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  • William Henry

    Biden is more like Obi ( Tard ) Knobi.

  • OY VEY….

  • JTC

    Don’t know what’s worse, being woke from a dream or waking to this nightmare?

    Great imagery CM.

    • JTC

      Nice insightful piece, but totally misses or ignores the central and critical truth, that these “ideologies” whether woke or simply imposed, are created realities that over time and with repetition and endorsement and enforcement, become perceived as the “real” real, and perceptions therefore become the real real.

      That is what is happening all around us. Their impositions become general perceptions and the effects are as real as it gets when they start taking all of our production and using it for largesse and control, inviting unlimited others in to absorb and enjoy it, while removing or emasculating our defenses on the world and national and local levels…ultimately they are coming for our guns and what happens then is the reality that will determine if there is a reality going forward.

      Woke is not a harmless ideology…it seeks to eliminate your culture and/or kill you. That is the real real.

      • WayneM

        Very real real…

        The remarkable part is how many different factions are all simultaneously working together with the singular goal of destroying western society. At the core of each group resides Marxism…

        • WayneM

          Re-read the article and now I’m wondering… what part(s) of Marx’s notions does the author figure we should entertain? It kinda seems like homeopathy… a tiny amount of poison to build up a tolerance to such…

  • Kafiroon

    Did you see the pictures/video of Ranting FJB from the other day?
    Talk about in time for Halloween.

  • Halley

    You choose Realville over the mental suicide of Woketown.
    The sleepwalking inhabitants of Woketown reject and shun you.
    You grieve their loss.

    • Too Tall


    • Neanderthal JSStryker

      Nah I celebrate the loss of my woketard friends, didn’t need their toxicity in my life.

  • Bill G

    Reality; what a concept! And the woke insist that they’ve woken to it. The same folks who once cheered “Turn on, tune in, drop out” as the way to go.

    • Punta Gorda

      “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss….”

  • Jim Smith

    It’s interesting how the “red state” and “blue state” nicknames came about. The designations came in, as I remember, around 2000 with the election of G.W. Bush. The media at the time were the same lying scum that they are today, but less obviously. There seems to have been a “conspiracy” in the media to label Republicans “red” and Democrats “blue” because the media didn’t want themselves or Democrats (but I repeat myself) to have the nickname “reds” attached to themselves (which would be more normal, given the history of communism). So they simply reversed it and constantly referred to Democrat states as “blue” and Republican states as “red.” It worked, but backfired: “Red” is more dynamic-sounding than “Blue”, especially when you think in terms of “Red-blooded American” versus the depressive phrase, “I’ve got the blues.”

    • eon

      NBC News was largely responsible. Up to that point, on their election night coverage, they had used blue on the vidfont map to designate states that had voted GOP for President and red for states that had voted Democrat.

      However, after two elections (1980 and 1984) in which the sweeps for the Republican candidate had resulted in people calling the map “Lake Reagan”, they decided to change it .

      Red is a color associated with danger and warning, so they made it the GOP color to make clear their opinion of non-progressives.

      Thank you for nothing, John F**king Chancellor.

      clear ether


    • JTC


      Then as now quite a few pejoratives can precede that term as it is spit out of the mouth, generally followed by a stiff swig of shine.

      Red? The blood of Patriots as they threw off the oppressors in defense of their Constitution and their Freedom.

      The more things change…

    • WayneM

      Oddly enough up in Canada, the colours are inverted… and there’s several other colours.

      The (formerly) Liberal Party is red; I say formerly as their policies are more progressive/communist than liberal.

      The (formerly) Conservative Party is blue; I say formerly because their current leader lied his face off pretending to be conservative but then pivoted hard left once he secured the leadership.

      The New Democratic Party is orange… unlike Ukraine’s Orange Revolution, the NDP are openly socialist. They’re struggling to retain relevance since the Liberals went hard left.

      The Green Party is (naturally) Green although their politics are all globalist with the especial focus on the faux climate change emergency.

      The only sane party is the newly created People’s Party and they’ve chosen the colour purple but since they’ve yet to elect a politician, they have no influence/power. The party’s creator & leader is Maxime Bernier… aka Mad Max… and he lifted most of the party’s platform from the old Reform Party (Canada’s version of the Tea Party back in the day). Max is from Quebec and his English is decent but not strong… For example, the French version of the party name is Parti Populaire du Canada which, directly translated, would be the Populist Party…

      At any rate, the recent federal election should have taught the formerly Conservative Party of the folly of going hard left instead of providing a platform of solid conservative values… the kind of stuff Erin O’Toole promised when he was running for leader… but nope… The Toole is blaming everyone else but himself for the voters staying home in droves…

  • Eh Wot

    I sense a profound rotation in the storyline coming!

