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  • With those players, not doubting it could have played like that.

    But we got played before, and I do NOT like to be played.

  • Man in the Middle

    Michael Yon has been the most trustworthy reporter in war zones that I know of for close to twenty years now. If someone is lying about this, my guess is Yon is the one telling the truth.

    • JTC

      Referencing the seven busloads of American girls raped and killed after being denied entry to the airport.

      But I am hoping there is a voice there, of truth and not “reality”.

    • David M

      Agreed. His credibility runs deep…

      This all pisses me off so much…

    • MadCat

      Indeed. For those unaware, Yon was deeply embedded during Iraq, traveled with the troops, wrote and photographed extensively. His copyrighted photo of the Army(?) Captain carrying to safety a little girl in a bloody blanket while bent over her, whispering to/consoling her, is widely known and seen. (The little girl didn’t make it.)

  • cb

    Slightly off topic: From comments ~ The last time the Dept of Defense showed up at a crash site was Roswell. It’s all very curious. Emergency Response Says Department of Defense Has Taken Over Vaccine Shipment Crash That Shuttered Airspace

    • Kafiroon

      We should well know by now, that anything our “authorities” tell us, is just BS until we hear from some much more reliable source.

      • Mike-SMO

        This is the new scheme, do nothing. Leave the children on the bus and the dogs in their airport cages to their doom. That is what you will get when the floods, fires, or plagues come again. No need for “camps”.

        Remember, when they say they are just doing their job [just following orders], they are the enemy. Their “pensions” will be paid for by your children and grandchildren, if they survive. They are the enemy.

        Cash for that nice new house came from the blood of your future and family. They are your enemy.

        Retired from a nice office. They are your enemy.

        That long time Mayor/Representative/Senator or Member of the Chamber (pot) of Commerce (Conspiracy). Yep. They are your enemy.

        Look at the blood in Afghanistan [and Chicago]. That is your future delivered by your enemy.

        No season. No Bag Limit. Enjoy.

    • JTC

      Hmm. A year ago that might have been a legit matter of national security. And back then I would have been less suspicious about what exactly was being protected.Now they can’t give the crap away so it’s something else…

    • David M

      That is one SCARY article…

    • JTC

      Kinda the dude’s tag line.

  • Pamela

    Looks like they did not want an audit or a paper trail

  • Halley

    Why was The Junta, a ridiculous gang of anti-American criminals, installed against the will of We The People? If you think it was to “fix things” “do good” or “make progress”, I’ve got a bridge in Area 51 you can have half price.

    For the purposes of the Junta’s Puppet Masters, Kabul was a raging success.

    • Bill G

      Sino Joe has set up his friends in the ‘Tollybahn’ to make the 20th anniversary of 9/11/01 even bloodier than the original.
      By accident? Yeah, right.
      And about that bridge; would you consider a trade for my orange grove? At 10,000 up in the Absarokas, it’s got a great view, as well as great oranges.

      • Eh, Wot?

        Bill G > Are you living in Craig Johnson’s Longmire territory? I enjoyed the novels mucho.

        • Bill G

          Eh, Wot? > No, I’m not familiar with his work. I’ll check it out. For my part, I’m just drifting along in the State of Confusion.

  • OldGoat36

    None of this makes any sense. Why are they arming those who want to kill us? The weapons are going to Iran. Billions of dollars just poof – aid to the enemies of the US. This all has turned into Bizzaro World. Right is wrong. Lies are truth. Stealing the election is noble because they could put in a demented fool in power.

    WTF is really going on with all this? How can the leftists believe these actions will result in their gaining more power, when it is destroying the country?

    • Halley

      “WTF is really going on with all this?”

      – Mike Lindell, oddly silent (silenced?)
      – Maricopa audit, oddly silent (silenced?)
      – MDs against mRNA experiment, oddly silent (silenced?)
      – FBI/CIA/DOJ whistleblowers, oddly silent (silenced?)
      – MAGA Nation – lions not sheep, oddly silent (silenced?)

