Day By Day


  • Kristophr

    Good. On Argie soil they can have a cigar room, as well as serve drinks.

  • Kristophr

    And park the pink MRAP out front.

    • B Woodman

      “Pink Cadillac, pink Cadillac. . . “

  • B Woodman

    Other than quitting work, and going dependent on the Gubberment teat (which would suck (!!!) for more than one reason), is there any way to quit “feeding the pig”, and still maintain our dignity (from outside a jail cell)?

    • interventor

      Only if one is wealthy enough to invest in non-taxed state and muni bonds and live off the interest. Or, go off grid and live by barter, foraging etc.

      • B Woodman


        • Wayne M

          Agreed…. sigh….

  • JTC

    So…this consulate. Might it be expanded, say to Texas size, so that the secession to a land outside our borders might be accomplished right within them? I like it. No silence. The real Force be with us.

  • Chris Muir

    I hereby announce a Contest to name the club (It’s within the Double D Ranch), and the bar inside the club.The 2 Winners get medals ‘n shit. Proceed.

    • JTC

      I’d say The Situation Room if that name hadn’t been so thoroughly recently sullied by DC ilk.

      • JTC

        Oh…2 winners?

      • JTC

        The Double Down might also be apropos; certainly a gamble, and the stakes could not be higher.

      • Larry S. Woosley

        The De-HS’d Roadhouse.

    • Grunt GI

      The bar—THE COCK AND BULL<—-sounds like an English pub..they have the coolest names.

      The club–THE MANO Y MANO<—keep the consulate theme going.

      • JTC

        Grunt, I was so sure that meant man to man, but…coats? wtf?

        • Grunt GI

          I guess it should be—(de hombre a hombre)

          That’s why I sucked at Spanish in college.

      • Isn’t that supposed to be mano a mano? Hand to hand?

    • interventor

      Liberty Hall – you can spit on the hearth and call the cat a bastard. From an old sci-fi series.

      • B Woodman

        Robert Heinlein lives.

        • eon

          Actually, that was from A. Bertram Chandler’s stories about Commodore John Grimes. Like RAH, ABC was a naval issue (RAN, to be exact).


          eon (thoroughgoing landlubber)

    • J

      The Club of Rights
      A More Perfect Tavern
      Make No Law Pub

    • Bill

      The Jersey Lilly II

      Wade and Zed could easily be current day Beans and dispense the law North of Rio Bravo or just the law on the Rio Bravo. Yes, yes I know Damon would do something more substantial and classy these days, but you get my drift.

    • Bill G

      Curse you, interventor! That was my immediate thought.
      Rebel Alliance HQ might be a bit too blatant.
      The Free Men’s Club, with the bar being the Manumission.
      Or going to the punny side, the Manu Mission.
      Perhaps membership cards could be called ‘Letters of Marque’?

    • RJL

      The Cleavage Club

    • Roboto

      To commemorate (fictional) spots of liberty in the face of overwhelming oppression:
      Farnham’s Freehold
      Galt’s Gulch

      • Roboto

        Or maybe District 13 from The Hunger Games.

    • Joe Black

      The Runaway Scrape for the club and Sam’s Jacinto for the bar, being ambiguous as to whether Sam is Sam Houston or Sam Owens.

  • SteveInCO

    Damon’s Domain (for the club)

  • Pamela

    Club-Freedoms Edge
    Bar-Guardians Grill and Gun Room

  • Calvin

    We are not silent, we are confused for the moment.

  • Calvin

    but we will not remain silent..

  • Calvin

    The Caballero!
    Dos Caballeros!
    Galt’s Club.
    The Red Line.

    • interventor

      Careful, with that Caballero as a name — different kind of club in Argentina for men only.

      • B Woodman

        As in “Gay . . . “

        • Calvin

          Gay had a different meaning in those days.

  • Daniel in Brookline

    On the Double D Ranch, hey? Well, if you don’t name the bar D@mn Dems, you should at least name a drink that…

    …or Damon’s Demons. (Hmm, that sounds more like a biker gang.)

    I like JTC’s suggestion: Double Down. (All double entendres count, of course.)

  • xdcpd085


    ( A Private club featuring the finest liquor, cigars and firearms)

    • B Woodman

      That goes along with the saying that “Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms” should be a convenience corner store, not a Guberment agency.
      (beats BATFEces)

      • That has always been one of my statements.

    • Unca Walt

      Well, DANG IT, you fast-typin’ devil. There I wuz, thinkin’ I was clever. The name fits so well, I’d like to join it.

      Of course, I would never join a club that would have me as a member (GM)

    • John Greer

      Go all the way:
      Barn of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms

  • Sejanus

    The Ready Room

  • B Woodman

    Let’s seee. . . . .
    The Double Dee, or the Double Down, for the club.
    The Inner Sanctum (BWHAHAHAHAHAHA – anyone else beside me remember that old radio play?) for the bar.

