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  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    Whose own good? Pffffttttt.

  • JTC

    Nice jump on the red bar, good news

    As for the “we hate you and want you dead” ad campaign, it’s a set-up.

  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    The only soft sell I want to give (sell) to a DildoCrat is a shaving cream pie. And I have 5-6 old cans in storage in the basement. (always been meaning to take those to the out back 40 range when I go shooting)

  • Their own good, Sam. Their own good.

  • Lifeofthe Mind

    “It’s for your own good.”
    That’s what they tell the puppy.

    • Ed Brault

      “Just sit quietly and we will control all that you see and hear…”

      Zar Belk!

  • WayneM

    Don’t forget the “Orange Man Bad” platform. Although they’re not talking much about DJT in the debates, when it’s time for the general… it will be “Orange Man Bad, 24/7” since they still see that as a winning strategy.

    Is there a single one of the clowns in the DNC clown car who will admit the economy is doing well? Who will attribute the lower unemployment rate to Trump, not Obama? Who can find anything positive whatsoever to say about the Cheetos Hitler?

    • WayneM

      Good riddance.

  • S'aaruuk

    They are surly welcome to try, but I don’t think they really appreciate or even wish to acknowledge the fact that there are some 200M+ fed-the-hell-up-with-their-bullshit folks in possession of some possibly 4-6M guns and untold [i]trillions[/i] of rounds of ammo outside of their bubble that are gonna be tellin’ ’em not just “NO” but “HELL NO” and have the wherewithall to back it UP.

    They have truly forgotten history in that the real shooting didn’t start until the Redcoats tried to confiscate the guns, powder and ball.

    • Old Codger

      the real shooting didn’t start until the Redcoats tried to confiscate the guns, powder and ball.

      If memory serves, that’s what the Redcoats were marching to do on 19, April, 1775. I agree that AR/CW 2.0 probably won’t start until after they start rounding up the guns tools/means to resist tyranny. But if AR 1.0 teaches us anything it teaches us that the majority will meekly obey whatever diktats the left produces once they hold all the levers of power. I even suspect that will include boarding the trains for the camps as the Jews (and Gypsies etc.) did during the holocaust. The American Revolution was most assuredly NOT democratic. The majority of colonials either actively opposed separation or passively did not support it. By the time Cornwallis surrendered there were more colonials fighting along side the Redcoats than against them. I do not expect things to be much different this time.

      I consider it inevitable that the Progs WILLtake power soon or late. The only thing that stopped them from gaining 2&1/2 of the levers of power in ’16 was that pesky Electorial College – which they’re doing their best to nullify now. Once they have the White House and the House, I expect there to be a sufficient number of RINOs in the Senate to let them repeat Roosevelt’s trick with SCOTUS. And this time they will NOT repeat FDR’s mistake and nominate people with any sort of honor. They will undoubtedly nominate total doctrinaire liberal idealogues of the stripe of Notorious RBG. FDR’s problem was that even the people he nominated sometimes went against him. With two additional justices (FDR increased the court from 7 to 9 so there’s no reason to think the number cannot be increased yet again) they could easily pass any law or regulation they wished.

      • Old Codger

        Sorry for writing a book, Mr. M. but I had a lot on my mind. I figure that the next Democrat president will replace the last non-Democrat POTUS of the current republic. Once the progs control all three branches of the federal government it will take a revolution/civil war to dislodge them.

        • John

          Much the same problem they have in China, Cuba, and Venezuela.

  • Too Tall

    Zed is going to need a much bigger pot for popcorn. The circus is just getting started.

  • DogByte6RER

    “So it’s a soft sell.”

    Sam’s quip immediately reminded me of that 80’s new wave band Soft Cell and their one hit “Tainted Love.”

    Tainted love is all the Democrat Party has left for America …

  • Bill G

    The real message is “We hate your votes and will negate them with illegal voter’s votes, dead people’s votes, repeat voter votes, and harvested votes. But keep on in your jobs, and maybe get another one; we need our money. If you’re proper little sheep, we might let you keep a little of it.

  • interventor

    Morphed from a circus to a carnie freak show.

    • Steve Peterson

      At the asylum

  • Frank James Gaughan

    Well, as long as it’s for our own good…

  • JTC

    Zed’s “Democratic platform” blurb is dead-on. But it’s directed just as much at the gaggle of clowns running as at us. It’s an act and they are the set-up for the actual candidate who will embrace and enforce that platform if given the chance. And all with the worshipping support of the said gaggle and all the other tentacles who may or may not realize they are playing the useful idiots and are expendable afterwards.

    If it comes to pass, it will be a formidable force and opponent and if actually elected the whole “Normalcy” thing that will make it happen will be trashed and replaced by the most radically leftist reign we have ever seen, incorporating many of the worst ideas of the current gaggle. It will fail ultimately, as all attempts at communism and despotism eventually do, they are after all insane.

    But possibly irreversible damage will be done. Lord I hope they’re not that smart.

    • Old Codger

      <blockquote<"It will fail ultimately, as all attempts at communism and despotism eventually do"
      Unfortunately, such failures are always followed by EXTREMELY VIOLENT AND BLOODY revolutions and or civil wars. No reason to assume it will be any different here.

      • JTC

        Yes, but the order could be changed. Post the collapse of such an apocalypse as they will wreak, what would be the point of revolution then? We are, most of us here, of a mindset and resolve to engage…and I would bet, prepared to.

        So why wait for TEOTWAWKI to respond? If as I ponder above the plan is a late and dominating takeover of their clown party, you can bet immediate domination of us will follow.

        Can’t let that happen. Yes I have no doubt a Revolutionary War of the scope of the ones in the mid 1700’s and the mid 1800’s is imminent. The decision almost certainly will come down to whether to wage it now or later.

        • JTC

          BTW, excellent and informative comment upthread…the majority of subjects in the colonies fought against freedom? I did not know that.

          But I absolutely agree it is planned to be the same this time with bought replacements and others who will vote themselves free shit the key to their “majority”. We need to gerrymander the fuck out of the states where their cities are. And defend the Electoral College with everything we have, lose that and it’s all over so if there’s a flashpoint for the revolution sooner than later, that would be it.

          • John

            Our present governmental and legal morass is a direct result of the worship of Majoritarianism. The Majority will always consider themselves the Have Nots no matter how well off they are. Socrates was well justified in his distrust of Democracy, and the Founders created the Senate to thwart the excesses of the Mob.
            But thanks to the 17th Amendment that check on the Mob was reduced to a mere speed bump and now the service on the National Debt is being levied on the unborn (should we live so long) by Legislators who know they will never have to face the consequences, one way or another, for the sake of their next election.
            This is why I advocate the election of Senators by the Taxpayers rather than the populace at large, and in proportion to taxes paid.
            And keep in mind that no less a tycoon than Warren Buffet (a proud Democrat) bragged that he paid less in taxes than is secretary.

          • John

            (h)is secretary.

  • Pamela

    Leave it to the Dems etc to enslave others under the guise of being WOKE. Same old song with different words. Reminds me of playing a 78 record at 45 speed.

  • David Foley

    Seems like i didn’t read the instructions. How am I supposed to access the download for contributions? Last year I didn’t bother and I don’t suppose it really matters. But $50 bucks is $50 bucks.

    • Chris Muir

      Check your email, David, all loads are there, and thanks!Last year you marked ‘no merch’ so that is why you did not receive ’em.

  • kadaka

    Is the media now really going to go after Bill Clinton for the Epstein connections, now that the Clintons are out of power?


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