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  • JTC


    Drew458 wrote an amazingly articulate if harsh speculative commentary at the end of “yesterday’s” toon. And it seems to have been dead-on with the direction Chris is taking this.

    Very thoughtful, and in many ways very accurate. If you didn’t, go back and read it. Don’t remember seeing him around here before, but I hope he stays. Excellent.

    • JTC

      One thing Drew is completely wrong about is Chris jumping on the #MeToo BS bandwagon. Quite the opposite I think.

      • JTC

        Chris is actually drawing a very distinct line between the ignorance and innocence of youth and its lifelong impact, as opposed to the avarice of willing participants in the “lay to play” entertainment biz that Drew mentions, who are now parlaying that decades-old play into pay.

    • JTC

      But here’s where he’s right…

      “The “race card” is worn out. Now it’s the “rape card”…

      …The Hollywood witch hunt has now gone political, and I was out of sympathy with nearly all of it long before that. The entire entertainment industry – film, music, TV, sports – has been Lay To Play for many decades. It sucks, it’s wrong, but there it is. So you don’t go to Hollywood unless you’re willing to sleep your way up the ladder of success, male or female. And all these accusations coming out 30-50 years after? STFU you millionaire hypocrite.”

      He forgot to include media in that list of “entertainment” participants in this giant farce, but that little blurb is otherwise f’ing brilliant!

  • Merle

    The plot unfolds……

  • Too familiar a story to too many people.

  • WayneM

    Sibling rivalry gone wrong… 🙁

  • eon

    I remember “Sex Ed’ when I was in high school (1972-76).

    First was a septuagenarian lawyer who basically told the girls “If boys see you dressed ‘provocatively’ they are going to Get An Erection, which is a Bad Thing”.

    Then was a guidance counselor who looked like Darren No. 2 on Bewitched, who talked to the boys mainly about “ladies of the evening” and why it was a good idea to avoid them. He was rather embarrassed when I asked questions about typical current prices, etc.

    (NB: Never try to BS a 16-year-old who reads the newspaper every day. That goes double for one who had been reading police procedurals like Ed McBain’s “87th Precinct” stories since he was 4.)

    The only thing worse and more useless than “Sex Ed” was none at all. One of my bitch aunts fought tooth and nail to keep it out of the local schools in her demesne. When her 17-year-old granddaughter got knocked up as a result of having no idea what sex entailed other than distorted biblical exhortations against You Know What, she naturally blamed her granddaughter for “sinning”.

    I asked her, “If she went out and wrecked a car because you wouldn’t let her take Driver Ed, would that be her fault, too?”

    It was the only time I saw that “female” speechless.

    It surprised me. I had expected her to say “Yes!”.

    clear ether


  • bill3542

    i remember back in the day (1976 ) that we had a few stupids who pulled a train with the football team. didn’t have cell phones so it was the racy polaroid camera pics.

  • GruntGI

    So I really try to live by only two major sex ed lessons I was able to learn from OTHER people’s mistakes:
    * Never stick your dick in crazy
    * Never screw ANY chick when she’s drunk. Unless she’s your wife and tequila makes here clothes fall off…then it’s a DAMN good night

  • nonncom

    So, was it rape because Skye seduced the senior quarterback?….Eddie Murphy had an explanation for being a 17 year old male….”My dick got hard when the wind blew”….and, as the late, great Robin Williams noted, God did not give man enough blood to use both heads at the same time….

  • PaulS

    So this was statutory “rape”?
    More a case of underage sex it would seem. Throwing out the “rape” term, which implies use of force against an unwilling participant, is irresponsible when dealing with something defined by dates on a calendar. Sam knows Skye was doing it to gain popularity, perhaps she harbors some guilt, even if irrational, because it is her little sister after all.

    • MAJ Arkay

      We don’t know how old the quarterback was. He could have been 18 already.

      • John

        And still in 9th grade.

  • MAJ Arkay

    Somehow I got the notion long ago that Sam and Skye were twins. I sit corrected…

  • Johnny Z

    I wonder who the pro football is now that Skye will claim raped her in high school?

  • ‘TreHammer

    Have these facts about Sam and Skye (age differenc, etc.) been presented before in earlier episodes or am I just late for the game?

    • PaulS

      I knew Skye was younger, but did not recall knowing that it was 5 years.

  • JTC

    This is not #MeToo…haven’t heard a peep from Skye about it. Maybe she recognizes the shared fault between two immature raging hormone adolescents. That’s a lot more than can be said for the ho’s staking their claims in the media.

  • FFastone

    Sorry, I posted on yesterday by accident. This was supposed to be here.
    Maybe she lit the fuse, but when the time came she said “NO”! But, the QB said “YES”! It happens an awful lot in this world we live. If that happened, it could and should be considered rape. Because, NO means NO. I am the father of 2 girls. I was also a teen that was shut down on sexual advances. So, I’m not saying I didn’t want to have sex. But, when a girl said no, I respected that decision, no matter how close it was to happening, we even called it “scoring” when I was young. Why because I was taught at a young age to truly respect women. Now I would agree with the peanut gallery that a great deal more education needs to happen, by parents. Good luck with that one as many don’t understand what should even be taught. Much of the music that is listened to is all about SEX, SEX, SEX! Especially much of the Rap music genre that is sexually explicit. Does it help to escalate teen pregnancy, rape, unwanted sexual predators?

  • Halley

    One of the many tragedies of feminism is how, having exploited and weaponized rape as ammunition in their sick war against the male species, rape has become all but impossible to discuss in a real-world way, hurting women – as feminism always does – the most. Sad.

  • Andrew Benghazi

    Reminds me of this song:

    Little Rosie had her herself a romance fit for few
    Screaming in her bed
    Tearing out the spreads
    Little Rosie covered walls with pictures of her prince

    Shining just like new
    Gracing just the few
    Now I see Rosie shivers when warm
    Burned down our dorm
    It’s dangerous for us to be around
    Rosie cut up her face
    Jumped off her base
    And sees no point in staying on the ground

    Little Rosie used to cherish favours that were asked
    She would run a mile
    With her frozen smile
    Now I hear Rosie clings to the trees
    Talks to the bees and closes up whenever he’s around

    Rosie pigtails and all runs from the ball
    Wiping off the bloodstains from her gown

    Little Rosie had her herself a roman, roman, roman, roman, roman, man,
    Romance fit for few, romance fit for few

    • NotYetInACamp

      Delta Dawn with the flower on’s sister?

  • Delilah T.

    Gee whiz, High school class president, the guy with the looks and the ‘go to’ attitude, took the class floozy to the prom instead of me. Haven’t seen him since, but then, the word got back to me that he’s regretted having to marry her ever since. But that was you ‘had’ to get married because…. stoopiddd!!

    I had some fun in the back of a pickup truck a few years later, but I had enough sense to keep my undies up.