Day By Day


  • Steve_1066

    Terminator 1 looks more life-like!

    • All she needs to stand up is 24vdc to the correct servos.

  • Pelosi looks likes she’s had enough face lifts for the nether regions to be re-aligned that she can truthfully wear white.

    Which is probably the only time I’ll use the word truthfully in regards to her.

    JTC: From yesterday, I was strictly looking short term effect. Long term I’d stretch your time line to the mid-term elections.

    • Interventor

      Looked like skin stretched over a skull — bad taxidermy.


      There’s an old joke about ‘so many facelifts that she has a goatee’.

  • WayneM

    You know… I’ve often wondered where I’d seen Pelosi before…

    Anyone else familiar with Yzma, the antagonist from the animated movie “The Emperor’s New Groove” (voiced by Eartha Kitt)? Separated at birth?

    • Ozymandias

      The Phantom of the Opera?

    • Calvin

      Said it many times over the years. Pelosi is a dead ringer in both looks and performance.

  • Grunt GI

    Holy cow, she looks like some Zombie Bitch from hell!! (Nancy not Sam:))

    Seriously you could tell she was so farkin’ pissed off, knowing she has NO power and is useless for the next 2…maybe 4….hopefully 8 years…or hell maybe until she retires. I don’t think the botox shots are working anymore.

    Seriously…new rule…less Nancy Zombie…more Sam…cooking…naked…with Jan as her sous chef…naked….

    Oyyy I can’t take much more of these lunatics.

    • MudMarine

      Yeah, I agree. We need a reality/fantasy reset after dealing with dems, msms, Libs, etc. Please Chris? Just one day of beautiful fantasy?

      Have pity. Men & Women have needs. Maybe a Sparta revisit, fix all of us up?

  • formwiz

    Actually, it’s an 86 year acting career.

  • Big Jim

    I just keep wondering why a tornado hasn’t dropped a house on her.

    • What do you have against houses?

      • Interventor

        Perhaps, an old outhouse.

  • Spin Drift

    “Toto, I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore.” Stuff a cork in it bitch, some guy who looks like a cheesdoodle is trying to pull the curtain back.

    “If I only had a brain” was said by Democraps everywhere.

  • Doc Epador

    The cycling gif of her swallowing at SOTU made me think

    Kinda hard to get that taste out of your mouth from kissing Barak’s ass for 8 years, huh?

  • KenH

    Else, you are going to literally presiding over the death and burial of the RAT Party. It Died Last Night. within 4 years, the corpse will be rotted hollow

    • Grunt GI

      OK, NO doubt about, Ivanka is clearly the hottest First Daughter ever.

      And she has the brains to match…almost make you feel bad for Chelsea (Hubble) Clinton. Just not even in the same category.

      Seriously, the Donald should be grooming her to run for office…that would REALLY make the DemocRATS heads explode.

      Which in Nancy’s case would be an improvement.

      • Calvin

        I don’t doubt that they already are grooming her. Depending on where they live in New York City, they could have a Chelsea versus Ivanka match up.

        • John M.

          Put Ivanka up against Chelsea in the 2018 race for Gillibrand’s seat? The primary could be interesting, since Caroline Kennedy also wants the seat…

    • JTC

      Guess lefturds are liars the world over…the story says a Four! Thousand! Dollar! Dress!…but later in parentheses says (US$2995). Yeah it’s an Aussie site so they were talking Aussie dollars I guess but that breathless blurb was not aimed at the outback was it?

      Wonder what they were saying about those hideous horseblankets the “designers” were throwing over the Beast a few months back?

    • Well, then they wouldn’t like my prom dress, either, and I don’t care.

      Bullies be bullies. Sad.

      • Deplorable B Woodman

        For a moment there, I thought I read “porn dress”.

        Never mind…..

    • Interventor

      Real Ladies in White, demonstrating in Cuba for their disappeared men. They risk beating, prison and rape. Mostly, black as Cuba is the most racist nation in the western hemisphere.

