Day By Day


  • Quoting Paul Harvey:

    “And THAT’S the rest of the story.”

  • Interventor

    Chris, threw in a curve ball. Some sympathy for Skye, but still watch her like a Red Tail Hawk watches a mouse.

    • KenH

      Look it up between a couple other words.
      I’m fresh out of pity for the skank

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    I’m hearing a backstory. Circumstances? People involved? Reporting (or not) of the rape? We’re seeing the long term consequences.

    • Long term consequences indeed.

  • Merle

    Didn’t see this one coming, but it sure explains some of her behavior……

    • GWB

      It sure doesn’t explain anyone else’s behavior, though.
      And, other people who’ve been through the same certainly didn’t act out in that way.

      It might be an explanation, but it certainly excuses nothing.

      • Swansonic

        I think it explains Sam’s willingness to forgive Skye so easily, knowing the trauma she went through.

        Wonder if they both went through that and Sam was able to work through it better than Skye……

        Skye does need a little more ‘tough’ in the love she is shown…..

  • Bill M

    That darn Chris. He always has a curve ball. Rape at 13 cries out for more explanation. Psychological reaction to such a situation can help explain some of the reasons behind why she is as she is. But will Chris spill the beans or dribble the story out bit by bit, piece by piece, driving us nutz trying to figure out the twist and turns of Skye’s mind? Only The Shadow knows…..

    • JackDeth 72


      “Slowly I turn. Inch by inch. Step by step.
      Drawing ever closer to… NIAGARA FALLS!”

      *The Three Stooges*

      • Kafiroon

        “”Slowly I Turned” is a popular vaudeville sketch wherein a character is relating a story and is … Abbott and Costello performed the “Pokomoko” version in their 1944 film Lost in a Harem, and later did a “Niagara Falls” version for their early ‘ 50s …”
        Watched Lost in a Harem Sat.

        • eon

          Let’s see if I can remember this correctly;

          He said “Buffalo”.


          So slowwwly I turned

          And I

          I hit ‘im an’ I bit ‘im an’ I knit ‘im an’ I slit
          An’ I knocked ‘im to da floor

          ‘e rolled an’ ‘e polled an’ ‘e boled an’ ‘e folled
          An’ I scolded ‘im som’ more

          An’ e’ promised dat day,

          dat e’d nevr’ say

          “Buffalo” enn-ne-morrrr

          Very silly old music hall routine one of my uncles saw in England before D-Day. It sounds best sung at about 3/4 time.



  • Our history is why we are now who we are.

  • Pamela

    No matter the age when it happens, scars always remain. Finding your way back takes time. Not allowing it to define who you are as a person. Not allowing the branding of always being a Victim. Choosing to be a Survivor takes work.

    It’s a damn club with too many members when there should never be any.

    • NotYetInACamp

      I have heard the stories and the emotions of way too many members in that club. For some reason I have been found to be a comfort later on. I have heard more than I ever desired to hear. But I believe that it was necessary for me to hear such. I have been told that I can have a healing effect.
      Also, when a priest friend and I ran the Catholic youth organization for a number of years, we (possibly successfully) taught our kids to behave better and to avoid anything that felt wrong. So far as I could know, none of our people were victims or perpetrators.
      Would that the world did not have cultures, societies and belief structures that demanded such behavior. Those are enemy.

      • Pamela

        I spent 20 years listening for the transition from Victim to Survivor. It is never a dramatic shift. You don’t hear the chains drop.
        Or hear a heavenly chorus. Its the letting out of a breath long held.

        • John Trauger


          I think it’s like that with any kind of abuse.

          • eon


            clear ether


    • Agreed, but there are the pessimists, the optimists, and the pragmatists. I leave it to you to read this and understand.

  • WayneM

    I did not see that one coming. Well done!!

    • JackDeth 72

      I’m with you, Wayne.

      Trying to wrap my head around that.

      Don’t know whether to pop some corn and absorb the airing of dirty family laundry,

      Or cast an outsider’s vote toward Naomi and her desire to slap a Tracking Device or Ankle Bracelet on Skye.

      • John D. Egbert

        Perhaps decanting some corn would be in order, also.

  • Mike Mulligan

    Aren’t we all jumping to our own conclusions without the benefit of more info?

    • Matt

      Yes – and that is the beauty of the conversation – figuring out how we will question our assumptions!

  • Browncoat

    My late wife was raped 40 years ago. I’d still like to put a bullet in that bastard. If it weren’t for the grandkids I might.

    • Pamela

      I’m more of the beat them to a pulp, then cut it off so they end up having to pee sitting down and toss it to the wolves kind of person.

      My condolences for the loss of your Lady.

  • Doggo

    Judge Moore! What have you been up to?

  • JBubba57

    Was it by an ugly older sister, one starring in a left-loved worthless tv show, who later wrote a book celebrating the event? Not that that would ever happen in real life, you know.

