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  • Hogman

    Seven Days in May…

    • Capn+Jack

      Beat me to it Hogman, but I almost prefer the last scene from, Fail Safe.

    • Brent+Dotson

      Good movie, better book

  • Too+Tall

    Moe, Larry, and Curly would represent a significant increase in intelligence and integrity over the three “woke” retired generals.

    • steveb919

      That is so true.

    • Barbara

      Ain’t THAT the cotton-pickin’ truth. >:-(

    • Pamela

      What about Shep? The Forgotten Stooge.
      Look out for the fourth Critter

      • JTC

        Shemp. One of the original Stooges actually, and real-life brother to Moe and Curly.

        But let’s face it, Curly was the king of the Stooges, even if he was not an original.

  • With some flexibility to the definitions of “insurrection”, generals”, “military”, and “elected”, I’m for it.

    That a ball cap on Z?

    • Kafiroon

      Looks like a Yooper snow blowing hat. Also found worn in Minnesota.

  • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    The three retired woke multi-star “orificers” may be a joke, but they still wield considerable power among their admirers, and that, unfortunately, will get people killed.

    • cb

      These ex-generals are like all left-wing experts (definition of ex-spurt: little drip). Attention getters yes, but since not on our side of the pipe ignore them.

      May each day forward bring smiles and contentment to one and all ~ Merry Christmas

      • JTC

        “Ex is a has-been, spurt’s just a drip.”

        So said my old Daddy many many times. I’m sure he was wrong about something sometime, but not that I’m aware of. 🙂

    • JR+Gierlach

      I only came in contact with Eaton, who was a political hack with all of the personal warmth of a brick. None of the officers I knew who came into contact with him reported that he was smart, or quick on the pick up.

  • Neanderthal+JSStryker

    At least the Thee Stooges were funny those 3 generals aren’t

    • The Stooges were the characters. The actors who portrayed them were consummate professionals.

      Zar Belk!

  • steveb919

    Tomorrow is the big day and I would like to say to Chris and all the folks on Day By Day to please have a Very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year. Me and my two dogs will.

  • Bill M

    A Merry and Joyous Christmas and a totally Happy New Year on all.

    Looking forward to having the entire family over for our celebration, especially my three granddaughters, ages 6 1/2, 3 1/2, and two and a half weeks!

  • Eh+Wot


    Beattie shows that what the media label an “insurrection” is almost certainly better described as a “Fedsurrection.”

  • CDR+Nortrive

    Merry Christmas ☃️ to all who read and comment on this strip. It would be on the funny pages, except it is not leftist like Doonesberry.

    • Henry

      That, and it has t*s.


      • Chris Muir

        You mean TITTEHS?

        • Pamela

          It has Bosoms of the Bountiful kind.

          • cb

            Not to be confused with kittehs =^,^=

        • pyrodice

          Nothing like a good old fashioned t* party.

    • Capn+Jack

      How can he draw that strip when he is so far left his left thumb is where his little finger belongs.

  • Who are the “retired woke generals” plotting this? Is one of them Wesley “Weasley” Clark?

    • Kent

      ” Jiggs ” Casey where are you????

  • Halley

    Somewhere out there is the perfect bombshell, perhaps resembling Sam, or Naomi, or Jo, or Jan, or Skye, awaiting her opportunity, and to her I can only say Marry Chris, Miss!

    • Chris Muir

      Yup, I got to start cruising retirement homes soon for one.

      • Heh yourself young man…

        To edit Halley’s exhortation just a smidge, let me suggest a Woman of like age and inclination, if not disposition. Not a young’un, not a granny (although many examples of each can be hot), but a good strong supportive lady to be there and be with…nothing like it.

        I’d wrap one up in a package for you if I could, problem is, this is NOT the kind of present the giver can choose, only the receiver, as only *he* will feel that electric physical then mental charge when the right one comes along, or more exactly when you get off your ass and choose the right one before you end up perusing the old ladies as a fellow resident at the Shady Rest.

        So you’ll have to settle for a song from me…love it, and a lot of truth there…but ignore that last line, got all I can handle. 😉

        Best wishes for a Happy Christmas and best hopes for the New Year and beyond to Chris and all my meatspace and cyberspace friends -and I do consider you people my friends and compatriots- here in the gallery of observers and contributors at the Double D Ranch.

  • Kafiroon

    Merry Christmas To Y’all!
    Keep your head on a swivel and a foot on the brake. I am sure they are trying to kill us out there.

  • WayneM

    Hmmm… let’s see…

    Retired brigadier-general Steven Anderson was US army’s head of logistics at the Pentagon… so the kind of wizard who though leaving billions of dollars of fully functional military equipment in Assholeistan was a good idea…

    Retired major-general Paul Eaton, deployed to train the Iraqi armed forces for the US operations is also an advisor for VoteVets, a liberal political action committee…

    Retired major general Antonio Taguba exposed the torture of Iraqi prisoners by US troops at the Abu Ghraib prison…

    Yeah, that sounds like the kind of guys who’d want to strictly review of the chain of command with service members and ferret out mutineers and guards against insurrectionists and curb the political propaganda among the military… which is code for oust anyone with an intact moral compass and/or respect for the Constitution…

    • OTOH, they could be helping us choose our Force for the CRA. 🙂

  • The most interesting part was how dinged they were that 124 retired ‘Flag Officers 4 America’ disagreed with them. So, 41::1 odds?

  • Buck

    Hope springs eternal…
    Merry Christmas


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