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  • Calvin

    More please….

    • Unca Walt

      You DO have a way with wit and art, Mr. M.

  • Swansonic

    Tank you sir – may we have another….

    • Swansonic


      or as originally mis-typed……

    • JSStryker

      and another and another and another…

  • Pete231

    Turn the other cheek, I say !

  • Lovely stuff, keep it…up.

  • Daniel Allen Butler

    What’s with Jan suddenly coming all over modest and coy? And where’s Naomi?

    • PlasticMan

      We made Chris wait longer than usual for all the year’s funds, so maybe he’s making us wait for the full swimmin’ hole. Can’t wait until the band’s all together again.

  • Steveb919

    Just not to long ago Jan hat very short hair. Whats up?

    • Steveb919

      I know a lot of folks could use hair grow like that. The thinning hair type.

    • Jan’s always had long hair. Sometimes it’s sort of wrapped up, flowing down her back, or over her other shoulder so you don’t always notice how long it is. Look at the pic in the ad-space at left. That’s Jan with her flowing dark hair.

  • Steve Cone

    Thank You Chris.

  • formwiz

    Nice to see things covered – or uncovered – from all angles.

  • JLG

    “Sellout” has become the new “Kafkaesque”—–an overused and abused word whose users are motivated more by appearances than with any pointed and specific target.

  • Bill G

    Love the scenery.
    It’s amazing to me that the Clinton Crime Cartel couldn’t get the old Statist out of the picture long before this.

  • Grape

    Give a hand, get a hand.

  • Browncoat

    What’s with the green water? They in the Comal?

    • Kevin M

      Seriously, I was waiting for someone to say, “Charlie’s idea of R&R was a bowl of rice and a little rat meat.”

  • Grunt GI

    Yea, those Sanders voters are butthurt all right. The problem is the DemocRATS are trying to give the rest of us the high hard one too!

    Love the artwork…more Jan and Naomi, please!

    • interventor

      Look for violence outside the RNC convention. Look for violence inside and outside the DNC convention.

  • MasterDiver

    And yet Skye hasn’t learned the basic rules of behavior as a house-guest. Doesn’t she realize she is there on sufferance? You don’t insult your host and resume the behaviors that got you exiled in the first place. She was lucky to just get off with a butt-slap.

    Having survived the Bernie era as Mayor of Burlington VT (he NEVER got my vote) I’m glad he’s out of the running. The city still hasn’t recovered from his administration. And I will crawl over MOLTEN broken glass to vote Trump!

    PS: GREAT art, Chris. Keep it up!

    Zar Belk!

  • Pamela

    Many a man and woman have sold themselves, and others out for filthy lucre. It’s not the first time someone will be butt hurt for whatever reason. Wonder what the decrepit soul of Sanders was sold for?
    Hildabeast has sold herself more often than a Hawaii Hooker during WWII. Only the Hookers paid Taxes.

    • B Woodman

      I see prostitution as a capitalist enterprise, a short term contract between two consenting adults, with no power over anyone or anything else. (in an ideal world)

      Whereas what Der Hildabeast und Das Bern are marketing is wholesale political slavery over others for personal power.

    • MJ Larkins

      I wonder how much Sanders had to pay to Satan to get his soul back.

      Betcha it wasn’t enough…

      • Pamela

        There are some souls even Lucifer won’t touch

        • interventor

          Assuming the Hildabeast Golem has a soul.

  • JTC

    Coupla marks just like that a few decades ago and she might not have to endure the butthurt, both literal and virtual, that she and her type are in for now (please God let it be so).

    Can’t blame parenting skills only though, Sis turned out fine…and *fine*. Skye has the *fine* part down, but might need a few more marks to learn the other part. I’d be willing to help lay a handprint or two on that finey hiney, if not rehabilitative at least recreational.

    I think (and again, pray to God) that a lot more grown stupid children are in for some butthurt too, but I will NOT volunteer to lay a hand on the cheeks of the beast (and I’ve got to go now because I’ve just made myself sick envisioning that nasty ass in the pond).

  • JTC

    Well, it’s Pence.

    Not the choice I have advocated as I looked ahead to the internecine war in congress after the election.

    But then again gotta win the election first, and to that end Pence is a solid choice and a solid conservative from all that I have seen.

    The Donald is kind of a nutball, but he didn’t get where he is by making bad business decisions and that’s exactly what this is…it’s not for naught that he is known as the artist of the deal.

    But if (and again here I am talking to God) the beast can be defeated (anybody else see that headline about the dims freaking out about the polls showing DT ahead or even in the battleground states?), then as I’ve said it is going to be war…on the streets, in congress, in scotus, and then of course with the whole rest of the world. So those warriors, Gingrich, the General, even pompous pimples like Christie, will be needed; I hope they don’t bail like Cruz because they didn’t get their way.

    And also needed, probably even more so, will be the militia that I think is pretty well represented right here in the viewership of DBD as the shit hits the streets after the election. It ain’t gonna be easy, but there is no alternative. Are we up for it?

    • Pamela

      With enough Levitra, Viagra and Cialis, plus the alcohol of choice, the country could be up for anything.

      NO WIMPS this election cycle please.

      The bitchbeast gets in, we are screwed with a capital F.
      She’ll have personalized strap-ons for everyone she likes.
      Only the Lord knows what she’ll do to the people she despises and hates.

      • Kafiroon

        That’s what the rumored FEMA (reeducation/lime pit) camps are for.
        That’s why Hussein Obama bought all that ammo, for his federalized cops out of the federal alphabet agencies. So that the 100,000 minimum “Syrian” refugees, i.e. terrorists she wants in, can round us up and run the camps.


    Trump / Pence

    Not original, just humorous, in my degenerate opinion

  • Spin Drift

    At least it was not Christie or Newt. Not inspired (that would have been Mike Lee) but sound to the GOPe and palatable to the Trumpers. I’m still pissed at Cruz for bailing so early and told there money beggars to FO. Still get e-mails from all the players though.

    Too bad about Nice, I have friends with places there and hope they are well. As to the rest of France, WAKE THE F**K UP, WE ARE NOT COMING THIS TIME TO SAVE YOUR ASS. The trains roll both ways, box em up send them back and outlaw mosques. You are only cutting your own throat.

    It’s time to play Cowboys and mooselimbs
    Giddy yup little doggy, we gonna have a neck tie party

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