  • GruntGI

    So once again, we find that these characters have some real issues (must be why they draw such impassioned responses) and reactions to them.

    It would explain a lot…after all, Sam and Skye were brought up in the same household, so why did they turn out so differently?

    Now we may know, Skye had a traumatic event, AND, most importantly, has never found a good alpha male like Zed to help her through it and feel loved again.

    Remember, he could have walked away after getting Sam pregnant, but he stayed and did the right thing and now has a HAWT wife that loves him (even if her decision making ability is sometimes flawed) and two great kids.

    Skye, sadly, has never found a good man…although Tucker is still around 🙂

    Maybe that’s all she needs.

    Oh, and it does explain the whole Skye transformation into Sam’s clone…she wants what Sam has…and she could still get it if she stays on her current path.

    Stay tuned.

    • Love your thinking here.

  • GruntGI

    Thought y’all would find this interesting…not only is Chris a MASTER artist of the female form and a good story teller, he appears to be strangely prophetic:

    “What we can tell you is that this little guy appears to have more personality than all its predecessors. In the video, it effortlessly trots on screen and then pauses to consider the viewer. Even without anything that looks like a dog’s head or even eyes, it’s a thrilling robotics moment (and perhaps a bit chilling too).”

  • PaulS

    And the engineer minded older sister did not assist in a fitting end for the perp? Juries have handled pleas of “they needed kill’n” from time to time for heinous offenses.

  • JTC

    PaulS, we don’t really know as to the perp’s “fitting end”…remember who Daddy is. :]

    Seems what Chris has done is draw a distinct line between the effects on Skye and the way her life has played out and more importantly is playing out going forward…

    …to compare and contrast to the maelstrom in hollowood and media wherein “victims” kept quiet for decades while it was in their best interest (just as most often the incidents themselves were quid pro quo), and now in their waning years of “celebrity” they have another shot at the spotlight, some sympathy, and maybe even some money.

    The difference is between real-life tragedy that can have lifelong deleterious and even fatal effects on real people as opposed to career opportunities for the plastic people and whores whose entire lives are about playing a role.

    • JTC

      And bet that leftist politicians of the D and R varieties alike are taking note of this powerful tool that without the need for messy things like proof or due process are instantly destroying people and careers.

      They see a path to bypass all of that *and* the will of the people to alter the balance of power and ensure their own agenda and perpetuation. The dude from Bama might or might not be a POS but if the Mc’s succeed in blocking his election or the dims succeed in withholding his seat if he is duly elected?

      Then the process of elections and the basis of the Republic are moot and done.

      • GruntGI

        Well, hell, it’s even worse than that…how many of these pitchfork wavin’ lefties, especially the harpies, excused Fat Teddy Kennedy? Who ACTUALLY left his mistress to die?

        How many of these uber-feminists gave Bill Clinton a pass because he supported abortion? I recall one mindless lefty harpie saying she would personally blow him as long as he kept abortion legal.

        I mean it kinda seems like ol’ Roy liked the YOUNG ladies a bit too much…but what the hell? So did Anthony Weiner…and the left was gonna let him off the hook except he was stupid enough to sext with his babes and leave a (yuck) trail, so to speak.

        Seriously, it’s really sad that the bozos of our “elite” are the best we have. Shit, I bet your average sailor or soldier has more common sense and decency than all the morons on Capitol Hill.

        And I’ve had to take a few sailors to Captain’s Mast in my da and I’d still trust them with my daughter more than Harvey Weinstein. If I still had a daughter.

        • MasterDiver

          The problem seems to be that the best people for the job are too smart to get roped into it.
          We need to repeal the 17th Amendment and let the States appoint their Senators, Serving in the House should be like jury duty. Representatives should be randomly selected from the pool of registered voters, and serve for two years. NO retirement plan, NO repeat terms, NO career politicians. You serve your term, and then with a great sigh of relief, go home to jour job and family. Live in US Government quarters, like the military. In fact, treat it like a deployment. No family or dependents. No need for a “second home” in DC. Be paid at a rate @ O-4/O-5. Eat in the DFAC or O-Club if willing to pay extra, and have drinks available. Off-post meals would be paid for out-of-pocket. Governing should not be fun, it should be an unpleasant civic duty.

          • GruntGI

            This x1000

            Why I like this…they would have to LIVE with their decisions, unlike our current overlords.

            Well done sir.

          • GWB

            While I generally concur with the sentiment, I would not to strip fathers and mothers away from their children for th two years of a Representative’s term. That seems rather harsh. (And more likely to create gov’t drones, in the long run.)

          • Brasspounder

            Fantastic idea, and it’s a shame that it’ll never happen. I remember watching a session of the House early in the history of C-SPAN. One of the representatives read a letter from a constituent, the gist of which dealt with his questioning the need for a second residence in DC. Why doesn’t the government just build a congressional BOQ, he asked, where elected officials could live as military officers do? Oh-ho-ho. Our Good and Faithful Servants® treated that as one of the funniest things they’d ever heard.