    Congrats CM!

  • Punta Gorda

    Still needs more Tabasco…

  • OldGoat36

    Seems Skye has been down this path before, and yet, despite the revelations she herself came to, she reverts to form. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    Today’s version is fully leftist scale new reality which has nothing to do with reality. Feelings, especially the variety of feelings which deny science – biology, chemistry, physics are the rule of their world. Contradictions in their stance are fine, never mind that the stances diametrically oppose each other, and therefore form no logical connection.

    She might glimpse reality and wake up for a period, but Skye will likely backslide to her normal leftist views, for they complete her, and going against them means negating everything she did before. I just don’t see her as a poster child for the Walk Away movement.

  • shooter 2.5

    My twin sister called and she complained that I was using facebook for political reasons and insulting her president. I didn’t realize I had been doing it that much. I mean the jokes wrote themselves. She then called me a “Red” and she couldn’t call me anymore since she is a “Blue”. I was flabbergasted that she would label me as an opponent instead of family. I have cut people out of my life because of their actions and not mine.

    I simply found better friends and acquaintances.

    • Roland Deshain

      My sister and I parted years ago. We tried, at least I did, A couple of times to make it work but she was way out there in liberal la-la land. She is 14 years older and we were never really that close but your twin sister? I am truly sorry to hear that.

    • Neanderthal JSStryker

      I cut both of my sisters out of my lif because of their toxic “blueness”.

  • In true Star wars form Xixiden (pronounced “whee-den) would be a “Darth”, so Darth Xixiden would be a proper title. Skye of course would not be an “Obi Wan”, but a “Pada Wan”. Now after the title a 3 syllable name is best so Obi Wan Zedowens, or Obi Wan Samowens are perfect. Pada Wan Skyeflanagan works but seems a bit long to me. Pada Wan Skyetoblue maybe? Pada Wan Skyenotwoke?
    Anyway, Skye would only be a Pada Wan as she is still in training. When you be come an Obi Wan you are a Jedi. Young trainee’s are usually just called Pada Wan though.

    Have some fun with it. You can turn whole offices into Star Wars themed companies.

  • AngryToxicDeplorable-PaulS

    Is that an EarthWake I’m feeling?

  • Lucius Severus Pertinax

    It sounds more and more like the “Blues” and “Greens” in Constantinople in 532.
    Remember the Nika Riot?
    Remember what happened?
    Belasarius did not dance!

  • DogByte6RER

    As a certified assclown with diarrhea-of-the-mouth and a willingness to sell out to elite globalist Marxist tyranny, Dementia Joe would make a better Jar Jar Binks …

    Corn Pop!

  • DogByte6RER

    Meanwhile … a red-pilled Skye looks, well, ready.

  • Oldarmourer

    Please tell me the character was named Skye from the start just for this joke…
    Even if she wasn’t, I’m still going to say she was and savour the setup 🙂

    • Neanderthal JSStryker

      Chris does play the long game.

  • Pamela

    Chris~ Is Skye going to go full Ripley on them from Space with a Reality Nuke?
    The Sleepers must Awaken.

  • JTC

    Damn. Sure forcing the Navy to go Blue

    347,000 active duty sailors, many operating in the closest of quarters has resulted in 48,000 “cases” aka with a discernible trace, to which 14 deaths are “attributed”. So, 15% may have been exposed but are benign. and .03% died from it , or more likely most died “with” it. That in turn is a .004% death rate among active duty Navy.

    How many men will be killed by having his enlistment, his commission, his life and patriotic identity stripped away? How many will need a lifetime of taxpayer funded mental support?

    How many of us will be killed because our Naval and overall military readiness has been diminished and demolished by officers of the opposing forces…like the CIC and the Sec of D?

    • Neanderthal JSStryker

      This will be the Jimmy Carter Navy all over again, ships operating shorthanded or unable to sail at all.

    • Roland Deshain

      Quite the revolving door! Anybody else here see the videos of the researchers finding microscopic particles in the “vaccination” serum. Pretty scary shit!

  • Halley

    Dear Skye:

    1. “LIVE IN FEAR” – today it’s covid1984, tomorrow it’s climate change, the day after that it’s trans-species nazi soccer moms, but as long as they can keep you scared shitless they can control you. Don’t fall for it. Don’t worry, be happy. More than anything in this universe, they are drop-dead terrified of happy people.

    2. F. Joe Biden is not President. Check the numbers, you’ll get it.

  • chicken of depression

    Skye ain’t never gonna go to the Right side, the strip will always need a Lefty foil and she’s it.

  • AngryToxicDeplorable-PaulS

    Let’s go Brandon!!!!

  • Son Of A Valkyrie

    Like blood going back into an asleep foot. Painful but necessary.


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