Day By Day


  • Wayne M

    Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do….

  • Xdcpd085

    I’m Half crazy mostly because of you.

  • Pamela

    You look sweet enough to eat,
    Nope can’t do that,
    no sugar, no fat, no sex (explains a lot)
    oh well, on the road to hell…

  • B Woodman

    “Dave, I don’t know what came over me. I have the greatest respect for the mission.”

    So says the ‘borg as he/she/heshe/it attempts to pretend (once again) to be “for the people”. And what is the mission, once again?

  • B Woodman

    And Jan STILL looks awesome, in all her naked, clothed, and half clothed glory.

  • Greg B

    I’m really appreciating all the recent boobehs. 🙂

    • Chris Muir

      Ah.My demographic! And the proper spelling,too!

      • nonncom

        I find your artistry boobiliscious….

      • I would LOVE to see the real life inspirations of these fine feminine forms (Jan, Sam, Naomi, Skye, etc.). *sigh*

    • John M

      The word “Boob” is a perfect example of Three-View Drafting: B – top view; oo – front view; b – side view!

  • Leon E.

    Guys live somewhat longer who tend to gaze more at boobehs. Unless they get caught by their wife.

    • And there goes my coffee on the computer monitor. LOL

    • John M

      Women that carry a few extra pounds tend to live longer than the guys that mention it…

  • Kevin L. Davis

    Bewbs is also an accepted spelling.

  • Boobs and borgs. How can you go wrong?

    • Pamela

      How can you go wrong?
      By running into that borg in the above frame that has port and starboard running lights integrated onto its bazoom. And it wants to snuggle.

  • Bill

    More like “…Babe, they all run classic BS.”

  • NotYetInACamp

    Real life is boobehful.
    End the cyborgs and their masters.

  • Bill G

    That phrase cannot be cleared. It can occasionally be replaced, as with “I feel your pain” but not cleared.
    As Dr. Sowell put it, the politicians priorities run first to getting elected. The second most important thing to a politician is getting re-elected.
    What the people want comes later.
    The recent work by Gilens’s and Page, the low line showing the influence of what the people want, shows this.

  • Doug Dean

    That core BIOS message represents relatively recent shifts in embedded programming — circa 1920.

    • RandyB

      More like 1860…

  • eon

    Even today most pols OS’ are not Y2K compliant. But then, most of them still think it’s the 1960s and they’re still “dangerous, romantic leftist rebels against a repressive imperialist-capitalist society”, too.

    They’re only correct about the “dangerous” and “leftist” bits, actually. It’s hard to be a “rebel” when you’ve been running the show for forty-odd years.



  • RayNAiken

    I used to wonder about my fascination of boobehs. I’ve long since stopped.
    I just enjoy them without all the complicated wondering.

  • writeby

    Evita Peron v. 2.5

  • SteveInCO

    The women all seem to be the same shape.

    Fortunately, it’s a damned nice shape.

    • Chris Muir

      Sam’s curvier, with great tracts of land. Skye same, but lesser up top. Jan’s taller, skinnier.Both guys got into shape recently.(see 4/16).But I can see how they do look somewhat similar-maybe they should be more naked more often?Heh.No.

      • You toying with us, Chris? 😉 Well, you DO plan to make good use of that lake, so… you know. 😀

      • JTC

        “…guys…more naked more often?”

        Incidental guyparts in the context of unfettered babeparts only, please.

      • Pamela

        “…guys…more naked more often”

        *does head snap and cleans glasses*
        My blood pressure is in the normal range right now.
        I promise not to drool. Overly much.

      • Grunt GI

        And we should not forget the strong family resemblance between Sam, Skye, and their mama.

        How does that ol’ country song go…”She’s got her daddy’s money, her mama’s good looks!”

        Clearly great boobehs run in the family.

      • canuck49

        I am sure your lady fans wouldn’t mind a little more beefcake yes?

  • Spin Drift

    I would rather that we channeled “Blade Runner” and Herr Hillary would be just another skin job with an expiration date. Speaking of skin, I think we have an explanation for the cankles. Her external bio surface doesn’t have the necessary integrity to do the job. Maybe she should look into some support hoes, oh never mind that’s Bill’s job.

    Hold Fast

    Spin drift

  • Delilah T

    I’ve noticed how brillary had her wolf teeth filed down so that she doesn’t look quite so predatory now. I’m waiting to see that dye job come out wrong. 😉

    Oh, I can be SO catty! Ask my cats.

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