  • AlphaMike

    To say that she showed her true colors would be to commit the error of assuming she had any color to begin with. Ghouls, as we all know, only come in the starkest and coldest white.

    As Trump continues his work of reshaping the American government into a pro-American body, before very long the situation will come to a much-needed and long overdue head. The Pelosis and other assorted treasonous ghouls will be forced to make the ultimate decision about where their loyalties truly lie. We already know the answer to that question, of course, and so do they. This is why they are getting more visibly nervous almost by the hour—-they know they have been exposed and will be laid ever more bare as their motives become undeniable (my apologies for inadvertently causing anyone to picture Nancy Pelosi “bare” just now).

    As treason is a high crime, I feel fairly optimistic that these criminals, along with those among the citizenry that back them, will finish up in a manner similar to the departed but scarcely lamented Rosenbergs. Barring that, deportation to Mexico is another likely and almost as desirable possibility.

    Imagine the Hildabeest snagging her cankles on the sharp spikes atop the border wall as she attempts to scale it, her yelp of pain causing her to lose balance and break her neck on the ground below in front of a pleasantly surprised border guard.

    • Doc Epador

      Ahh what a fantastic fantasy

      • AlphaMike

        I feel fairly confident that Trump will have the cajones to make it very much a reality. The cucks in Congress are quickly falling in line behind him now that we have them running scared, and they will soon come to understand that “America first” means Americans first. The likes of Pelosian ghouls, the Hildabeest and pink pussyhat-wearers are not Americans, and are not subject to any considerations as such. Their days within our borders are numbered, as are quite possibly their days on this mortal plane.

    • Interventor

      Rosenbergs executed for espionage.

      • AlphaMike

        An especially insidious form of treason. But the form chosen by the likes of the ‘rats and their voters is no less destructive and no less meriting of decisive justice.

  • JohninMd.(Help!?!!)

    “That’s OK, Nan, we hate your guts too, you Botox-crazed bitch….”

  • JTC

    Damn, every time I refresh the page that beady-eyed monster is looking right at me and FREAKING ME THE FUCK OUT!

    Going have to join the chorus of red-blooded horn-dogs upthread and implore the resident artiste for a little DBD TNA respite.

    Please. Pretty please. Okay, pretty please with a (ahem) cherry on top. Or bottom. Whatever it takes to get that evil dead stare out of my head!

    • Pamela


      Maybe this will help…

      time grows short
      the day is fairly done
      from memory I recall
      the day you spoke
      to me in tongues

      • Vince


    • Interventor

      Used to see her up close. Even worse.

    • PaulS

      “Happy, Happy times…..happier than Sam leaning over to serve more beer and ribs….”

      I’ve never been able to see Sams ribs when she leans over.

  • epilitimus

    Maybe it’s just me but it looks like in addition to being a robotic looking freakazoid she is cross-eyed. I think that is probably one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time.

    Chris, if it is just me please let me live in delusion a while, having that creature being from the same state I live in is depressing enough, even if she is from south of here (for those not from CA the nutjub quotient goes up the further south you go in the state, and no “northern” california does not begin at the T)

    • epilitimus

      Damn keyboard…
      does not begin at the Tehachapi mountains.)

    • Calvin

      Nancy is not from California, she just lives there. Nancy is from a Maryland crime family. Her father, Thomas D’Alesandro Jr, was mayor of Baltimore at one time. He had to leave politics because of a money laundering and conspiracy charge. Her brother Tommie the III was also mayor of Baltimore but he messed up so bad that he couldn’t get elected dog catcher.

      • epilitimus

        Unfortunately she does represent a part of CA.

    • epilitimus

      If extraterrestrials are real she is definitely a reptiiloid.

      Or she is related to Skelator from the He-Man cartoons.

    • Pamela

      I happen to live in Orange County and a goodly percentage of said the nut jobs reside further north. I’m just thankful I am not in her district.
      She needs to go away.

      • epilitimus

        There are exceptions to every rule 🙂

        As for her going away, yes. But considering the district she represents it is likely they will elect someone even worse. They wouldn’t want Mass. to corner the “foam at the mouth” brigade..

