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  • Spin Drift

    Bannon will move to the background, he is more useful there and will scare both the Dems and the GOPe as they can only guess his influence. A title does not an influencer make.

    “All warfare is based on deception” Sun Tsu

  • JTC

    I dunno Chris…

    Bannon didn’t bring Trump to the dance, the actual “common man” aka deplorables, did.

    And I actually think that DT doesn’t give a shit how the lefties spin it, he’ll remove who he wants when he wants and why he wants. For sure this comment: “I’m President, Steve, *I* lead.” would trigger those wants, even Bannon, for better or worse. I like Bannon, he is wanted and needed so I hope it doesn’t come to that.

    But we elected Donald Trump, not Steve Bannon.

  • formwiz

    A lot of this is just gossip mongering by the Lefty media.

    I really can’t believe how many otherwise sane people buy it.

    Or, for that matter, fall into lockstep with the alt right gurus who are sounding more and more like the old Libertarians.

  • NotYetInACamp

    President Trump is NOT a promise them anything and give them Arpege type of guy.

    President Trump leads. I lead also. Though I do step on feet sometime, I have been an in demand dancer.
    Most political party people do not like me when they discover what I have done. Or when I state what I see as going one in other cases.
    There are things (I want) to do and dances to dance.

    This dance has barely even gotten started. Most of the guests are still at home or traveling. This shindig is going to be awesome and yuge. Bannon has plenty of dance partners possible. He and others should spearhead bringing in dancers for the party. It is hard to get good dancers past the RINOs at the door and the Press shivving them as they walk in from their traveling to the dance.
    Precipitating events. we need to get the landslides rolling. Read Sun Tzu again, and others. Open the battlefield (yet keep from useless {neo and other} engagement). And win without many battles. Help your people be victorious in many ways.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Lead with your left, but follow immediately with a right hook.

    • JSStryker


    • WayneM

      A quick left jab to get the opponent to shift his guard, then follow up with right hook… one of my favourite combinations…

      I don’t see Trump setting Bannon aside although many on the left would love to see that happen.

      • Pamela

        A well placed knee to the nuts gets the point across.
        As does a thumbnail in an earlobe.

        • John D. Egbert

          Pamela, my dear, you are evil, wicked, mean, and bad, and nasty. That’s why we love you so . . .

  • Oh, I voted Trump because I see that he is NOT a politician. He’s a businessman who knows what to do and when.

  • Southpaw

    Trump = zero shits given

    Its so cute when the lefty press think they still call the shots. You could just pinch their little cheeks

  • Bill G

    Given that the alleged news out of D.C. is a combination of spin, hate, hope, and hype I must acknowledge the wisdom of one of the Great Sages: I know nothink. NOTHINK!”

  • JimWH

    ‘Ya dance with who brung ya’ – Did you happen to see Breitbart 2 days ago where I posted the same thing?

  • Halley

    “Never let your enemies know your plans” would seem to apply to the Enemedia as well as islamist or communist enemies. PDT consistently outsmarted the so-called “press” since the fateful day of that escalator ride, and I don’t think he’s anywhere near done outsmarting them.

  • John D. Egbert

    Somewhat off topic but, for this who may be interested, today (15 April) marks the date in 1952 that the first (Y)B-52 took wing for the first time. Just think: the ageless Buff is carrying its third (or is it fourth?) generation of crew into harm’s way.

    • Norm

      Today’s buf is vastly different from that first YB. I could have been maybe a third generation G-model buf driver in the ’70s. At least two more after me.

  • Spin Drift

    It’s also TAX Day, or as my Dad would say, Hoist a politician for Liberty Day!

    Rope, Tree, Congress Critter, and Fire for effect.

  • JTC

    I said above that we the wicked deplorables are who brung Donald dancin’.

    And that is true, but as that old term gets tossed around, nowhere is it more accurate than when applied to the NRA, they went all in early on for Trump, and he has responded by filling up his dance card with those initials.

    Of course, are not they (NRA) and we (deplorables) one and the same?

    • Indeed. Life member going for the next step up.

  • MommaMackie

    Got room for one more? Small, ill-tempered, too far to the right for my neighborhood, grandmother here. I voted for Trump as the lesser of two evil, but becoming very pleased with my choice.

  • Mr. Trump makes informed decisions, does not micromanage things, does not promote nonsense, or try to please the Choir Invisible. He is his own man.

    The guy who used to have that job…. (gigglesnort!) ‘ Nuff said.

    For those interested, the fat little pipsqueak in North Korea may or may not face some penalties from his northern Chinese neighbors. The only reason his generals haven’t removed him from office is that if they do that, the Chinese will have them executed on the spot. That said, I believe Xi JinPing is expecting trouble from DPRK and moved 150,000 troops, including medical people to the DPRK border and late yesterday sent another 25,000 people there.

    And if Fat Boy in PyongYang does detonate a nuke, it will register on a seismic network specifically placed to detect such things. He IS planning another underground test, or so he says. His last efforts last year were 20KT and 30KT respectively, 2 to 3 times the yield of the Nagasaki 15KT/Hiroshima 10KT bombs. Keep your eyes peeled.

    And have a Happy Easter!!!!

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