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  • Nancy Sinatra, eat yer heart out….

  • Too Tall

    An election campaign a man can get behind….

    • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

      Or in front of. Either view is good.

      • Sam is a VISION from either direction!

        Zar Belk!

    • JC & Kali

      Brilliant strip.

  • JTC

    Love it…but flipping off the town council mask thing won’t git ‘er done.

    I’d leave out the chew and keep the matches; we are going to have to burn this motherfucker down.

    Are ya ready boots? Start marchin’!


    • JTC

      Well shit…

      CRA! CRA! CRA! CRA! CRA!

      • Wood

        CRS! CRS! CRS!

        • JTC

          True Dat! 🙂

    • steveb919

      I liked CSA better.

      • Right idea, and definitely right for its time. Confederates are still good now too. Problem is with the states…not limited to that anymore; the reasons for burning shit down are the same but different. less regional. And a Republic is not bound by borders.

        Confederated Republic of America. The CRA.

  • Lucius Severus Pertinax

    “Bring her back!!” Love it 😉

  • JTC

    Did I mention that little shirt ‘n boots outfit is HOT?

    “Bring her back!”

    The booty chick or the union?

    I’ll take the former; the latter is fatal.

  • Pamela

    Can Sam do some clogging on some idget heads….
    Maybe some Boot Scoot Boogie

  • RHT447

    Those boots need to start with Dominion…just sayin’.

    • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

      Treat any and all Dominion “voting” machines as enemy. Shoot at will, from a distance if possible, and destroy. MAKE the vote counting be done by hand.

  • Mike-SMO

    Does she actually still believe in “elections”. Nice campaign action but disqualified by her delusions. Maybe some traditional rope work…… Just sayin’.

  • Son Of A Valkyrie

    Dahyam, Sahm! That’s all I gotta say.

  • Zekesmom

    Um, what’s an Austin-based council doing in a small border town?

  • Zekesmom

    What’s an Austin-based town council doing in a small border town?

    • Wood

      Infecting it.

  • Paladin

    I think the CA recall was the litmus test for “Free & Fair Elections”. We will never win another election. They will lie, cheat, steal with reckless abandon. Because they face no consequences. When they are called out on it; they will just smirk and shrug. Then go about their business as usual. Like a 200 lbs gorilla. “So? What are you going to do about it? …. “As I thought, nothing!” All hope is lost.

    • No black pilling here.

      • LysanderSpoonerWasRight

        Huh? Paladin is 100% right. Keep voating hardur though, you’ll get ’em in ’24!!

    • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

      “If the law does not protect me from thee, it equally does not protect thee from me”.
      That time is here and now. Time to break out the “precious metals” and hemp. Pick a target and come out dancin’.

  • DogByte6RER

    And in other sports news … Chants of ‘F*ck Joe Biden’ rain down from NASCAR stands during interview with Talladega winner; NBC Sports reporter attempts lame spin and cover-up of the chants as she interviews the winner.

    • Switching to direct dissidence, yes. As predicted.
      The next step is a half-assed crackdown, after which chants will stop, but “utterly impossible for any cool person to support the government” effect will increase. A fast train to USSR of 1980s, if you are lucky.
      My own prediction: this will accelerate greatly after the first lame a spin like this becomes an opening for some really catchy joke.
      The end of this ride is described by Voynovich:

      Naidenovich reacted on this mention furiously:
      — Ah, those “People’s-Will”-ers! Ah, that Perovskaya! If I lived back then, I’d strangle her with bare hands.
      Then I couldn’t help but speak up:
      — You are slandering yourself. You would not go strangle Perovskaya.
      Naidenovich got excited even more.
      — Me? Her? This scum? Who at the Tsar-Father with a bomb… I swear, would strangle without hesitation.
      — Indeed! – I said – Why get worked up this much? You know yourself poorly. At that time you not only would not strangle Perovskaya, but on the contrary, would together with her throw bombs at the Tsar-Father.
      She expected any objection but this.
      — Me? At the Tsar-father? Bombs? Do you know that I am a convinced monarchist?
      — I see that you are a convinced monarchist. Because now it’s fashionable to be a convinced monarchist. And back then it was fashionable to throw bombs at the Tsar-Father. And you of all people, with your temper, would surely end up among the bombists.
      (V. N. Voynovich, “Self-portrait: the novel of my life”)

      Now you don’t even need to wait to have that last laugh. Adjusting for lameness and train speed… imagine, if you will, a daughter and spitting image of Payal Modi, brandishing a squirt gun and proclaiming herself “a devout Confederate!!1” in ear-piercing voice.

  • TBeholder

    You are relapsing into the same old fairy tale belief. ;]
    I mean, Facehug could ban mentions of Benford’s Law for another month if asked by the same people. This can’t be as big deal as the first time, and back then it wasn’t all that hard. Thus this “easily ignored existence” feature is mutual at this point. However, the underdog can have a much harder time ignoring the weight of the overdog than the other way around.

  • be75001

    Nancy Sinatra couldn’t sing it any better!

  • Roland Deshain

    I wish Sam was a GIF so I could watch her jiggle in all the right places!

    • JTC

      Still one of the hottest music vids ever…

      But Sam’s little dance here just might have it beat…can you imagine re-enacting that with Sam and the girls of DBD in cowgirl boots?

      • Let’s see…

        Sam, Jan, Skye, Naomi, Suzy, the twins…hot shorts and halters, over the calf tooled-up pointy-toed cowgirl boots, some Stetsons…

        Chriiissss? 😀

    • steveb919

      Cheeky little devils.


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