Day By Day


  • Patrick

    Nice balance there Chris – not enough scars tho… any ladies chiming in?

    • Unca Walt

      Anybody notice the ring in his nipple?

      • JTC

        I’d say “God let’s hope that’s his areola”, but that would indicate I gave it as much scrutiny as you apparently did.

        Loxahatcheeans are weird. Even us former ones.

  • formwiz

    We’ve had the full Sam and the full Skye.

    A lot of guys seem eager for the full – or any – Naomi.

    • Grunt GI

      And…some more Jan…with that long hair pulled back, of course….

      • bob in houston

        Hell I’m still hoping the old librarian glasses she used to wear come back!

    • Texas is state of Mind

      Full Jan ?

      • Grunt GI

        Oh hell yea. And full Naomi….
        Mr. Muir is clearly on a roll…all his readers are swooning over the art!

  • Pamela

    I just voided the warranty.

    Chris- Thank you and Zed is better than Chocolate Cherries

    If life were a box of chocolates, Iā€™d be a liquid filled chocolate cherry.
    The warmth of your breath and rasp of whiskers cracks,
    then softens my hard shell,
    causing me to well over as you pluck out my sweet center,
    then swallow me down whole.

    Oh my. I’d rather read Day by Day than go shopping for ammo.

    • Tim Moyer

      See? LOL, I had to replace the screen protector. Even the Zagg HD Glass had problems with this!


      Pamela was so flustered that she dropped her avatar

    • Arkay

      I was going ammo shopping this morning, ’til I saw this. I’ll just sit here for a while and hyperventilate…

      Still, Zed in full “300” kit still gets this ol’ heart a-poundin’.

  • Messkit

    Hmmmm………I thought there would be more scars…

    • S Hooks

      Zed’s a sniper; the enemy never gets close enough to inflict them…

      • pyrodice

        Helicopter crash…

      • Messkit

        They did recover him from a cave, all busted up…

        • Fox2!

          That’s where “Toly joined the cast. Helo pilot.

  • Rodbo

    Turnaround is fair play! Congratulations Chis on another year fully funded.


  • WayneM

    That untanned patch on Sam’s superior posterior adds such fine definition…

    For some reason, I thought Zed would hold his rifle over his gun instead of his hand but whatever… Clearly, you’ve made the day for Pamela and the other ladies.

    • Cliff H

      Traditionally when reciting this ditty the man holds his rifle in his strong hand and graps his “package” in the other. This illustration by Chris shows that Zed knows how it’s supposed to be done.

      • Cliff H

        Fumble fingers. That should say, …grasps his “package”.

        • RegT

          Perhaps Lady Pamela meant “graps” as an amalgam of “grasps” and “gropes”?

          • RegT

            Sort of like “chortle” – a chuckle and a snort at the same times. I’m surprised that Zed can cover the goods with one hand, though.

          • RegT

            Damn. Sorry, Cliff. I was thinking of Pamela enjoying the scenery when I wrote that. It’s late, and I’ll shut up.

          • JTC

            “…Zed can cover the goods with one hand…”

            Maybe that’s where all the battle scars are?

          • Hey! That water’s cold RegT. It’s cold!

  • JTC

    See, there’s art, and then there’s porn…

    JK, gotta toss a bone to our libidinous lady. šŸ™‚

    Just keep your ratios representative, plz.

    • Pamela

      Most definitely art JTC. Tastefully done with a hint showing. Great Hands.

      As to porn- there was the idiot that thought he could not be seen from the 405 FWY displaying his parts in full motion on Wednesday.
      That was gobsmaking .

      Bones make great broth…

      • JTC

        Hope that screen was tasteful too…ewww.

        Ain’t the “point” of pervs on the fwy to be seen? Ewww!

        Bone broth…EWWW! Toldja it was porn! ;b

        • Pamela

          Take one loin of beef, remove the bones, roast them.
          Take roasted bones, water, spices and red wine, boil then simmer. Remove from heat, strain bones out, then cool.
          Next day, skim fat, re-heat broth, reduce down, strain, then cool. Third day, ladle into clean jars, place in pressure canner and can. Bone Broth ready to use on the shelf.
          I’m old school with some things. šŸ˜‰

  • Noelegy

    Thank you for remembering your female readers!

    Although the female form as you render it is also pleasant to look upon.

  • B Woodman

    Ewual opportunity never looked so good.

    • B Woodman

      Damned fat thumbs and small tablet. “Equal”

  • Pat*

    I suppose this is as close to The Full Monty as we female readers are going to get – but doesn’t Zed have even a speck of body hair? And would Damon happen to be showing up next? (Pamela, order ammo online, so as to have more time to read DBD!)

    • Pamela

      I normally get ammo at the end of a trip to the range where I get to try out weapons to check the fit and feel.

  • JohninMd.(Help!?!!)

    All we ever see Zed doing is cooking, having an occasional drink, riding the fence with Wade once in awhile, and of course, mounting Sam. So how’s he staying so buff?

    • John Greer

      One way would be to do the AFPT once a week just for chuckles. It doesn’t take long.

  • Stoutcat


  • Can’t help but grin, here.

  • lushlily

    uh, wow!

  • JLG

    Zed is, at the moment, exercising tight gun control.

  • Bill G

    I feel sure that Zed has proper trigger control of either.

  • eclark1849

    As naked as Sam is most of the time, do you REALLY expect us to believe she has tan lines, Chris? At least it was only the panties.

  • So the dhimms are seeing the potential comeTrumpPence headed their way.
    I was just about to get the flag back to full staff after Dallas, but it looks like a few more days are in order for France (they were there for us once). I hope the day will come soon that we have a CIC that, instead of “condemning in the strongest terms possible”, will say “help is on the way and the threat is going to be isolated and eliminated” (with extreme prejudice).

    • JTC

      And whose “condemning in the strongest terms…” speech on Friday actually included the line: “These terrorists are targeting and killing innocent people of all backgrounds and all faiths, including Muslims.”

      Those last two words were delivered with special emphasis and a kind of pained and confused expression. One would think he would eventually deliver a similar line such as: “These thugs and gangs in my hometown of Chicago are understandably targeting cops and whitey, but also blacks down on the corner who are just getting their lives together, going back to school, and doing the only job they know how to take care of their families.”

      Next up: Common sense truck control.

  • Thekth thellth, obviouthly.

    • B Woodman

      Scott, welcome to DBD. Been enjoying your material at Big Head Press. Thank you.

  • Old Codger

    When I learned the rifle/gun rhyme (back in ’71), I was at OCS at Camp Upshire on Quantico and learned it just a tad differently. The way I was taught, it went more like this:

    This is my rifle (holding up an M-14),
    This is my gun (hand on package).
    One is for fucking
    The other for fun.

    Since it was a combat veteran Marine D.I. delivering the lesson, I suspect the 14 was the tool for “fun”; but then, in a manner of speaking, EITHER “tool” could be used for either purpose.

  • Richard McEnroe

    Not bad shape for an old premillennial fart.

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