      As dark as things look now as we approach 9/11, part of me still naggingly suspects we are not really being shown or told what’s really going on in this frightful Twilight Zone world. WTF?

      • And then there’s

        -Sidney keeper of the Kraken (silenced?)
        -Pulitzer genius (silenced?)

        To say nothing of SCOTUS (silenced?)

        And the most painful of all DJT (silenced?)

      • NotYetInACamp

        Censored by various obvious and not obvious methods. Many were still maintaining their position and some upping the rhetoric. The facts have not changed. Like the silencing and limiting of communication after he unconstitutionally held election, that it was unconstitutional and the fraudulent vote count for Biden was not spoken of, denied, ridiculed, and those asserting the truth had no platforms or were attacked and silenced by various means.
        That is what war is about and how it is waged.
        It’s Asymmetric Warfare, baby. Also known as “Unrestricted Warfare” as written about in a 1990’s book by the same name written by two Chinese PLA Senior Colonels.
        The Chinese telegraph their war. Their allies and paid henchmen do as told.

    • eon

      See Things to Come (1936) and consider The Boss and Theotocopoulos (both played by [Sir] Ralph Richardson).

      They want to destroy “Evil Western Civilization”, no matter what form it takes. And then rule over the peasants in the rubble.

      Please note that even H.G. Wells’ socialist future Utopia of 2036 did not satisfy Theotocopoulos. There were too many people and not enough misery.

      Everytown in 1970 under The Boss is their idea of Heaven on Earth;

      With them as The Boss.

      Incidentally, “Everytown” is now the name of a progressive “grass-roots” effort to abolish the Second Amendment, piece by piece, city by city, state by state.

      They’re hoping nobody notices, as usual.

      clear ether


  • Bill G

    They have shown us that their chosen Exit Strategy is to create an exit wound.
    In this nation.

  • WayneM

    Scary times…

    Meanwhile up here in Canuckistan, Trudeau the Younger is starting to sound very desperate as his “snap” election (based on polls showing him poised to win back a majority) isn’t turning out as he assumed. In many of the public venues, the Little Potato is being confronted by protestors and hecklers shouting him down.

    Naturally the MSM are also panicking , raging out against citizens daring to speak unapproved opinions…

  • Buck

    I’ve been reading about the Everytown organization for years. A Bloomberg financed group of grandmothers, wives, waitresses, and other wastrels that travel from Small town to Small town and convince locals to pass local laws removing Second Amendment Rights from Citizens.
    He and Soros are druthers in arms – financing their choice on the Second Amndmnt. They got some antiSecond A. laws passed in Washington and Nevada a year or three ago. They’ve all been challenged in the courts by people of the same cloth working for proGun groups, but I’ve heard no outcomes. Same group of people, both sides of the issue. Winners both ways. It pays to be standing next to the King.

    • Henry

      Bloomberg is a serial screwup. He throws millions at totalitarian goals, and… misses almost every time.
      That law he got passed in Nevada? Dead on arrival. It passed, all right, but it was worded in such a way that it required the FBI/NICS to take some action they weren’t already taking. FBI responded, “Screw you, we don’t answer to state governments.” RIP another couple million.
      Of course, you remember all ths money he threw at his presidential run. Yup, man knows how to piss away money faster than Ken Lay, and Ken was at least smart enough to piss away other people’s, not his own.

  • interventor

    The commander on the ground at Kabul airport was the CG of the 82d Airborne Division.

  • Kafiroon

    As noted else, the question is: Who has seen anything on the rescued Americans arriving home? Loved ones greeting them? Airport scenes? Media stories? Afghanis, yes, but the 6-7,000 claimed “rescued” by our brave Resident?

    • NotYetInACamp

      Out of sight, out of mind. Censored.
      Move along. There was nothing there.


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