Day By Day


  • Grunt GI

    Bwahaha. So much awesome Jan.
    Thank you thank you.
    Just saw American Assassin.
    Fantastic movie.
    Vince Flynn is da man.
    Just like Chris.

    • Interventor

      Thanks, used to like the movies. Saw Dunkirk recently. First time in theater in two years.

    • Doc Epador

      Gotta be how he really injured his thumb.

    • Chris Muir

      Hurricane took out a week or so from my schedule on that.

      • Barbara Skolaut

        Yikes! Hope everything’s OK.

        • Yup,thnx Barb!:)

      • Deplorable B Woodman

        I rubbed and I rubbed ’til my wrist was numb
        I applied rotation on her sugar plum
        But I just couldn’t make that Dynamo hum
        Dynamo hummmmm………

  • formwiz

    Well put.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      That’s what SHE said. (rimshot)

  • Interventor

    Still can’t see DVD on internet. Must use smartphone.

    • Send me a screen capture of it

    • GWB

      Well, normally you insert a DVD directly into your computer…….

  • JIMV

    If I access the site by typing ‘daybyday’ in my google search bar I go straight to the site without problem. I have been having issues with other sites though when I try to use a bookmark…

    • MasterDiver

      I use Chrome and have had no trouble accessing the site on my PC.

      Zar Belk!

  • Helpful indeed.

  • epilitimus

    Yet one more reason for me to avoid MS stuff like the flu. Sometimes you just have to, which just serves to remind why you work so hard to avoid it the rest of the time.

    Sunday’s coming up….maybe a full page of all the DBD babes in…well nothing. That ought to rattle a few cages πŸ™‚ Tastefully drawn of course;)

  • azscram

    No matter how Chris draws the lovely ladies of Day by Day, they are tasty, umm, tastefully done. Been enjoying Jan, whom I’d been missing for some time now. Regarding the suspicious warnings, nothing like that shows up on my Linux machines.

  • WayneM

    No sign of the warning on my iMac either.

    Jan’s software looks remarkably well coded…

    • Grunt GI

      Ha, reason number 1,245,678 I use a Mac. I was so happy when MS stopped “supporting” IE for Mac.

      I am forced to use Windoze at work and Win10 sucks.

      Jan however, has magnificent software that Damon no doubt likes to download to his hardware.

      I second epilitimus recommendation…gratuitous swimming hole Sunday toon to really send the PC wienies into apoplectic shock.

  • John M

    That warning probably has more to do with the fact that DBD is being served over HTTP instead of HTTPS. Not that that will really prevent any of what it’s warning against, but at least your attacker will be an 8-year-old instead of 5.

  • eon

    I’ve never had this happen, but then my browser is Mozilla Firefox, with ABP & NoScript. I long ago stopped using IE, Bing, and etc., and whenever Google or Avast or MS try to force Chrome onto my hard drive it gets terminated with extreme prejudice.

    Of course MS has other ways to fuck with you. Their latest is using their automatic updates (which you can’t stop) to cripple all versions of MS Office prior to their new Office 365 subscription version to force you to use it, in effect extorting money from you every month.

    I want MS and Google both to get the Sherman Anti-Trust Act right up the ass. They are monopolies that are exploiting their status not just to control trade but to attack anybody who disagrees with their politics.

    They deserve to be dismembered even more than ITT did.

    clear ether


    • GWB

      Less troublesome (in terms of big gov’t) to change software to a patent from a copyright. Then their monopoly will naturally fail as everyone begins putting out look-alikes without the bad behavior. (It’s been more than 7 years since Win7, which worked pretty nicely. And I still have Office 2003 on my laptop, which still works fine.)

      The true problem is the idea that software is somehow a “work” instead of a machine. Take away that bullcrap protection, and let a million “windows” open.

    • YeahRight

      Supposedly the most common usage for IE is downloading Firefox or Chrome.

    • pyrodice

      y’know, I can think of a way to disable automatic updates, but it involves running it on a virtual machine that you instruct has no internet access…

  • Kevin M

    I love her hienie!!!!!

  • clayusmcret

    Chris, using eye candy is cheating. I love it!

  • Bill G

    Nothing I’ve seen. The warning, that is.

  • Bill G

    Malicious content? Delicious, I’d say.

  • Rick

    I saw the day’s cartoon, no “warning”. Now I feeling microaggessed ’cause I didn’t see the warning. j/k

  • Pro Webmaster

    It’s not a conspiracy. It’s part of a push by browser companies to get websites to use SSL encryption for their websites. It provides for a better viewing experience by the user by ensuring that the website is who they claim to be.

    You should check with your domain registrar (Godaddy, according to WHOIS) and talk to them about your options.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      And how much extra will that cost?
      And how much extra control will that hand over to the domain registrar?