  • John Trauger

    Even as Skye has pivoted away from her leftist roots, I felt no sympathy, only suspicion that it was a phase she’s going through. Something she puts on to make herself feel better and will discard again when it fails to do so.

    This actually got some sympathy.

    Sam’s co-dependence of Skye also finally makes some sense. Sam still sees the 13-year-old.

    But what do you do when you feel sympathy for someone but aren’t safe within 100 miles of them?

    • gruundehn

      John, I agree with you about Sam. The incident does explain her behavior towards Skye. Both need some help growing up past the incident.

  • Brad

    To be a good husband to a childhood victim, of ANY traumatic event, takes a lot of patience and a lot of love. I know from experience. Having been a victim of a couple of life altering things myself, while certainly not good in themselves, enabled me to be far more understanding of the consequences of the traumas in my wife of forty-three years thus far. It’s vital that we take all the good available out of bad experiences and leave the bad behind.

  • JTC


    I guess you missed GruntGI’s comment upthread at 10:10 a.m. linking to this very cool and slightly disturbing development.

    • JTC

      Maybe a case of “great minds link alike”? 🙂

  • Drew458

    I don’t buy it. At all. Nope. And not sorry. The only way she was “raped” was if the older guy she did her damnest to seduce then bone rode till he was raw, tattled on her or she otherwise got caught, then did the typical lie to “protect my honor”.

    Rapes happen. Certainly. And they are highly traumatic. And the perps need to hang.


    There are now, and have been for many many years, young teen girls who are going to get laid come hell or high water and they want an older guy, no ifs ands or buts. 16 is “immature”; they want a guy in his early 20s. And they will get him. It matters not that this is an act of rebellion, independence, or whatever. Society and advertising are not to blame. That’s a cop out. And we as a society REFUSE to admit that females of that approximate age are a) sexually aware, b) sexually active, c) sexual predators, d) capable of making decisions concerning their own bodies or even giving consent. We have blinders welded to our faces.

    Skye falls into the later bracket. If she’s a “victim” it’s because she can use it to her advantage at her convenience. The “race card” is worn out. Now it’s the “rape card”.

    Maybe Muir is jumping on the#MeToo bandwagon because sex abuse is this season’s hot topic. Fine; that’s kind of what a social commentary cartoonist should be doing. The Hollywood witch hunt has now gone political, and I was out of sympathy with nearly all of it long before that. The entire entertainment industry – film, music, TV, sports – has been Lay To Play for many decades. It sucks, it’s wrong, but there it is. So you don’t go to Hollywood unless you’re willing to sleep your way up the ladder of success, male or female. And all these accusations coming out 30-50 years after? STFU you millionaire hypocrite.

  • Jak

    Agirl that young CAN NOT giv e her consent. You would have to ask her parents. That’s because our society decided that children did not possess sufficient judgement to make such a decision. and the predators prove they were right.
    And all the victims are not female. Ask the Catholics. Hell ask anyone.
    There are 8-10 year olds that want that 20 year old every bit as much as the 16 year old. Where do you come down on that? Come on it’s your fantasy. Look in the mirror and tell yourself you’re not a sicko.
    Even if she says yes it’s rape just as if she said no

    • nonncom

      My 13 year old daughter carried a condom….so much for sex education, seduction of older males, and the age of consent….hey, at least she paid attention…./sarc….and no, I did not approve, but try to put the cat back in the bag….seems there are always at least two sides…..Skye seems to fit in the one where she knew what was what, and got exactly what she wanted….

  • Unca Walt


    Two good, yet totally conflicting points. I am going to side with Jak on this for one salient reason that Drew458 has missed:

    It isn’t simply about age. There is no “magic” in a single day; the day the girl turns “legal”. Nope. It is education and the lack of it.

    Vague, Biblical imprecations and essentially zero physical information… this loads the dice against young people. They NEED to see pregnancies. Placentas. Baby care requirements. Financial problems. SOCIAL problems. Results of just following urges.

    But what DO they see instead in today’s weird society? You all know damn’ well what they see. Steamy Hollywood “How To Do It” in half the movies. Sex without consequence. Sex without meaning.

  • FFastone

    Maybe she lit the fuse, but when the time came she said “NO”! But, the QB said “YES”! It happens an awful lot in this world we live. If that happened, it could and should be considered rape. Because, NO means NO. I am the father of 2 girls. I was also a teen that was shut down on sexual advances. So, I’m not saying I didn’t want to have sex. But, when a girl said no, I respected that decision, no matter how close it was to happening, we even called it “scoring” when I was young. Why because I was taught at a young age to truly respect women. Now I would agree with the peanut gallery that a great deal more education needs to happen, by parents. Good luck with that one as many don’t understand what should even be taught. Much of the music that is listened to is all about SEX, SEX, SEX! Especially much of the Rap music genre that is sexually explicit. Does it help to escalate teen pregnancy, rape, unwanted sexual predators?