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  • Wayne M

    So it wasn’t just me who thought the Beav was a bit of a risque name. 😀

    It appears Sam just indulged in a bit of feminine judgment right there…

    • JSStryker

      Most risque thing ever said on tv back then “Ward you were a little hard on the Beaver last night.” 😀

  • Roessel

    So what could go wrong? We await the further adventures.

    • Gideon Reed

      You can bet your butt that there will be a plethora of Democrat Polititurds each with their grubby paws out for a “donation” or “in kind” service, at someone elses expense.
      (I hereby grant permission to use the term “polititurd” as you will.)

  • Greg B

    Tell me Sam will be headlining.
    Yeah. I went there.
    Don’t pretend no one else was thinking the same thing.

    • Jimmy D

      Skye instead of Sam?

      • SteveInCO

        False dichotomy when “both” is at least theoretically possible.

  • piotr1600


  • B Woodman

    “Beaver Cleaver”. Hadn’t thought of that in a loooooong time. I came into Leave It To Beaver in reruns, and wasn’t much of a fan then.

    And once again, Chris shows himself to be the Master Punster and Wordsmith. I’d love to see his reference library and research methods. I humbly bow before his munificence.

  • interventor

    Problem with English — Brit and US. In the US, a gentlemen’s club is a strip club, where gentlemen are rarely found. In other parlance, a gentlemen’s club is of the London sort — rather exclusive, with wingback chairs and ottomans. A Pakistani acquaintance of mine who owned a wine and cigar store desired to expand into a cigar bar modeled on the London model When he used the term gentlemen’s club, the zoning and city personnel went ballistic. Further explanation was necessary to say the least.

    • Chris Muir

      like Garrick’s.

      • Bill G

        Like the setting of many a short story. I was about to name Clarke’s “Tales From The White Hart” before recalling those were set in a pub. Sterling Lanier’s The Brigadier ffellowes stories were of the type set in a club, on this side of the pond.

        • eon

          Lord Dunsany’s Joseph Jorkens stories fit the template exactly. As opposed to Fletcher Pratt & L.Sprague de Camp’s Gavagan’s Bar or Spider Robinson’s Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon stories.

          Of course there’s always Commander McBragg. 😉



  • B Woodman

    If Damon DOES open his “club” up at the Double D, Sam and Naomi can reprise their jobs as bartenders.

    • “If you build it, they will come….”

      • Kevin M


        Nice one, Centurion. Like it, like it.

  • formwiz

    Maybe Sam and doubles as the star attraction.

    Consider the possibilities.

    • MasterDiver

      And we will see the return of Sam’s bar sculpture! Zed saved it when they closed the bar ;-)>

  • JTC

    The Beaver Cleaver…good name for the club, located at the Double D, very experienced live-in bouncer, sounds like a plan!

  • “If you build it, they will come.”

    • Hmmmm, where have I heard that before?

      • Wayne M

        Tagline from the guy who invented the vibrator?

  • Snafu F. Ubar

    Wade, this is Damon; Damon, this is Wade.

    • Wade might well be cool with that concept. Risque old bugger that he is.

      • interventor

        Careful there. To the Brits, bugger is another word we interpret differently.

  • You misspelled judgment. Only one ‘e’.

    • Bad Cyborg

      Actually, either spelling CAN be “correct” for certain values of “correct”. The form with your alleged supernumary “e”, is generally used in reference to the ruling of a judge. But don’t take my word for it. Look up “judgment vs judgement”. You’ll see.

      Besides, who hired YOU for the grammar police?

      • Kevin M

        I am the grammar and the SPELLING police.

        Learn your place, prog.

  • Bill G

    And mass confusion begins, as the English language clashes with American.

  • Fuzzbutt369

    I thought the club would be more along the lines of Sherlock Holmes’ brother Mycroft ‘Diogenes Club’.

    • Chris Muir


  • Pamela

    Interesting. So will The Manager be hanging around to grace the environs?

  • Uffdaphil

    Finally Skye can become a productive member of society.

    • Unca Walt


    • Daniel in Brookline

      Skye breast-feeds, doesn’t she? I’d say that makes her a productive member of society already.

  • If they tell jokes, it could be a Comic Strip club….

    • Heh! 😀

  • Gideon Reed

    If they showcase a South African Anti-Semite, “Comic”, who is not
    particularly smart, nor in any manner funny, they can be guarented
    of lots of “Flood” references. Apre laDeluge?

  • Bad Cyborg

    Not too sure it’s gonna work. The ranch is out in (correct me if I’m wrong) west Texas – i.e. the part of the state once described as “miles and miles and miles of nothing but miles and miles and miles”. Lots of land but damned few potential paying customers, if you catch my drift. There’re counties out there that could pretty much swallow all of New England whole. But VERY few folks live out there.

    • Wayne M

      They do have facilities for air traffic though…

    • JTC

      Strategically placed signage:

      chicas desnudas!
      licor barato!

      Oh yes, they will come.

  • interventor

    General Sherman said if he owned west Texas and Hell, he would live in Hell and rent out west Texas. Pre-Civil War, he was stationed at Ft Bliss. I deployed to Iraq from Ft Bliss. Still not sure which place was hotter.

  • JTC

    “Still not sure which place was hotter.”

    Once Beaver Cleaver at the DD is up and coming, there will be doubt.

  • JTC

    urk…”no doubt”

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