Day By Day


  • Wayne M

    So many difficult choices…

    • Gideon Reed

      Another Keyboard Muir? They’re stacking up.

  • JermCool

    Constantin Films has just issued a takedown notice for this webcomic.

  • Fox2!

    Befehl ist Befehl

  • Fox2!

    Steiner …

  • Facepalm.

  • You know, it turns out there is now a Downfall Generator site, where you can easily plug in your own subtitles.

  • Missed yesterday’s comic, but I would have suggested “Cooters” Which is a slang term for….

    You can guess.

    • RegT

      Definition of COOTER
      chiefly Southern
      : any of several freshwater turtles (genus Pseudemys syn. Chrysemys, especially P. concinna) especially of the southern and eastern United States

      The real definition predates the slang by many years.

      There is a great bar/restaurant in N.O. called Cooter Brown’s. Western style, damn near any national/international beer you can think of, and great alligator sausage (boudin) sandwiches.

      That said, the slang definition works for me, too, Dr. M.

  • Willik

    Are you ‘home’ in Texas fully now?
    If so, welcome home!

  • B Woodman

    I agree. The logisitics is getting to be as complicated as a major military invasion and defense.

  • interventor

    Zed, I’d say don’t get on Sam’s wrong side. However, she doesn’t have a wrong side — looks good from every angle.

  • Patrick Dennis

    Chris, how about a updating the “About” cast profiles? Can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m losing track.

  • If the guest house is BETWEEN the Barn/Club and the Lake… then the members of the Gentlemen’s Club WON’T be able to take in the wonderful skinny dipping vista. 🙁

    • Chris Muir

      Privacy.They won’t, but you will.

      • B Woodman

        Chris, Thank you for keeping us readers in mind (sigh)

  • Pamela

    I realize that there are some parts of the male anatomy you can’t show even in this venue, but maybe something to sigh upon for those of the female portion of the species….

    • Chris Muir

      I know, it’s unfair,but we’re kind ‘out there’, rather graphic,I’m afraid.oar shirtless men, I promise.

      • Pamela

        So the hidden visuals will be left to our imaginations…

        • Chris Muir

          Butt shot here and there a side profile, maybe…

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