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  • Kafiroon


    • JTC

      Jo too!

  • Too Tall

    It would appear that the temperatures of our human social structures are approaching 451 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Gunpowder (black powder) ignites at 801 degrees Fahrenheit.

    However, modern smokeless powders ignite at 320 to 338 degrees Fahrenheit and military grade high explosives will ignite at 440 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Jes’ sayin ….

    • eon

      Considering Jordan Peterson’s recent experiences with Penguin, we may soon be seeing Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 become reality.

      And as Heinrich Heine said of the Nazis,

      Where they burn books, they will also ultimately burn people.

      clear ether


      • WayneM

        I like Douglas Murray’s “take” on how to deal with the cry-bullies protesting the company daring to do Peterson’s publication…

        Fire them. Do your job or you’re fired. There’s plenty more where they came from.

  • Pamela

    Skye…what’s with the belly
    These days cool is wonderful

    • Chris Muir


    • JTC

      Cool and shiny! Again, Jo too!

      That sweet belly? What looks a bit preggers at first glance, is in fact a dazzling use of shade and shadow…zoom in to see the gorgeous truth. Not that “with child” isn’t gorgeous too. But Jan is how old? Damn.

      Hellawesome art there Mr. Muir.

      • Browncoat

        Heh… (Trying to replicate Mal’s initial reaction to finding River in the cryo box)…
        Jo has an ‘outie’.

        • PaulS

          Several! 😉

        • Pamela

          That was a fun scene

  • Mike-SMO

    Make sure Jo’s fully charged. Things seem to be heating up over in Georgia. You know that there will be no follow up on that “accident”. Masybe just a friendly warning like with “Whitey”.

    • Halley

      Given what we now know of the mafia-esque nature of the “Democrat Party” one may be forgiven for suspecting that the GA “accident” is just the visible tip of a huge iceberg tentacled to every ice-cold thought and action in the DC swamp. How many threats, hitmen and blackmail lies at the root of weak-kneed (kneecapped) GOP “bipartisanship” and otherwise inexplicable acquiescence to the Dark Side?

      • NotYetInACamp

        How’s Seth Rich doing these days? Oh!. Yeah. I remember now.

  • My Way or -->

    I wonder…. if Jo could self-duplicate and then recoup all duplicates… what a way to freak the Other Side (giggle).

  • Buck

    Taking out the driver of a senatorial candidate in an election that could (as well as some others) turn the gov’t. Chinese may be a “yea wanna play that game” challenge to the takedown of Gina Haspel of the CIA in Frankfurt where a firefight took out 5 soldiers at the scene and a Dominion computer became evidence.
    In one approach Occam’s Razor doesn’t take politics into account but on the other hand it explains it all. Meh

  • DogByte6RER

    Oh, no … I see what appears to be a couple of blemishes on Jo’s metallic exterior.

    Although today is Saturday, I volunteer to hand buff those blemishes away.

    I was taught and raised to leave things better than when you found them.

    The sacrifices I make …

    • Mikey72

      If you’re going to hand buff them, I recommend wool mitts.

  • Redleg

    Prejudices Quotes Showing 1-2 of 2
    “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.” H. L. Mencken

    I’ve always thought of as being metaphorical, but lately, I’m beginning to take it literally.

  • Bob in Houston

    Uh oh, Jan got another bun in the oven?? There will be enough to field a baseball team soon!

    • JTC

      An illusion Bob…as mentioned above, zoom in on that sweet Jan belly to check out what is actually a lovely (but understated and feminine) pack of abs.
      Great artwork.

    • JTC

      Tell it to that pod gov of yours Pam. He is shutting down the state?

      Only ones who need to stay home are those old and susceptible and with current ailments that make them at risk, not just for this virus but others too. Younger healthier people need to go about their free and normal lives to encourage the antibody immunity necessary to reach 40% “positive” which will wane the spread naturally, aided by vaccines for those amenable to that.

      Are they stupid or evil or both?

      • PaulS

        “ Are they stupid or evil or both?”

        I think diabolical is the word that works.

        Or phuqwit!, but now I’m just being redundant. 😉


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