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  • JTC

    I would say it’s safer with DT under there doing the grabbing, but, umm…

  • WayneM

    The splashing, dark water and talk of the swamp had me harkening back to the Swamp Thing… anyone remember him?

    When I searched up Swamp Thing, I see DC Comics tried to resurrect the series last year. Not sure how I feel about that. I wonder if they’re going to put a social justice spin on it?

    • JackDeth72

      Swampy was always good for a chuckle, Wayne…..

      One of DC’s better later efforts.

      Though I was getting more of a “Southern Comfort” (Walter Hill’s Classic Louisiana National Guard “Guy Flick”) vibe from the murky, black waters.

      • Pamela

        Swampy was kind of sexy different in a green vibe sort of way.

        An old Coon~Ass friend of mine, God rest his soul, said there are Southerners and then there are Cajuns. He hated that movie with a passion. Cajuns would have gotten their boats back, gotten the Guard drunk and dropped them off in a safe spot with instructions on how to get out of the bayou.

  • Fun stuff!

    • JTC

      Those awesome underwater scenes were filmed up the road from us in Wakulla Springs FL, and the sequel the following year featuring our boy Eastwood even closer at Silver Springs where they did a lot of the Weismueller Tarzan shots. Can’t say I grew up watching it, at least not early on, as it was made the year I was born in ’54, the sequel in ’55. Seen them both several times over the years though…

      Silver Springs especially was always a favorite of ours, being just a few hours away and with lots of cheap motels and awesomely clear and cold swimming springs in Ocala Natl Forest, it was something my parents with five kids could afford to take us to in the 60’s, and we spent many late nights in those motel pools just like the DBD kids. Later as teenage parents with not much vacation money (clearly remember $15 per night rooms) and a ’65 Fairlane with no A/C to get us there we took our own babies several times.

      Sad to say our most recent trip to Silver Springs a few years ago revealed the degradation in the clarity of the Springs, the glass-bottom boat revealing more of a cloudy and murky view than the crystalline deep that we remembered from the early ’70’s…not sure how Wakulla has fared on that, haven’t been up that way in almost 50 years.

      Good memories. 🙂

      • Halley

        Cheers, JTC, fellow mid-50er. I (my parents) use to go to the Drug Store buy the plastic model kits of all those old black-and-white monster movie monsters, glue them together, paint them as artistically as possible (never at CM’s level, but with aspirations..) and my favorite was always The Creature From The Black Lagoon, for reasons not even Freud will ever fathom. Morally speaking, the invertebrate DC swamp creatures seem somehow far below The Creature’s level…

    • Pamela

      The every day folks understand they are the last line of defense when the powers that be get too big for their britches.

    • Z-man51

      If the libtard democraps were ever stupid enough to even consider such an abomination against the duly elected President I would be on the frontline administering 5.56 and/or 7.62 mm justice to whoever involved, be they democraps, republicrams, civilians or military. I took the oath to “…protect and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign or domestic…” numerous times while in the Army and law enforcement and to me that’s a lifelong responsibility.
      I might be old and slow but I can still hit a 12 inch bullseye at 600+ yards easily. I also know enough dirty tricks to make anyone trying to get to me pay dearly, if they can even find me thanks to my many friends wearing those “funny green berets” and my SWAT friends training me in their procedures.
      I also know there will be thousands of like minded armed redblooded Americans standing beside me with hate in their hearts for those traitors attempting to overthrow the government. We might cuss the federal government and their encroachments against us, but by God, that’s our right to bitch about their actions but they are our government however screwed up it may be.
      Trump may not be the most qualified President we’ve ever had, but compared against the half-assed idiot mooselame of the past eight years and the harpy “ordained” to follow him, he is lightyears better than those two $h1+heads!

      • I share that “certain skill set”, and attitude. What I like MOST about DJT is that he is NOT a “skilled politician”, but a serious businessman. Financially, this country is quite buggered. He is our best chance by that very “not a politician” factor..

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    How fun and innocent for Mari and Kiko.
    Speaking of……..where are Skye’s two?

    • Pamela

      Aren’t Naomi and Jan watching them?

      • Chris Muir


        • Bob in Houston.

          Aren’t we due for a Naomi/Skye catfight over Anatoly?

          • Too Tall


            Mossad agent versus snowflake?

            Naomi will rearrange your face when she loves you. Ask ‘Toly.

            There wouldn’t be enough of Skye left to identify what type of animal the remains possibly could have come from.

            Regarding one of Skye’s earlier stupid human tricks: I had an offline discussion with Chris regarding what people who are trained like Zed do when they come across an intruder (and he absolutely would know she was an intruder) in their room.

            With Naomi, she is Mossad (different training and mindset) and female (far less tolerant of risk). Either would make the outcome exponentially worse. Together, survival would not be an option for Skye.

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