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  • John M.

    Just because there’s snow on the roof doesn’t mean the fire’s gone out in the furnace!

  • No. It’s the Civil War, continued.

    Every word after that misconception is true, and applies exactly now as it did then.

    The “North”, as represented by First Rino Lincoln then and by First Zombie Biden now, was and is by and for socialist elites…and slavery, weaponized and monetized.

    Control. Always follow the control. And the money. Control/money. Money/control.

    Sam better appreciate that lux gray mane on Zed; as the man said (yeah, this man), “I didn’t mind so much it turning gray but it’s a bitch that it’s now turning loose.” šŸ™

  • Tom Paul

    Gray is the new… Aw, hell. I got nothing.

    • Henry

      Halo. Iā€™m going with halo.

    • WayneM

      When my wife suggested I let my goatee grow out into a beard, I pointed out how much gray I had and suggested it might be better to shave it off than add to it… but she’s very persuasive…

      Sooo I’m working on getting qualified to join ZZ Top… I’m now around 4 inches of beard and there’s more salt than pepper… so as we were wandering the aisles of the local grocery store looking for toothpaste, I pointed to “Just For Men” and she said “Don’t you dare!!”

      Apparently gray is sexy on men… or at least to my wife…

  • Halley

    A Silver Fox may enjoy certain advantages.. ; )

  • Mike-SMO

    ‘Cept for the bald shiney part. Need a cap, hoodie, or some “‘shadow”.

    Might explain the “Provo” pull downs…….

  • Halley

    In the war the minority Blue states are waging against the majority Red states, Sydney Powell, Mike Lindell and Patrick Byrne should be nominated for Nobel Peace Prizes.
    the coup vs the science

    • Some of the actual warriors. But hold off on the prizes until their hard work and science reverses (or defeats) the coup.

      The former is virtually impossible, as they are proving with their completely ignored research and data, and the latter will require many more warriors behind the lines like them and many MANY more on the lines like us, once we stop only venting our hurt, anger, and resolve online and move it to the line. Sooner than later.


      That is not to detract from the incredible strength and bravery

      • Crap, cut me off.

        That is not to detract from the incredible strength and bravery of these warriors, they are sacrificing everything to do what is right. And once victory is ours, they will be just compensated.

  • James/G

    Actually, it is more along the lines of Blue cities Vs Red rural/suburban. And even that is an oversimplification, as you have Red Conservatives/Moderates who live and work in the various dens of Evil. Hell, I’m gainfully employed, making ariund $1,200-$1,300/ month, and I am living on the streets. With some luck, that situation may improve soon, but I’m figuring out where to set up a tent longterm, and looking at contingecy plans if it gets violent. Fortunately, while Orlando is Blue, it isn’t the kind of crazy blue like Portland or Chicago and Denver…

  • Shooter 2.5

    Urban against Rural. The Urban people have no idea were their food comes from. They don’t understand what makes their manufactured goods. They do understand if someone has something, they want it.

  • James Gemind

    I asked a wrong-think question at that site again;

    Is the ‘Dangerous Speech’ bill under consideration just another form of Dystopian Censorship? [closed]

    Took less than an hour for these wusses to close it to keep others from seeing it.

    I am on timeout for seven days, of course. My next question will be a seriuos one for them to deal with, because it will involve actual hard science. ‘What color can the sky be and still be a human-breathable atmosphere?’

  • “The Blue, The Red, and the Gray.”

    Yes. But you forgot the Green. Always follow the Green.

  • Auntie Venom

    Don’t worry about the bare spot; like the old saying goes – ‘all men make testosterone, some of ’em waste theirs’s on growing hair.’

    • cb

      Solar powered sex machine.

  • Ol' county boy

    I am going to go a little off topic here, but I think it is significant to your audience here. The two finalists in the NCAA tournament are private religious universities. One smaller and one big. What happened to all the big, taxpayer funded, power houses? As all dhimocrapts, socialists, communists, etc. believe, the measure of the education level of a University or college is how well they do athletically.

  • Steveb919

    I’m gray too. I love it.

  • James Gemind

    Hey, if anyone can manage to do so, please go and ‘Up-vote’ my question! It should drive those wusses crazy… šŸ™‚

    • Punta Gorda

      Tried to. Even made my bullshit registration valid. Mush heads won’t let me participate.

      Fuck them


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