  • GWB

    I’m curious, though. It says it is blocking “some content” on the website. Is that true? Or is it blocking the whole thing?

    I’ve had difficulty at work lately with the proxy killing some websites – I think it’s based on a script the websites are running. (Because I’m being generous and not assuming it’s based on the ideological content – that would normally get the Blue Coat treatment.) Perhaps the same is happening to DbD because of something in WordPress.

  • TexPDB

    Screw the warning ! Will she come invade me !!

  • Pamela

    I haven’t seen anything like that pop up.
    Strange that DBD would be listed as unsafe when actual porn might come through with zero warnings at all. So we might suppose that it is not the visuals causing the issue, but the thought provoking conversation starters which most likely will cause the self inflicted mind control group think to crumble like an incoming tide washed away sand castle.

  • PaulS

    My iPhone isn’t showing any of Jan’s clothes, is that the blocked content? πŸ™‚

    • Ok,I laughed out loud on that,paul

  • JCTPatriot

    Meh. Smartscreen is optional. You can easily turn it off, which is always the first thing I do when I get a new computer or reload Windows. It’s been around for a long time, and I recommend it for folks who go to shopping sites a lot, because there are a lot of fakes out there.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    I don’t have any problem with blocked content or warnings on my kindle fire with Android software. Don’t normally have time in the morning while getting ready for work to fire up the laptop (Win10, IE (not used), google/chrome (use, but starting to transition away from), DuckDuckGo and Brave)

  • JCTPatriot

    Pamela, it isn’t about porn sites. It’s about sites that are likely to put malware or extortionware on your computer. It’s more than likely some Leftist asshole stumbled onto this magnificent site and was so offended that he turned it in to the Microsoft folks as having given him malware.

    • Pamela

      Ah ha. I was thinking maybe some snowflake with gender identity issues was upset that the lovingly drawn pictures gave him a raging case of STIFF that would not do down no matter how hard he worked at it.

  • pdwalker

    I’ve not seen any warning, but if I did, I’m not sure I could mark it safe. These last few strips have seen my blood pressure raise to precipitous levels under the influence of your scantily dressed ladies.

    No, no, please don’t change it on my behalf.

  • BoynSea

    “Of course MS has other ways to fuck with you. Their latest is using their automatic updates (which you can’t stop) to cripple all versions of MS Office prior to their new Office 365 subscription version to force you to use it, in effect extorting money from you every month.”

    Eon: Take a look at LIBRE OFFICE. Free download and it works
    without the extortion.


    • Deplorable B Woodman

      I was thinking Open Office 4.0.1 (I think).

  • Petey

    No issues with access using Safari on my iPad.

  • JTC

    Was getting an “unsafe” warning on the http bar for the last few days but now it’s gone…maybe complaints had an effect?

    And about this switch to PG content discussed a few days ago? If this is it, it is the awesome…panel four is my fave because as everyone knows, I’m An AssMan…or just an ass, depending on your point of view as it were.

    Oh wait, I get it now…PG is for Prog Gitter! Or Prog Gutter, either way. Kinda like my AR. πŸ™‚

  • Christopher Cole

    Never seen the warning. Win10 and Edge. Love the site and check it at least twice a day,

  • Halley

    No blocks seen here yet, using Safari/iMac.

  • Sage Grouch

    Historically, Jan has been my least favorite of the DBD women. That opinion starts to change as of today. Well done!

    • Grunt GI

      HAHA, I saw that and had to laugh. Free speech and Boobs, I bet he is a DBD fan.

      • Pamela

        Wonder what would have happened if he had stated he loved the First and Second amendments, and Boobs…
        Talk about a triggering moment. Maybe she felt left out since she appears to be lacking in several departments.

        • Grunt GI

          She probably would have gotten the vapors and actually fainted.

          After all, liberals can’t handle the thought of free speech, guns and boobs at the same time. Probably why they can’t handle DBD.

  • Bill M

    I don’t see this warning, but then, I turned Windoze Depender off long ago and use another software defense system.

  • Kirby

    Chris: If this is for real, the Left does want to protect us don’t they. Tell them to go pound sand! So, if you were a syndicated strip you would probably be taken down, at least my many papers and are not most of them left-leaning or totally liberal.

  • Six computers, only one on Windoze. Droid doesn’t care, nor does Linux.

  • Delilah T.

    My antique Presario is still on Windows XP. I don’t have any problem at all with coming or going in most places, including DBD, although I still think a regular dose of nekkid Zed would beneficial. Any time you’re chilled, and little friction works miracles.

    • Pamela


      I concur 100%!

      *looks at Chris over glasses*

  • kermit

    saw that warning on the leftish comic “dumbing of age”, but not here.

  • R Daneel

    Windows Defender? Really? I do not know anyone serious who allows that to run.