Day By Day


  • Halley

    I know Radical Son appreciates the paraphrase.

  • Halley

    and who would object to the haughty hottie Brooke making her DBD debut sans bra?

    • JIMV

      sans entire outfit!

    • WayneM

      Swimming hole to help Brooke cool off?

    • Grunt GI

      That might be fun only because she would no doubt say something remarkably stupid to piss Sam or Naomi off and an epic catfight would ensue.

  • Charles Newton

    And here all this time I was hearing the wee poor lad saying ‘booze’ multiple times despite ehat the dumbass blonde was trying to make him say…

    • GWB

      C’mon, she spelled it out for you – “b, double-o, b, s”.
      It was almost like she couldn’t say the word itself.

  • Some lefty wimmens is good for something anyway.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      Something FAR, FAR AWAY, so that the Libtard bimbette’s thought processes (such as they may be) don’t distract one from work.

  • Bill G

    If he’d only used a technical term like ‘tatas’ there could have been no misunderstanding.

  • Bill G

    Regarding Free Speech and liberals, when was the last time you heard a liberal willingly stop talking to allow someone else to speak?

    • eon

      Spider Robinson once observed that it is impossible to talk to a liberal for five minutes without said liberal (1) turning the talk to “politics”, (2) identifying something or somebody they hate, and (3) going into a “Something Must Be Done” rant re (2). “Something” almost invariably being both violent and contrary to the Constitution.

      Disagreeing with them, however slightly or gently, immediately “triggers” a meltdown. They simply refuse to accept the premise that they are not invariably right about everything. Rather, if you disagree, you are an apostate who must atone- Or Else.

      I have seen this in my own family, “liberals” all. Which is just one reason that since I turned `18, I have stayed as far away from them as I can get.

      clear ether


      • Grunt GI

        You got that right. I have friends who believe in global warming as a dogma. And I mean religious dogma where if you disagree with them they actually consider you a stupid heretic who should be burned at the stake.

        If only Christians had the same “faith” these idiots do have we could truly convert the world.

      • Deplorable B Woodman

        Hopefully you have found a suitable replacement family here.

  • Pamela

    Liberals need to be having a meltdown or upset about “some thing” that requires changing because it is unfair, exclusionary, racist, they just don’t like it, or whatever the current cause Du Jour is for the week. Life just isn’t worth living for them unless they are giving others grief.

    It appears they are doing penance for perceived wrongdoings.
    They would have made wonderful Flagellants.

    • MAJ Arkay

      Not really, Pamela. Flagellants didn’t try to impose their beliefs on everyone else…

      • Pamela

        Necromongers instead of Flagellants then. Death, destruction and devastation follows them to the point even the Four Horsemen would disavow any association.

    • Halley

      The insights into what “liberals” really are on this dbd forum are heartening to read. In my neck of the woods, that kind of insight is as rare as a functioning Leftist braincell.

      • Deplorable B Woodman

        One? Or two?

  • MAJ Arkay

    Coats in South Texas? It’s a mite early. We’re still dealing with lows in the upper 70s and highs in the upper 90s and low 100s… Not gonna need coats until late November/early December — maybe.

    • JTC

      Right there with you on the 90’s thing MAJ, and still with no power in our little county, Highlands County FL still 65% dark after an effin’ week. BUT, kids on the coasts are good, we’ve got gen power to a stocked fridge, a portable a/c in the bedroom, and gas is available.

      And of course we ain’t dead yet. God is good.

      And on topic, one of the worst things about leftism is it sees order and discipline as fascism in others but its own fascism as virtue.

      • John

        That’s because they are convinced of their own infallibility. They can think no wrong and they can do no wrong.
        I wish I could convey what I encountered in my (rather elderly) Friday discussion group when I pointed out that Putin was a textbook Fascist.
        They were totally incredulous. Apparently they thought they had killed Fascism forever back in 1945 and it couldn’t possibly rise from the ashes of Communism.

        • Halley

          “Liberals” haven’t the foggiest idea what fascism really is. The criminal media endlessly implies that fascist = conservative, and they haven’t the brainpower or backbone to resist. Perhaps, hath always been so.

    • Old Codger

      Yeah, but it gets so dry out in Big Bend country that nights can get a tad nipply, erm nippy. (freudian nip slip 😉 )

  • Um,the left do SOMETIMES give evidence to support the idea that some off them some of the time live freedom like I love root canal ssurgery- not at all.

    And as for the neo-conservatives… Sig Heil comes to mind.

    One cartoon comes to mind- a circle. at the bottom is an extreme leftist facing left, shouting slogans and goals. BEHIND him facing the other way is an extreme right winger facing to the right shouting catchphrases, slogans, and his ideals and goals.

    At the top of the circle is a balanced moderate looking back and forth rapidly and appearing VERY confused.

    What the FRACK are the sane minorituy supposed to do? Besides leave town?

  • Pamela

    Chris ~ You really need to design lingerie 😉

  • JTC

    UPDATE: Rejoined the ranks of the empowered about 6 PM this evening, yeehaw!

    Apropos today’s title “The Order of Things”…As I’ve said before, this little hurricane diaspora was/is a pretty good training exercise for SHTF; power and water out, no food or fuel available for just a few days and the savage comes out in even regular people let alone criminals. Are you prepped for survival until some “order” can be restored? Think about it.

    It does look like radical leftists have no intention of giving up their domestic jihad…let the rousers in the media promote any excuse and their soldiers are in the streets burning shit down, and now they are going armed and unchallenged…until they get to my house or yours. Prepare.

  • Delilah T.

    Brooke Baldwin IS a boob. (Think about that for a minute.) “Boob’ has several meanings, only one of them referring to female mammal mammary tissues.

    There are various wienie ways of referring to breasts: ta-tas; tits; jugs; hooters; boobs; boobies; knockers; ‘girls’, etc., etc., etc. to name only a few bits of slang. Cows have udders, by the way, as do goats, sheep and horses. It’s just a gland to feed a baby, but somehow that usefulness has become lost in the shuffle of Braindead Politically Correct Idiocy.

    A boob can also be a mordant idiot, e.g., Brooke Baldwin. Hey, don’t get precious with me, you bimbo! You were hired for your looks and the fact that you have photogenic legs. If you think you were hired for your brains, look down your sweater and tell me what you find there. Does your producer tell you to stuff your bra before you go on the air?

    So what were we talking about? Anyone else think that things are slowly swinging to the right and the howling, screeching, easily insulted, delicate and emotionally bereft tantrum-throwing leftie social justice warrior howler monkeys are finding themselves unwanted somehow?

    • Pamela

      So Brooke would be pissed off no matter what goes down.
      Hmm. Maybe that is her problem.
      Sorry, have had two glasses of wine with dinner.

      • Deplorable B Woodman

        “… matter what goes down.”
        Bravo! Well played! Well played! Take a bow!

        • Pamela

          Thank you DBW.
          Thinking things I shouldn’t be thinking.
          And a good night to one and all.
          *pats DBW on the behind*