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  • Grunt GI

    Excellent couple toons…need some diversion from the craziness going on in the real world.

    Thanks much.

    Oh, BTW, just having a little fun with my last comment yesterday. Sometimes my imagination gets ahead of my decorum.

    • Chris Muir


    • CB

      I fully agree with you Grunt GI. I was going to do a long rant but after reading your post I said to myself; “Not tonight.” “Save it for another time.”

    • HankR

      Your comment on the male Slate author won the internets yesterday

      • Grunt GI


    • Niiiiiiice!

    • m225

      Both local in Bloodymore…… I mean Baltimore.

    • RegT

      I love stout (preferably Guinness, but Sierra Nevada stout is pretty good, too), enjoy oyster stew, but oysters in my stout doesn’t sound like something that would ring my bell.

  • Pamela

    *Note to self. Remember the Redhead Code*

    That sounds like really good idea and I bet it will go down smooth.

  • JTC

    Yes I know we’re having a respite from the crazy, and I won’t do a rant, but:

    Seems about right; they’ve used the IRS and FBI as their personal harassment agencies for their domestic political enemies, why not the CIA for international ones who would dare “interfere” in the presidential election (aka release the truth about the beast).

    Bitches better careful though; all their success with disappearing potential embarassments and “arkancide” has ’em feeling cocky…but they fuck with Putin and the boys and they might just show ’em how the pros do it.

    Sorry Chris, I’ll let others do their silent rant, or “stick” with the pearls as they choose.

    • Chris Muir


    • Bill

      Wow isn’t it surprising that Lester Holt that Patsy from the first debate is given the exclusive story about some government action that Obama is taking about the election. if that doesn’t confirm the connection between the administration, the Democrats and the media what clearer proof could one need?

      • NotYetInACamp

        One big Party. It rewards its operatives.

  • Good respite from the BS. Thanks Chris.

    • JIMV

      Agreed…a bit of the wild life to compensate for the real world is approeicated

  • Bill G

    Ayuh, there’s too much real craziness out there now; it’s a fine time for some fun craziness.

  • Boobie the Rocket Dog

    Inside jokes are great… if you’re on the inside.

  • Mr. Muir is milking this one for all it’s worth…

  • noncom

    A glowing redhead….hot, alright….yes indeed….

  • NotYetInACamp

    So lovely she is glowing.
    Glowing Red, at that!

  • NotYetInACamp

    Almost demure.


  • GWB

    Chris, was Zed going to say something else in that first panel? Or is it a pause simply at seeing Sam’s condition?

  • Pamela


    I do hope you are rested. You are sure to find yourself fully ensconced, having an in-depth conversation with Sam.

    That glow is lustfire and it needs to be fed.

    • JTC

      “Entrenched”. In-depth “demonstration”. Feed lustfire with loinfire, errant rounds = jewelry.

      Professional erotic wordsmith/enactor vs. zero experience/vivid imagination.

      Maybe I should just shut up sometimes. Nah.

      • Grunt GI

        JTC, I agree with you. Miss Pamela clearly enjoys playing with our imagination.

        • Pamela

          GG and JT
          Not playing. When a person expands their points of reference, unlike dropping acid to expand their consciousness, it can carry on in memories even when it is bittersweet. To be taken out for a moment during a crisis, or caressed quietly and returned to the shelf. Where it waits until it is needed again.

          Deliberately I tried
          to set you from my mind
          and yet the least thing
          resurrects memories sweet.
          The aches are stronger than before
          bringing grief to just below the surface
          for I cannot let it overwhelm
          and wear it as sackcloth.

          Maintain is my mantra
          to help to forget and
          get through
          yet I cannot
          and would rather scream,
          rending cloth for
          a heart I held dear
          only to set aside.

          • billf

            Pamela,is that original poetry,or do you owe someone credit?
            You are amazing!

          • Pamela

            It’s mine.
            A remembrance for a good man long dead.
            There are some loves a woman never forgets.

  • GWB

    The funny thing is that a lot of what ticks off the leftist scolds is done expressly as a dig at their so-called morality. Back when it was the “social conservatives” doing it, the best advice was “ignore it, and it will mostly go away.” But, scolds will be scolds – left or right – and they can’t help but get all dandered up over it.

    Honestly, who had heard of “Raging Bitch” or “Pearl Necklace” or “Panty Peeler” beers (outside of their local area) until someone started getting all p(r)issy about it? Some people think the name is offensive, violating some sense of what’s important in the world, and some don’t. It’s beer, people. Let it go, shake your head, and walk away. How hard is that?

    So focused on the stupid crap, they are willing to forgo the important stuff (like corruption and dishonesty, or turning the state into a criminal enterprise) in order to force their petty version of maorality* on everyone.

    (* That started as a typo, but I thought it worked, and left it. 🙂 )


    • Dread

      “Maorality”.. Heheh. Bullseye!

    • Pamela

      It could be that the persons upset by the names identify with them.
      How many of us have worked with a “Raging Bitch”?
      Or are/were married to one?
      Never got a “Pearl Necklace”, or maybe received one too many times because the giver thought it was a funny joke.

      As to “Panty Peeler”, that might strike too close for those women who cannot hold their liquor. Then wake up asking where the hell am I, who the hell are you and you, and where are my clothes?

      Names and various libations can illicit violent responses in the aftermath.
      Better for some to go after the silly than open their eyes to the real problems that need fixing.
      Dog and Pony Shows. Donkey Shows. Bread and Circuses.
      Pay no attention to the people pulling the strings trying to control the outcomes. Outrages against the fluff in life to deflect from the ongoing corruption.

      • NotYetInACamp

        And all of these attacks on Trump are means to distract the slaves from them noticing the virtual powerful shackles being placed on us all. The art of slavery has advanced much in most of the world since the Romans controlled their Slavs (slaves).
        I am not a Slav.
        I am not a slave. I will never be a slave.

  • Phink Floyd

    You hear about the Blue Jays commentator who refuses to call Cleveland’s team the “Indians”? Would love to see that fool disemployed.

  • JIMV

    Or two perhaps…

  • phunctor

    Seventy years ago my late Uncle Tom had some “Rene Pogel” labels printed. He applied them to bottles of very good wine, which he in turn applied to not necessarily very “good” young ladies. He always was a bit sdrawkcab! As was his private label. :p

    Here’s to you Tom, wherever you are!

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