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  • TomZ

    Fish and bicycle?

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      If I remember correctly, in the first generation days of the FemiNazi movement, Gloria Steinem said, “women need men like a fish needs a bicycle”.
      History is interesting when you live through it.

      • TomZ

        I remember now that you mention it having heard it before.
        The best comment I have heard about women’s movement came from Rush Limbaugh. He likes watching the women’s movement, especially from behind.

        • Fox2!

          “That sways with a wiggle when she walks.”

          • Wood

            Big Bopper FTW!

      • The 300

        Steinem’s silly comment was in response to the aphorism, “a woman without a man is like a fish on a bicycle.”

        Both of them sound pretty stupid to me.

  • Merle

    Never had any complaints about it being too much trouble…..

  • Interventor

    Some assembly required … “making the two backed beast.” With apologies to Shakespeare and classical Greeks.

  • Swansonic

    Making little-un’s is more fun when pedaling……

  • JTC

    If my girl of nearly fifty years calls me “poundcake” these days, it is with quite a different meaning… 🙁

  • Indeed. To all.

  • Halley

    PoundMeToo – heh!
    Lots of unhappy, unfulfilled women out there in this age of gonzobonkers feminism…

    • eon

      I grew up around a few. The only advice I can give is, never be related to one, by birth or marriage. if you’re male, you’re the Enemy, period, dot.

      If like my mother, you’re a woman who had only a male child and not a Sacred Daughter, you’re a Traitor to the Cause, also period, dot.

      Feminazis work overtime to earn the appellation. Right up there with Himmler.

      clear ether


    • eon

      I’m sure comparisons to Nixon and Mao are already being readied. I think the difference is that Trump isn’t going to sell South Korea down the river the way Nixon and Kissinger did South Vietnam.

      Trump is more of a Theodore Roosevelt type. TR would talk to anybody…while metaphorically casually tapping his “Big Stick” on something to make sure he had their undivided attention.

      clear ether


      • Arkelk

        Nixon and Kissinger didn’t sell South Vietnam down the river: it was purely a democrat controlled Congress who was out to undo anything that their enemy (Nixon) was responsible for. The peace agreement had the US supporting South Vietnam. The Vietnamization policy of the Vietnamese doing the fighting and a bunch of the other support was actually working well with the US supplying other support, including ammunition–all it mainly needed was continued funding, which the dems revoked post resignation.

    • JTC

      Proglodytes are blind and oblivious to anything but their cause; the destruction of everything Trump, Deplorable, and American. Even historic Nobel-worthy diplomatic and nuclear war-averting accomplishment is reduced to shit like this:

      They seem oblivious to the profound quote, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” , They should pay special attention to that last part, who said it and in what context.

      • Unca Walt

        Now, like we useta say,

        There It Is.

        There is a non-sane mindset that pushes the impossible concept that you must simultaneously solve ALL problems connected to your goal, or else drop it.

        Case in point: CNN asshole shouts at Kim about abuses. Hey! If THAT ain’t solved to our satisfaction, the Koreans must be told we are still at war. What the bloody hell kind of thinking is that?

    • JTC

      The “real meaning” and purpose of Trump confronting Kim is to avert war and save the world, not the NoKo’s who themselves have allowed and enabled their own enslavement. DT understands that military might is reserved for that alone.

      We can help them save themselves by example and economic power; they don’t have to look too far south to see what capitalism can do.

      Failure on the part of US politicians of both persuasions to understand that progression has cost America untold treasure and young lives. Finally we hav a CinC that does that says “Fuck that, America First!”

  • merlyn d. eckles

    Dean Martin,,, :wait til you see the way she walks, Hey Brother Pour The Wine.”

  • Pamela

    My Dad taught me a phrase, when I was a kid, in Japanese that translates to “I like the way she wiggles when she walks.” Being about seven years old at the time, I asked him if there was a phrase about watching guys walk when they wiggled.

  • Ray Van Dune

    Many years ago the US military demonstrated a low power radar that could tell the difference in the walk of a man and a woman from quite a distance. Isn’t technology wonderful?! At my age I can only tell from closer up and with careful observation. Sometimes my analysis suffers from spousal jamming, however.

  • Nancy

    Many women think I’m weird. My first gift to the man who would become my husband of 45 years was a subscription to Playboy. I have never worried about him looking at other women; I always laughed when he did so, and commented on their looks/attributes. I was never jealous because I knew with certainty that I had nothing to worry about.

    It paid off. While on travel for his job, he brought me a souvenir from the strip club he visited with his co-workers, who were appalled that he would consider telling me he had done anything of the kind. He did other things like that over the 43 years he worked for his company. But what did it cost me? My husband knew I trusted him, and didn’t worry about him misbehaving with other women — and he never did.

    Which is one of many reasons, some of which I won’t talk about that we remain happily married after 45 years and counting.


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