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  • WayneM

    That’s definitely an attention-getting colour… bwahahaha!!

  • epador

    Yep, its definitely Breast Cancer Awareness Month Pink. If the ol’ NFL guys can wear pink gloves, towels and shoes, why can’t Wade drive a pink ‘vette? Guess he doesn’t watch those sissy sports on TV.

  • Kafiroon

    The old chicken farmer said my 289 was only short the racing cam and headers. it was fast enough to keep me in party money and the “baby sheet green” only encouraged those that didn’t know better to lay their money down.
    Color doesn’t matter.

    • Kafiroon

      Also as people noted yesterday… Power to weight and Don’t waste time smoking tires.

  • That ain’t no Barbie coming, but likely she’s secure enough to deal with a pink ‘vette, considering that she and it are totally badass “under the hood”.

    Some girls ain’t. I had a female corrections officer trade an AR-15 in Muddy Girl (pink camo) for a blacked out AR-10, saying she didn’t know why her husband got it for her since she wasn’t a “girly-girl”. And I guess she ain’t, cause that AR-10 is a .308 beast for anybody to handle.

    BTW Chris, the art in that second panel is incredible; feels like I’m there.

    • That comment was based on thinking that’s Naomi coming in the Escalade…maybe it’s Jan though. Either way, not a Barbie.

      • B Woodman

        Not Naomi. Hair’s too long, and the wrong color. But you’re right — no Barbie’s – wait- – – stop – – Let me back up a minute. Would Skye count as a “Barbie”? I think that would be an insult to all Barbie’s everywhere, to be compared to Skye.

        • Lonny Bridges

          She’s got the boobs, she’s got the brains, just got the wrong color hair.

          • SheepDog

            It certainly looks like Jan.

      • Yeah, Jan. What threw me was the vernacular…”Yes. I drive stick. What?”
        “Sounded” kinda Russkie to me, and I figured since ‘Toly was already involved it’d be Naomi. And odd that Jan’d go since she and Damon were together. But, hair etc., it’s Jan.

        • And the dress/jacket ensemble…

  • formwiz

    Gotta ask – who’s Rhett?

    • Real dude who sponsored yesterday’s ‘toon and gets a cameo gig on DBD.

      • Will

        You were correct on BelAir yesterday. Damn memory. I don’t normally name it, but since the ‘toon was about a ‘Vette, I didn’t want people to think I had butchered a ’57 Vette by swapping a big block into one. IIRC, you had to chop them up somewhat to fit it in. The big car still required firewall reshaping to clear the distributor, and the exhaust system was a bitch. Mechanical fuel pump couldn’t be used, either, due to clearance issues. Two electric pumps to feed it.

        It sounded so radical at idle that no one in the South Philly area would race me. The fact that it could show moonlight under the front wheels when shifting 2nd might have been a factor. 🙂 There was a couple of hellacious 57’s showing up at those street races, so I think I was confused with them, by people who saw/heard BB/’57 Chevy. I was not in their class, but the idle made the whole car rock side to side. Very intimidating to onlookers! Funny thing is my mother used to borrow it on occasion.

  • Swansonic

    Not knowing the distance involved, would the ‘Vette have enough fuel to make it back to the ranch after that speed run?

    I’d rather be seen driving a pink ‘Vette than pushing one….

  • OldBurgie

    Whats the beam coming from 4 O’clock and is that the tail beacon, or something else?

    • Tail beacon.

  • Toly better be ready to set that egg beater down before the air puts him down.

  • B Woodman

    Yep, that’s one way you can tell you’re in Texas . . . Gotta use a satellite phone to make calls. Distances are SOOOOO wide apart, and most likely no standard cell service or towers. Especially for those places where, even if there IS a road, maybe one car per day passes through. Maybe.

  • 'TreHammer

    Jeez, I’ve been following DBD since just about the beginning and I can’t believe how much ‘toon-based detail I still miss each time I read the daily offering. Thanks to everyone for pitching in with comments and insights.

  • cb

    Nice sky colors out Jan’s window… storm is gone ?

  • Spin Drift

    Red Sky at night, Salior’s delight, Red sky at morn, sailor takes warn.

    Spin Drift

  • RegT

    Although max speed for a Schweizer 300/Sikorsky S-300 is 109 mph, the fact that it can draw a “line” (shortest distance between two points) makes it the “go-to” vehicle here. Not to mention (personal observation) it’s even more fun than driving that Vette.

  • Pete in NC

    Ok, I missed it. How did Jan get there? Last I looked, it was Wade in the ‘vette, ‘Toly in the chopper with Rhett. Did Jan ride out with Wade?

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