunate.

  • Pamela

    R200~ Dude you look totally drained of energy.
    Someone get him a steak. And a bucket of beer.

  • JavaMan

    Not to spoil anyone’s fantasy, but….

    It occurs to me that, since Jo is an andriod, that unless Javier has cracked some special computer code that can generate emotions, she may simply be mimicking the reactions/actions of those women she’s been hanging with when they get an outcome in their favor. Even if Javier has cracked that code, it would still be that software driving the reactions … mimicking, again, if you will.

    Still, it would be pretty awesome even if it were just very credible mimicry. Other than the chill, I probably wouldn’t turn down a hug from Jo…

    • Pamela

      Just watch out where she puts her hands. Some things are meant to be frosty…Snowman. Beer. A Mug of Root Beer with Ice Cream.

    • Punta Gorda

      “mimicking the reactions/actions of those women she’s been hanging with”

      Is that not how social mores are learned among cohorts?


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