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  • Too Tall

    Skye is probably one of the very few non-native German speakers who can make that language sound sexy.

  • Too Tall

    Come to think of it, for all her flaws, Skye could probably whisper the Manhattan telephone directory and even Carl would get a hard on.

  • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    Forget about the whispering and the hard ons.
    I want to see it spelled out and hear her say it.
    With the Deutch propensity for run-on words, that would be a mouthful right out of the gate. I doubt that I could say it properly without tying my tongue in knots, even with all of that spelled out in front of me.

    • eon

      Even native Germans had problems, hence the propensity for three-letter acronyms and contracted words.

      RLM= Reich Luft Ministerium

      Gestapo= Geheime Statspolizei

      OKW= OberKommando Wehrmacht

      Kripo= Kriminalpolizei

      And so on. And those are just some of the more straightforward government office designations.

      Party office designations could be even more convoluted.

      clear ether


      • DCE

        “Gestapo= Geheime Statspolize”

        Wouldn’t that be ‘Geheime Staatspolizei’? Sorry, but spelling counts. So said the 3rd Grade teacher, Mrs. Volk.

  • Pamela

    Wonder if he is a hard enough man to get it tattooed

    • Too Tall

      Had a shipmate who came back from cruise and surprised his wife with a tattoo of a fly on his glans.

      The marriage didn’t last….

      • Pamela

        Oh Dear. Wonder what would have happened if it had been a set of lips

  • Buck

    That would be what they call “Tough Love”.

  • S'aaruuk

    @ Too Tall….When I was stationed in Thailand in the 70’s, we got a friend totally smashed (passed out) in Bangkok, took him to a tat parlor and got him tatoo’d like a barber pole. He threatened to kill us afterwards, but later thanked us because he said the ladies loved it!!!

    You brought that memory back with your post. ;-D

    • Too Tall

      @S’aaruuk…Those memories are a continual reminder that it still amazes me I made it out of my 20’s alive.

      Last Sunday, during his sermon, our pastor asked if we remembered where we were and what we were doing in the summer of 1980. In my case, the memories and images that came flooding back were COMPLETELY INAPPROPRIATE for church.

      Probably put a beatific smile on my face, though….

  • steveb919

    Hate to say this but the ass wipes in charge are about to get us in a nuclear war with Russa. They have no idea what they are doing over Ukraine. They are freaking clueless. Biden is to weak to confront Putin and he knows it.

    • NotYetInACamp

      It may be my imagination, but I recall Hillary saying that she would get us into a war with Russia ‘when’ she was elected President of the USA during her campaigning for that office. ‘Just as soon as she was in office.’ Some had speculated Putin would launch a preemptive strike in that war, if she were elected.
      Biden, WEF, EU self proclaimed ‘elites’, DS, and others have been, as a group, been saying and doing similar lately.
      Some of them have been using the same “Duty to Protect” policy which was first implemented on Libya back in the days when the tyrant Kadafi was putting down insurrections among some of the 27 plus very contentious tribes in Libya, some who had been supplied support to the otherwise evil Khadafi who had used the Libyan oil money to build homes for every Libyan, and to build wells across the upper part of Africa.
      Khadafi’s major transgression was selling Libyan oil and receiving payment in currencies other than the US dollar. Khadafi was also setting up a gold backed currency for Africa and issuing gold coins.
      and, GASP, Khadafi had established Libya’s own Central Bank.
      Ukraine / Russia may be part of the same war. imo. But some people
      have told me that I am nobody and my opinion does not matter, that I am just one person among Seven Billion on our planet.
      True, maybe. But in a pigs eye to them.
      Say it in German.

      • eon

        They really didn’t care what Qaddafi did until after Saddam was taken down in Iraq, and to avoid a similar fate then Qaddafi forswore the war against Israel.

        In the minds of our progressive Fearless Leaders, that was ‘betraying authentic Islam’, not to mention their dream of a Judenrein Mideast, and so he had to go as an example to everybody else; continue the war against Israel or else.

        Everything the “left” here and in Europe have done in the Mideast for the last fifty years has had a single goal; no more Israel.

        The Islamist radicals have reaped the benefits all that time, and continue to do so.

        clear ether


      • Pamela

        She needs to tell US what happened to the bloody rolled up carpet that was removed from the Vince Foster days

    • Steve+Peterson

      And way too stupid

    • Heltau

      I am really hoping that Putin is not that easily rattled by a commie libturd in the oral office in dc. Because who knows where the bombs will come from once the are used in anger. There are a whole bunch of countries with nuclear capabilities that just might join the shit show to show the universe they can.

  • DJ Elliott

    Recommendation: Refer to the Dems as National Socialist Democratic American Party [NSDAP] and ANTiFATA as the Socialist Army [SA] as part of this theme…

    • interventor

      Been doing that first part for years,

  • Brodder

    Pretty sure Putin is gonna resign with the Russian Flu.

    Funny if they call it Covid and blame China.

    • DCE

      Or perhaps he’ll suffer the same malady as so many of those in Stalin’s disfavor did – a 9mm “cerebral hemorrhage”.

      • Brodder

        That’s the Russian Flu

    • interventor

      Newly discovered documents point to Stalin being poisoned. Becasuse he wanted to start a war (nuclear) with the west. Viewed a slide of Stalin’s brain. Looked like a sponge — syphillis, No telling what Puttie pickup when he was part of the KBG knitting circle.

      Did anyone see him at the parade. Blanket over his legs and a very puffy face.

  • Ztanks4Sale-TurretSeperately

    Gargle Translate says it in German: Abteilung für Umweltdurchsetzung des Justizministeriums und des Ministeriums für natürliche Ressourcen

  • Mr.Bishop

    Die Abteilung für Umweltdurchsetzung des Ministeriums für Justiz und natürliche Ressourcen

    • John

      I could almost read that.
      Are we having some kind of time merger?

    • JTC

      “Die” for short in that one…

  • Kafiroon

    They need these agencies to have informants to scare everyone into being obedient little slaves. The percentage of progressives is too small with too much pushback for those of us still not surrendered enough. There are those who probably have Gestapo assigned observers because of their comments, as I am sure this site among others is being tracked.

    • Kafiroon

      America Has Fallen Into Tyranny.
      The Left is exempt from following our laws & everybody knows it.
      “Today, the law only exists in America insofar as it enforces neoliberal orthodoxies. When the law departs from those orthodoxies, it’s completely dismissed by the Left. Our government is good when the Left controls it — and totally illegitimate when the Right controls it. That’s why there’s no middle ground left in American politics. Even Georgetown law professors understand this dynamic and are happy to explain it to you on Twitter.”
      Emerald Robinson SubStack (Huge address for the article)

  • Morning Mr. Muir; I’m changing my handle to ULTRA-MAGA…

    But those sweet elites can just call me Ultra. Thanks Joe!

  • Son Of A Valkyrie

    Best laugh of the morning.

  • JTC

    “Hard questions”

    Loaded too.

    Just waiting for a trigger.

  • Isophorone

    You realize that the EPA has had an “Office of Environmental Justice” since the Clinton Administration, right?


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