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  • JTC

    A whole new #metoo movement, straight up!

    • nonncom

      Bootyjudge was asked what LGBTQ meant, but he couldn’t give a straight answer….badump bump…

      • JTC

        So he pulled one out of his ass…badhump hump…

      • Itsspideyman

        Tip the waitress and try the veal…

  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman


    • GWB


  • Avery B.

    Nekkid… with a supermodel (attributed to President Trump)

    • MasterDiver

      Remember you spell it two ways:

      N-a-k-e-d= You got no clothes on

      N-e-k-k-i-d= You got no clothes on, and yor up to somethin’! O_o !

      ZZar Belk!

  • Too Tall

    I seem to remember that Damon nailed it as the “pound (#) me too” movement.

    And Jan finally figured out why Damon called her “poundcake.”

    • eon

      Believe it or not, it took me years in my early Internet days to figure out the whole # “pound” sign thing. To me, # always meant “Number”. I had to look back through history to the 18th and 19th Centuries to figure out that # was used to designate “lb.” in commercial and also military procurement paperwork.

      Yes, when some recording on the phone would tell me to enter a number “followed by the pound key”, such as when contacting my HMO, it left me wondering WTH they were talking about.

      clear ether


      • gafling

        Way, way back when I started in the computer software development business I also learned some interesting variations on character names that were not taught in grade school ie:

        Character New reference
        ———– ————-
        * (asterisk) = splat
        # (number) = hashtag, pound
        ! (exclamation) = bang

        … probably because single-syllable words are more expedient.

        • MasterDiver

          My first meaning of “#” was in music “Sharp”.

          Zar Belk

          • Wood

            What is Zar Belk? My internet-fu is weak today. I find reference to an anime series Yamato 2199. Is that yah-mah-tow or yah-may-tow?

          • CuriousB

            And in the software world, we have C# for C “Sharp”.

          • eon

            It’s more like “Yuh-MAH-toe”. BTW, all Japanese battleships and battlecruisers were named after prefectures, the Japanese equivalents of counties. Yamato prefecture was the area around Tokyo, the national capital.

            Department of Useless Information entry #2,321,418.



      • Itsspideyman

        When I was working in post doctoral research I saw the phrase “extent theory” and I thought “what theory is extent theory”? I started looking up the phrase, looking a all sorts of theories, then I got the brilliant idea to look up the definition of “extent”. Far from feeling like an idiot I laughed out loud. It’s a story I don’t mind telling. 😀

  • WayneM

    I wonder if Suzy Q is going to drop by? Travis seemed a bit lonely…

    • JTC

      Screw Travis (heh)…

      Yeah Wayne, I called for that yesterday when the other participants jetted in…love me some o’ that sweet petite Asian T&A!

      • Pamela

        Several years back one of my very talkative male coworkers did not know I was behind him when he said WELL F**K Me. I asked if that was an Invitation to some really hot sex, or an Exclamatory Declaration, and would his Wife mind. From that day on he was very aware of his surroundings.

        • JTC

          Well unless there is a very interesting comeback or followup to this tail, I mean tale, I am very disappointed in this talkative male.

          • Pamela

            He would blush every time he saw me in the office. Got a bit tongue tied.

        • Itsspideyman

          Good for you Pam. We need to be reminded sometimes.

  • Come on, y’all. Pay the piper for your pleasure…

  • James F Gemind

    Show of hands, who doesn’t want to see her nekkid?

  • ses1066

    Ummm, going back to the late, great Lewis Grizzard, ‘naked’ is separated from ‘nekkid’ by action(s). Naked is unclothed, ‘nekkid’ is unclothed AND doing something sensual / pleasurable, frequently with others. Whilst his commentary was interpretive for non-Southerners, Texans usually regard themselves as unique Southerners, as in partaking but with added salsa!

    • Just Joe

      Naked/Nekkid….. I’m in for a #. Gotta pay to play ya know.

  • John D. Egbert

    Just dropped another Grant into the pot. Sorry, can’t do more . . .

  • Peter aka Coeurmaeghan

    I ‘hope’ my check is delivered. I sent it via Wells Fargo Bill Pay. That is a check mailed via snail mail. The only option I could think of. If it works, please let me know and I can then send more when the funds are available. Thank you so much for your fine work.

  • ottersmith

    # is an octotherp (one of many names)
    * is a hextile (again, one of many names)
    neither of these is the musical sharp symbol, nor are any of them the mathematical “equal and parallel” symbol.

    Wikipedia “number sign” goes into great detail, including Unicodes, history, and the many foreign names.

    [My computer science background insisted that I inform you of this wicked complex complication; there will not be a test. 😉 ]

  • JTC

    Did you vote for this POS? Because I didn’t vote for this POS! Oh wait a minute, NOBODY voted for this POS because Zero appointed him.

    Yet he can block the man I did vote for from doing the job I voted for him to do…”temporarily” as described in this piece, and as of today permanently!

    An Obama appointee to the Northern District of Calistan (of course) has more executive authority than the President of the United States.

    How totally completely stupidly crazy is that?

    Do they actually WANT civil war?

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