    • JTC

      That’s two for Double Downs, this here club a dimocracy, or a republic?

      And for that matter, The New Republic (oh yeah, been done, kinda)

      Or The Consulate, which is everything this club would be.

      • B Woodman

        Ummm. . . no, NOT “The New Republic”.
        That is the title of a leftist Libtard magazine that espouses anything BUT a Republic.

        • interventor

          The New Republic is the original progressive rag — 1911, or so.

          • JTC

            Yup, like I said, been done and badly, ruined a perfectly good word for a nearly perfect system of governance; actually Old Republic might be better…and “progressive” is another one that the regressives hijacked and ruined forever.

  • billf

    Sam’s Hot Spot,for more than one reason.

    • Grunt GI

      Oh, yea. I would vote for that name for the bar.

      The theme could be. “Play it again, Sam”.

      • B Woodman

        Does Sam play piano?

        • Grunt GI

          Well, if not, I’m sure she would look fine draped across it in her lake swimming outfit.

    • Grunt GI

      AND, of course, there would have to be the Sam sculpture from the old bar…

  • David Gonzalez

    IIRC, the Inner Sanctum began with a interminably-creaking door. The evil laughter wuz part of Lamont Cranston’s introduction:

    “Who knows . . . what evil . . . llllurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows! Here, cue the actor to begin the “BWHAHAHAHA” belly-laugh (as he gleefully twirls his Simon-Legree moustache). Used to listen in bed, with the covers forming a make-shift tent!

    • Unca Walt

      There it is.

  • Allan E.

    Freedoms Hall & The Tea Room

  • Kevin M

    The Lonesome Dive
    (w/Liquor up front and Poker in the rear)

  • Kevin M

    Damon’s Inferno

    “This isn’t Washington, DC, son. This is Texas; there are rules.”

  • Kevin M

    Damon’s Gentleman’s Club, Fish Hatchery & Koranic Incineration Facility

    …it’s late and I been drinkin’.

  • John

    The Patriots Club and The Snake Pit

  • larrikin

    Last of the Mericans Club
    Bar: the Ellformo

  • Phillip Garcia

    Call it the Sons of Liberty.

  • LifeofTheMind

    McSorley’s Old Ale House, it used to be for men.

  • Uffdaphil

    Gauchos for the bar. Pampas Norte for the club.

  • Kevin M

    For the Bar: Chesty Puller’s Canteen


    • B Woodman

      RINOS will be shot again.

      • John Greer

        Graves will be shallow and unmarked.

        • Pamela

          Excuse me, but you need to think of watershed contamination and local animals rooting around. Burn em and bury the ashes.

          Would you want to ingest bacon and ribs from a hawg that ate DemRhino swill?

  • Texas is a state of mind

    “Garry Ownes” for the club. “Pat’s” for the bar, as in Patrick Henry’s. Some thing about “red hair above the bar.
    Please note that “The Redneck County club ” in Houston, Texas is being used by 740Am radio host Michael Berry .
    Or “Captain Morgan ” for the club. and “Sam’s” for the bar. Note “Captain Morgan ” as in the pirate drinking rum. All names are designed to confuse everyone.

  • OpenTheDoor

    The Days Dawning, Club
    Sons of Liberty, Pub

  • B Woodman

    The club could do Double Duty (see what I did there?) as a feral pig hunting club. SO. . . with that in mind. . .
    The Wild Boar
    The Feral Boar
    NOT – The Boar – sounds too close to boor/bore
    Also NOT – The Big Bore (see above)
    The Capitalist Pig

    • B Woodman

      And yes, Double Duty is a submission for the name of the club.

  • Norm


  • John Carifidy

    ‘Pursuit of Happiness.’

  • eon

    I’m tempted to say The Diogenes Club, as in the Sherlock Holmes stories. It would be in keeping with Damon’s dignified demeanor.

    As for the bar, at Trek cons, we always called the bar The Bottom Half Of Infinity. Which would be in keeping with Damon, Sam, Zed. etc.’s sense of humor.



  • JavaMan

    The Draco Tavern – for the bar.

    Liberty Hall – for the club

  • nonncom

    “No Steers Here” club….for the bar “The Nobull Bar”….

  • Uffdaphil

    Paying homage to a famous Texas institution and to Zed’s talent – call the bar “Ghillie’s.”

    • DDS

      I like it!

  • Gudmunder

    If the ranch is the Double D, it is only “fitting” that the bra, err I mean bar, is the Cup Size.

