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  • Wayne M

    Either percussive repair (ala Fonzie) or reboot (ala Kickass)… 🙂

    • B Woodman

      Ahhh. . . What we used to call “bench maintenance” (pick up military radio three to six inches above the bench, and drop). Sometimes it worked, other times. . . . .

      • Wayne M

        As long as the magic smoke doesn’t escape, repair was possible. As soon as the smoke got out, all bets were off.

      • pyodice

        That was standard for some navy computer modules, too. Re-seated the cards uniformly.

  • JTC

    All these ‘bots, looks like somebody would reboot a Reagan. Shouldn’t be that hard; he believed what he believed, said what he said, did what he did, and stuck to his guns, as it were. Hell, a Ronnie hologram would beat anything that’s lining up right now.

  • B Woodman

    Shades of “Futureworld”!! That would explain a lot!
    (anyone else remember that movie?)

    • Ryk E Lee

      Futureworld was a spinoff from Westworld, right?

      • B Woodman


    • Leo AutoDidact

      I remember “Westworld,” “Futureworld,” and the TV Series! (It didn’t run very long.)

      (BTW – “FutureWorld” is out on DVD at last!)

  • Morris

    Reboot? What, again??? 😛

  • Ed

    If they build a Billy Jeff Clinton ‘bot, “retool” may just take on a whole new meaning.

    • Pamela

      Only if the retool comes with a shrinky-dink option.

      • Shrinky-dink !!!
        Shame on you !!!
        You better put up a SPEW ALERT when you post this stuff or you will be buying me a monitor !!!
        I am soooo stealing this !!!
        Shrinky-dink, I just LOVE it !!!

  • Bill G

    I guess the Slick ‘bot got cross-programmed with a multi-purpose produce handling unit so that he just can’t help grabbing for anything that looks round and soft?

  • eon

    They’re the Capitol party. But someone should explain to them that coming across like Max Quordlepleen at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe doesn’t do much for their credibility.

    (“If you were as smart as we are, you would understand how awesome everything we do to you is!”)

    And the nasal voices and motiveless “smiles” (more like grimaces) have got to go.

    (“Happiness will prevail!”) (?)



  • OpenTheDoor

    Judging by his gutting of our military, I think O’Baja really did mean Corpseman.
    Say what you like about Dub’s accent, he never denigrated those who serve, eh?

  • Gideon Reed

    Re: “W”.
    At least the heart module was properly installed in the correct bay and worked
    pretty damned well.

    • JcTPatriot

      Damn right, thank you. He always did what he felt was right in his heart, and the polls be damned. He didn’t care one wit what the New York Times had to say about him, unlike the current preening narcissistic bunch of Mao lovers currently in the White House. How he chose to pronounce words didn’t mean a thing to me.

    • Agreed!

      “W” has heart, balls, and a brain. And he loves our Nation.

      Who cares how he mispronounced “nuclear”. The speech he delivered on September 14, 2001 at the National Cathedral in Washington DC was a great speech:

      After hearing his speech on TV on that day, I realized what a bunch of stupid f*cks the liberals are. I became, and I continue to be, a conservative American.

  • NanGee

    You’ve never heard Obama say “nuclear” because he doesn’t believe there is any such thing. Why he’s willing to give the American farm to Tehran. If he doesn’t talk about it — ignores it — it will just go away.

    Like Chicago / LA / NY / Seattle after the mullahs finish with us, with the Commander in Chief’s blessings.

  • Neil Frandsen

    Writing as a retired seismic surveyor, wih lots of time riding with x-military pilots in Bush Planes and in Helicopters, I keep remembering George W. Bush’s time as an Interceptor Pilot. Imagine being at the end of the runway, launching to hunt an unknown, knowing that coming back was not guranteed…
    Plus, takeoff was done, unless the tornado was on the other end of the runway…

    • John Greer

      And even then you just waited to get the tailwind.

  • Nice to know there are no sacred heifers here !!!

  • nonncom

    GW was ok….at least he knew how to throw out the first pitch….

    • SteveInCO

      He was an improvement over Bill Cl*nton, who never did get around to throwing out the First Bitch.

  • jdmeac

    I would have thought you would have compared them more to the Borg, hive mind thinking and all that.

  • TOF

    President Dwight Eisenhower pronounced nuclear the same way as GW Bush. Maybe it’s a trait of Midwesterners.

    • John Greer

      I found it the height of irony that GWB was taken to task for mispronouncing nuclear by people who habitually dropped Rs and stuck them on some other word, like CubaR.

    • Gyro

      Jimmah Carter pronounced it nu-cu-lar and he was a nu-cu-lar engineer.

  • Snafu F. Ubar

    Best line on W was that English was his 2nd language. He didn’t have a first.

    I agree w/the positive W observations.

    The domestic enemies of the Constitution starting with the present CinC can leave now.

  • I stumbled across Ex Machina previews, and many of these things discussed yesterday and today came to mind, the various AI movies over the years. The difference between those earlier films, and let’s use Blade Runner as a next level, is said AI vs programmed response. It’s actually getting kinda scary.

  • Red Ruffansore

    There is no explanation for or repairs that can be made on the Obamatron and his crumbling army of Obots. They are not merely rife with bad programming, their mother F board is full of logic resistors and high reality impedance.

    • B Woodman

      Well said, well said. . .
      “Resistors” and “impedance”

  • Ming the Merciless

    After arbusto one, slicky, arbusto two and now Barry Hussein, I’ve come to believe the United State is indestructible…come on, cankle, WHAT DIFFERENCE WILL YOU MAKE???
    Speaking of A.I….The ultimate story would be “Genocide Man”

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