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  • KenH

    I can recommend several videos…

  • Fox2!


  • formwiz

    That sound you hear is coming from a little place we call The Twilight Zone.

  • JTC

    Guess y’all got different standards for feminine there in the zone, Wade…’cause those ‘roid-like ripples on Sam’s bod are freakin’ me the fuck OUT!

    Yeah yeah, I know it’s the mud, but still. Hurry up with the hoses girls, if I wanted to see you all covered up I’d rather it be in pretty little commando sundresses. 🙁

    • JTC

      Ewww! Scroll down to “Red” at number seven.

      I don’t care what the shadow knows or says, GET THE MUD OFF!

      Hey, maybe a good Texas rainstorm will come along and the girls can hand wash each other; now that’d be feminine…oh wait…well, that’d be sexy anyway. Sorry Pam and Co., no guys needed for that. But they’ll come around for the hosing later no doubt.

  • JIMV

    Two women desperately in search of a hose!

  • billf

    Chris,how do you make these cartoons look like photographs? I like them,but they look too lifelike to be blog worthy. You are a true artist!!!

    • Chris Muir

      They are photographs with the character art blended in.:)

      • Plasticman

        Then who are the models you have posing for these photographs and where can we view some of their other “work”??? Trade secret?

  • Z-man51

    Chris, love the “Looney Tunes” wide eyes in panel 4 from both Sam and Skye. Two nubile yound females clad in nothing but good ole Texas mud surprised by a man (Sam because it’s not Zed, and Skye because it is a MAN, not her usual castrated libtard accidentally having XY chromosomes) exhibiting a great “OH SHIT” response. Love it!
    One question though: in panel 2 (Sam’s word ballons are white while Skye’s are yellow) how is Sam wearing the dress she took off and smacked Skye with in the face while in panels 3 and 4 have her appearing nude and Skye wearing her dress? I know it seems nitpicking both if both are supposed to be naked then dammit I want to see both naked! Oh, one other thing: the adrenaline fight or flight rush brought on by a sudden surprise (as evidenced by ‘wide eyes’) certain other physiological effects occur. One fairly common effect is the nipple erection. This is brought on by the same involuntarily muscle contractions causing goosebumps. Adding the cooling effect of the mud drying, especially on the nipples, both pairs should be “out and proud!” The more you know…

    • Z-man51

      Ok, nust checked yesterday’s (July 1) and it definitely shows Skye taking her yellow print dress off (panel 1 taking and panel 3 off down by her feet) and Sam’s turquoise dress smacking Skye smack dab in her face (panel 3). Is this a case of the artist getting a little bit too excited drawing gorgeous’nekkid’ women? 😉

    • Chris Muir

      no dresses anywhere. there’s mud in yer eye! heh

  • Chris, you are a master brainfuck. Your stuff is nearly, no, is, beyond spot on. You’re incredible. Way worth more than I can afford.

  • Slightly off the vein, Zed is Wade.

    • WayneM

      That’s what I figure too…

  • JackDeth72

    Congratulations, Chis…

    Still sticking with the Frank Frazetta tones and shadowing. though nicely muted.

    I did not see this coming, And there is a bit of mystery as to how this situation will pan out.

    Could this all be part of a scheme from Sam?

    Pretty sure there is going to be a very polite Wade and a “Squeeeeee!” from Skye somewhere in tomorrow’s panels!

    Nicely done, all the way around!

  • Bren

    Except that Wade is dead.

    • CPQA

      It is Sam Elliot.

  • Bill G

    Zed is coming to look and sound like his father to an ever-growing extent, eh?

    • eon

      Zed + Stetson= like father, like son.

      clear ether


  • Majer

    Didn’t Yall see City slickers 2, It’s Wades twin brother.

  • Grunt GI

    Oh wow. So it does appear Pamela and the ladies are in for a treat. How will Zed (and crew?) get those poor, helpless babes out of their predicament without getting all muddy and needing a good pair of hands for a lovely feminine scrub? Hope that tank has a lot of water.

    Stay Tuned… 😉

    • Pamela

      I think a cold shower is in order. And there is a poem in there. Somewhere.

  • Halley

    Such a shame if Zed would be forced to get his hands all dirty and wrassle ’em both at the same time, devoid of garments and all slippery and such – it would be oh so very wrong…

  • LowKey

    Doesn’t “sound” like Zed to me.
    It does however seem to be the speech pattern of Zed’s buddy the Sheriff with whom Skye had a bit of a fling a while back. Maybe now that she’s starting to figure out what she wants/needs in life the two of them can rekindle things.

  • Pamela

    I don’t smoke at all, but after this is all said and done, I’m going to need a cigar and a shot of Asombroso. Whoever that tall drink of waters shadow belongs to looks to be interesting.

    • Grunt GI

      Yes I do suspect we will all need a smoke and a cold shower.

      Damn, I do bet it will be worth it.

    • Too Tall

      Reposado or Anejo?

    • JTC

      That’s right, he tweeted it! Somebody told him “tone it down” and he thought they said “double down” so he did! Quarter-million “likes” in six hours. Says he’s changing CNN from FakeNewsNetwork to FraudNewsNetwork and that his social media use is “not Presidential, it’s Modern Day Presidential…Make America Great Again!”

      We haven’t seen anything close to this dude before…it’s wild.

      • JTC

        And if you want to hear “Presidential” in real words instead of 140 characters or less, just listen to President Donald J. Trump’s 4th of July Celebrate Freedom address at Kennedy Center. Last time we heard words and sentiment and promises like that was about what, 1980-something? Just beautiful.

      • Grunt GI

        Watching Trump gaslight the media losers makes me nearly as happy as the thought of Sam and Skye getting hosed off/clean/naked/rubbed down. 🙂

        He is now officially becoming the most media savvy President ever.

        Reagan used to be the master of beating the media losers at their own game, but Trump is taking this to a whole new level.

  • MAJ Arkay

    Keep in mind that Sam Elliott has visited the ranch before…

    • Pamela

      That is true. *SQUEE*

  • Lucius Severus Pertinax

    Those EYES in panel 4 !!

  • Greg B

    Have any of you watched the Netflix sit-com series, The Ranch?
    I’m afraid Mr Elliot is starting to show his years. Either that, or he’s such a superb actor, playing a worn out old rancher, leaves the viewer without a doubt.

    • Grunt GI

      Well he is getting old, but he is very funny. His one liners are a level of snark I aspire to.

      He does weather worn very well, I think.

    • JTC

      From a review:

      “The more-conservative-than-Hollywood milieu in which the characters live is expressed by an occasional swipe at President Obama, guns and tractors, an episode set around hunting, the eating of steak and the dismissal of any male interest in personal appearance or deeper feelings as girly. Beau is wary of government surveillance and an attack by North Korea, and he dismisses global warming as “a bunch of crap Al Gore made to sell books to Californians.” While it is a perhaps less than nuanced portrait of this slice of the polity, it is on balance not a mean one.”

      Huh. Even that mildly non-PC-ness is a rarity which is why I watch so little teevee and am so un-media oriented that I haven’t seen or heard of this…never a big fan of Kutcher but I do like Sam and Debra. Going to have to check it out; thanks Greg.

  • John Trauger

    If you want a “man”, be a woman. Not necessarily the passive kind, however.

  • Merle

    I don’t know why Sam doesn’t recall that a woman CAN be both strong and feminine. After all – she is!!!

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