  • Pelosi is as close to senile as you can get. I’m waiting for that moment when she does more than just stub her verbal toe, something like that moron Hank Johnson stating his fears that Guam would tip over if 8,000 Marines were stationed there. They ALL need to have that kind of public embarrassment. I don’t think it’s too far off. We must be patient.

  • Pete231

    To paraphrase Oscar Levant : “I knew Nancy Pelosi before she was a virgin.”

  • Thundercloud65

    Funny thing I heard on TV.

    I was watching Hannity. He was showing a clip of Rosie O’Donnel screaming her insane BS at a crowd of her fans.

    Bob Beckel commented; ” Can you imagine waking up to next to that in the morning.”

    • JTC

      OMG T65, Pamela had salved my mindhurt with her gentle, breathy words dripping in…well you know, and you had to go ahead and invoke THAT?

      Thanks, dude…remember payback’s a bitch. :O

  • That second frame? I’m thinking that’s a bingo.

  • Bill G

    What would the awards for Political Acting be called? The Lefty Awards already exist, which takes my first response off the table.

    • PaulS

      The GawkCzars.

  • CaptDMO

    “Refused to stand up”?
    In fairness, risking that “sudden anal leakage” side effect of Progressive Socialism
    can be embarrassing. THAT’S why such folk espouse BOHICA every time they brush up against a lectern.
    “Did not attend?”
    In fairness, a LOT of times the physically, and mentally, infirm cannot comfortably commit to exuberant
    social events outside their comfort zone.

  • Mike Seden

    Did anyone hear about Rosie O’Donnell’s meltdown on President Trump?

    • Pamela

      Clean up on Aisle… er… make that Someone call the EPA for a Toxic Cleanup. Set up a No Go perimeter for a 20 mile circumference.

  • Dread

    If there is anyone that needs deporting, it is those brain damaged inbreeds that keep electing the likes of Pelosi.

    • NotYetInACamp

      No member of an invading army, nor the entourage of an invading army, nor the children born of the invading army ever become citizens.

      The invading armies that crashed over the borders at the order of their nations are the ones Pelosi and her ilk have welcomed as the fture of the democratic Party and their future election victories.

      Make Mexico Great Again.

      Give Mexico back up to 40,000,000 Mexicans.

      It has been said that one third of Mexico is in the USA. Invaders.

      That is applying the law. See the dicta in Wong vs USA.

      Trump may have a bigger heart than me? Maybe not? President Trump may care for the citizens of the USA as I believe the law requires us to be concerned.

      All cannot happen at once. Pelosi is gobsmacked and struck dumb at how much has happened in so little time when an American became President again.

      Worldwide the nationalist Juggernaut is rising and empowering good people.

      Don’t mistake President Trump’s kindness and the kindness of the nationalists for weakness.

  • It’s not that she’s incapable of any emotion.

    She was the proverbial human “Jill-in-the-box” when her Messiah said anything.

  • Spin Drift

    With all the cooked up baloney being created by the MSM (spit), will you add a “Nothing Burger” made with Moscow Meat to the DDQ menu? It would be the vegan item on the menu too as it would be invisible to all but liberal pundits and talking heads. It could also come with “Emperor’s New Clothes” sauce for that extra zing.

    Bon Apetitty

    • NotYetInACamp

      I didn’t see what you made there.

  • Spin Drift

    Also, I think the RINO’s dog piling on sessions should be shot, beaten and then shot again. One upside to this is the traitors in our midst are showing their true colors for all to see. Name them all and I’ll start with McStain.

    Rope, tree, RINO some assembly required.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Some MSM and Progressive / leftists do not understand that you can be shot and not die. You understand that.
      It also is true that a person can be scalped and not die. I had a distant cousin experience that during the Black Hawk Wars in the early 1800’s. So much has to do with relativity. Relativity also determines much of severity.

      Apply the Law, US AG Sessions.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Pelosi hating Americans. Hence why she was important in importing so many non Americans to replace Americans and keep her power and her dark dark vision for America’s transformation continuing.

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