Day By Day


  • JTC

    Absolutely the flakes are following a script. Whose?

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    ALRIGHT!!! May I make a copy to make peel-and-stick labels? They’d go GREAT on some SnowFlake cars (and foreheads).

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      Any car (etc) that has a “COEXIST” sticker, or a “Hillary 2016” or “Bernie 2016” sticker on it. You get the idea.

    • Too Tall

      Every urinal needs one as a target.

      • Heltau

        No, the urinals are reserved for Hanoi jane.
        or kerry.

        • Bill M

          Hanoi Jane. Kerry’s in the bottom of the toilet.

  • Fox2!

    It looks like the cross section of a solid rocket motor grain.

    • eon

      You’re right. Looks like the grain in the old Honest John, in fact.



    • GWB

      You’re right!

    • AlexJ

      To me it looks like one of those anti-shipping mines from the Battle of the Atlantic in WWII.

      May the Farce be with them, just wish the SJW’s would just go away & let me live my life without their insistent blather.

  • KenH

    The NAZI Puke with the billions to pay the infantile retards to do his bidding

    • JTC

      He’s the source of the scrip, not sure he’s the source of the script.

      Love the flake art. How is it different than God’s special snowflakes? His are every one different; these are every one the same.

  • It’s almost… well, hypnotic. If you stare at it long enough, it starts rotating.

    • Vince

      Stay away from the Dark Side!!!!

    • Lucius Severus Pertinax

      So does a Swastika…

  • formwiz

    Dr Evil is reverting back to his Nazi past and the snowflakes are his SA.

  • Interventor

    Scott Adams (Dilbert) blog has an article on how Twitter fakes results and how to bypass.

  • w cushman

    The symbol looks like a crosssection of a magnatron.

    • Vince

      Very similar I agree.

  • Spin Drift

    Is that a Corona bottle?


  • FastAttack

    Why can’t Soros be charged under RICO or some other law for funding all the violence in an attempt to overthrow the government? Funding protests is allowed, but the violence, property damage and assaults must not be condoned. People in charge are sitting around with their heads up their rear ends letting it happen. Hoping DT can eventually hog-tie him.

    • Bill G

      Hasn’t happened to date because he’s a liberal advancing the far left’s agenda. With the Injustice Department as weaponized as it is against the Right he’s immune.
      What might happen eventually? Who knows? He might have covered his tracks completely, or he might be so sure of himself that he’s wide open to an investigation. As far outside of the situation as I am I can believe either scenario.

      • JonDeplorable

        Forget all that. Whack him. Then work down the pecking order.

        • Baffled that MOSSAD hasn’t done that.

          • Old Codger

            Now that you mention it, I wonder, a Lib the facts,woo.

            You can show a Lib the facts,
            But you can’t make them THINK!

  • Steve Piet

    Superimpose the Galactic Empire logo with a transparent copy of the international “no” red slash symbol and you have a “no Galactic Empire” or “no snowflake” symbol.

  • Amazing how dead nuts on this is.

  • And here I thought “#” was the snowflakes’ snowflake.

  • Lucius Severus Pertinax

    Remember.. they are TERRIBLE shots!

    • tomstockton

      Never thought of that one — thanks for pointing it out.

      Not that very many have guns anyway… 🙂

      • WayneM

        Actually, tomstockton, since the Rebel Trump succeeded, there’s been a solid uptick of firearms purchases, mainly from leftards who suddenly discovered an interest in the Second Amendment.

        • Pete in NC

          On the bright side, if they don’t know how to use them well, all they will be doing is starting a war they can’t win. If they go to existing experts for instruction, they may well learn more than they expect, possibly awakening a brain cell or two. And if they set up terrorist schools to avoid that, they may find themselves located.

  • Neil Frandsen

    Yup, the Progressive ‘Snowflake’ is definitely Chaos-free! Haz no Fractals, either.
    If manufactured in the millions, as inflatable seat-cushions, the centre-hole would allow for Progressive venting at the seated-bottom, eh?