  • Gudmunder

    And the club should be an homage to both the tavern that the Sons of Liberty met at and to Sam both. So how about either the Red Dragon Tavern or the Sam Adams Diner.

  • Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder

    What struck me most about the flights bringing “kids” from central america here was the adjacent story that our actual citizens in Yemen are abandoned and refused evacuation by our naval vessels off the coast near Aden port.

  • PaulS

    Club – “Gallows”
    Pub – “ReConstitution”

    • B Woodman

      . . . . . ReConstitution. . . . .
      I like it.

  • JTC

    The Bulls and Bares.

    For the wimminz-allowed bar of course, not for the men-only club. That would be disgusting.

  • Bill G

    With apologies if this has already been suggested, and with the assumption that this club is to have a mission…
    Give it the American name of the Mission that holds such an important place in Texas history, and hope it does not end the same way.
    The Cottonwoods.

  • Spin Drift

    To the millions silenced,”I feel a disturbance in the Force,” said Treybi-wan Gowdy to no one in particular.

    Name of Club: The Gulch at Molon Labe

    Name of the bar: Ayn’s Last Stand

    Hold Fast,

    Spin Drift

  • Snafu F. Ubar

    Declaration Club
    Papers Bar

    Declaration as in Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.
    (A declaration against the most powerful but wrong-headed then, exactly the same now.)
    Papers as in the Federalist Papers, a place to discuss the most important public matters.

  • DDS

    The Club: The Bigger Stick (as in “Speak softly and carry a… “)
    The Bar: Molon Labe Lounge

  • JimBob7

    Club name- The Patrol Base

    Bar “The ORP (Objective Rally Point)”

  • KenA

    Well, I was gonna say El Alamo Nuevo but someone said The Cottonwoods. Maybe some play on A Line in the Sand?

  • cb

    Lots of good names suggested already. If going to have gals visiting the bar might want restrooms named ‘Pointers’ & ‘Setters’.

  • JTC

    I’m guessing you’ll want to maintain a more staid atmosphere at the bar, but Dudes & Dolls does maintain the DD continuum, along with my Double Down club suggestion.

    Oh, and Chris…if I win can my prize be metals instead of medals? Gold, silver, brass, lead…any of those will do.

  • jack

    Atlas at Rest
    [ie from Ayn Rand]

    Sad Shooters
    [ie the sniper over at the main house]

  • You may want to keep this comment thread open an extra day or two, Chris, in order to give us some time to conjure up some names.

    For now, my first two choices off the top of my head (in no particular order):

    1) The LOD (Liberty or Death)

    2) The CCS (The Club of Common Sense)

    3) The DC (The Daily Constitutional)

    • 4) The Double Down Club

      5) The N&B (Nuts & Bolts)

      6) The Nip & Tuck

      • JTC

        That’s five for Double Down! DINGDINGDING!

  • RegT

    Democrats Demise (not “Democrat’s”)

  • Redleg

    Club–Blade and Wing
    Bar–Observation Post

  • B Woodman

    Mr Koskinen needs to be “skin”ned (but not eaten -ewww)

    • interventor

      Fed to wolves, perhaps.

      • OldGeek

        After skinning, fed to the feral hogs.

  • B Woodman

    I’m liking “The Double Dee” more and more. Fits in with the name of the ranch. And the second “Dee” could be left to the imagination to be filled in with whatever seems appropriate at the moment (Down, or bra size, or. . . ).

  • BPS

    Under the Wire
    The bar serves drinks in A, though F cup sizes

  • OldGeek

    For the club: Liberty Hall
    For the bar: Second Amendment

    Extra: On the door to the Club, “Non illegitimus carborundum”

  • For the pub…Double Down. For the club…Lexington Green. “Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon. But if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.” -Capt. John Parker-

  • Chris Muir

    Day by Day Cartoon Ok, winners are Jeff Talbut for the bar (The Long Shot), and Jack White and JTC for the club (Double Down)! so you guys send me your addresses so I can send some goodies your me at I also need a pic of each of you(u can skip that if you want) so I can have you appear at the club.Mary Woods gets some goodies too,’cause she was so close!Everybody else,THANKYA!!! best readers,anywhere.

    • Grunt GI

      So as a door prize for your peeps, how about a picture showing what the ol’ Sam bar sculpture looks like?

      • Chris Muir

        That sculpture will hang over the bar, oh yes.

  • RobertP

    D Taggart Bar
    D Club – Self Evident Truths

  • JTC

    Thankya, thankyaveramuch…oh wait, that’s Elvis P. not Jack W.

    Anyway thanks for the (shared) honor; email incoming for my metals ‘n shit (.22, .223, .38+P, 9mm please 😉 )…pic of my ugly mug too if you think that won’t ruin the Double Down’s reputation before it even has one.

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