    • Old Codger

      I don’t think they WERE, in fact, “duped”. I believe they know – and have known from the get-go – that anthropogenic global warming is bullshit. I think they go along with it because it allows them to have more control – i.e. POWER over the peed-ons like us.

    • John

      It doesn’t take a genius, or even a trained professional, to discover the fact that Anthropogenic Global Warming is a tempest in a teapot.
      All you need to do is compare the raw data.
      The _natural_ CO2 increase swamps the man-made output by at least two orders of magnitude. Anthropogenic CO2 is not magical, it’s _exactly_ the same as the natural kind.
      And if you think our scientists are being honest about their work try to find the research on where the _natural_ increase is coming from.

  • Bill G

    In regards to the Snowflake Empire, I wonder if Algore ever considers himself as a present-day Darth Vader.

    • WayneM

      Naw, Algoracle isn’t effective enough to be Darth Vader. More of a side character. Darth Maul, perhaps?

      • JonDeplorable

        Jar Jar Binks. And just as bright.

        • S'aaruuk

          I don’t like Jar Jar, never have…….but that’s a HELL of an insult to him don’chathink? :-p

      • cb


  • Bill


  • woodNfish

    Naomi is supposed to be Israeli, not amerikan. So how can Dimitri tell her they are her snowflakes?

  • NotYetInACamp

    Kulturny appears to be a Sorbian word. Lower? Interesting. East Germany. But I take things too literally and seriously sometimes. Origins. They know about that forcing evil tyrant stuff there.

      • Deplorable B Woodman

        I first heard that term “nyet kulturny” from Robert Heinlein, one of his (later) travelogues to Russia/USSR. He used it as an example of American tourists (himself and his wife Virginia) bypassing the Soviet bureaucracy to get what they needed/wanted.

  • writeby

    Re: “Snowflakes”

    Anything but.

    (New) Left Progressive Politics is the product of the (New) Left Postmodern intellectual, who is the high priest of the (secular) religion of Supernaturalist Idealism (consciousness creates reality, etc.), their mongrel theology the result of influences by: “extreme realist” Plato, empiricist David Hume, German Idealists Kant & Hegel, and pragmatists Pierce, James & Dewey.

    The theology of Supernaturalist Idealism can be expressed as follows:

    Metaphysics: Genesis of Social Constructivism
    Epistemology: Dogma of Emotionalism, i.e., Subjectivism
    Ethics: Morality of Relativism–for which their moral standard is Nil
    Doctrine of Original Racism
    Politics: Gospel of Egalitarianism; Commandments of of Politcal Correctness; Dogma of Multiculturalism

    Compliance with these are enforced with ecclesiastical fervor by Jesuit like Soldiers of Social Justice (what you’re calling “snowflakes”) in obedience to the Scholastic Church of Academe, the casuistries of its clergy the foundation for a new catholic catechism.

    If you’ve seen the film, Galaxy Quest, you may recall the scene in which the crew is searching for some sphere (to fuel their spaceship). They encounter a group of seemingly cute little creatures that look like children. Except the creatures are vicious monsters who dismember an injured one of their species and then attack the crew.

    Far from snowflakes, these SJW creatures have more in common with those monsters–and with the likes of Georges Danton and Maximilien Robespierre, of the Jacobin party that initiated the French Revolution–and the Reign of Terror.

    Beware; do not underestimate these fiends.

    • JTC

      Nah, the snowflakes are not really SJW’s or even SSJ’s but just pods always ready for a good boycott/protest/riot…as long as they don’t have to do any actual working or thinking for themselves. They’re just hippies really, same as they ever were.

      The “one evil man” or entity, that Chris references here, is another story, and probably all of your description applies to him/it and the elites who surround him. It’s this godhead of evil (devilhead?) that is the real enemy. They direct the activity and carnage but do not participate, that’s what the expendables you see on the news are for. Seek it out and kill it (and I believe that’s exactly what Trump is doing), and the street people will go on to the next excuse to not do anything productive. It’ll take a while; the culture has bred a crap ton of them for just the activity we’ve seen…the good thing is, these toadies lack any semblance of conviction, courage, or capacity to fight on their own. So when their support system is gone, they will either change, or die. Either way.

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