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  • formwiz

    Give him points for trying.

    • BlaxPac

      You see who Zed’s married to, right?

      For that kind of Redhead, I’d put the Doc in a sleeper hold, and lock HER in the bathroom. =o)

  • WayneM

    Oh Sam… and I’d like to see that MD try to restrain Zed. That wouldn’t end well.

  • Robert Haskin Jr

    Ahh,I remember dragging one of those IV poles around…

  • Malatrope

    Ah, I remember “Ex-lax” used that way! Dates both Zed and me (and Chris M), it wasn’t slang for very long.

    • Lonny Bridges

      We commonly used that Phrase back in the 60s

      • Bill G


    • eon

      My generation was still using it in the late Seventies and early Eighties. But of course, we were in Ohio. Change happens slowly here.



      • Me too, I’m from The Bratwurst Capital, which brings 100,000 visitors the weekend of the festival, to a town of 13,000. And unless you are well into your 70s, I might have been reading EE Smith sooner. I had my own subscriptions to all the pulp magazines before I was 10. first paying job at 8, peed most of it away on the pulp magazines, Saturday movie serials and SF paperbacks.

        Clear Ether!

    • Pamela

      Well at least runes weren’t involved

      • Chris Muir


        • Pamela

          Rocky Horror Picture Show –
          Dana Andrews said prunes gave him the runes (OUCH)
          Whereas Ex-Lax is a smooth move

    • Arkay

      We used the phrase in the 70s and 80s in the military. Began to die out in the 90s.

  • KenH

    Hey Doc, your UGABECARE plan cover you sustaining a dislocated spine?

    • interventor

      Now, now, the doc isn’t a liberal. Just looking after her patient. A simple sleeper hold, only.

  • Iconoclast

    Have to say, I always figured Chris & Zed to be younger than this colloquialism would suggest! “Ah, but those were the days, my friend ….”

  • Shonkin

    My kids used that expression when they were in high school circa 1995. It keeps coming back into use, I guess.

    • Bill G

      Like bell-bottom pants, which I saw in a store recently, although with a different name.
      And I’m wondering if any other old fogies think that some of Detroit’s ‘Brilliant &New’ designs look a lot like station wagons.

  • Yep, can confirm. We used the phrased in the 80’s all the time.

    • RWL

      Yup, used it often in early ’80’s.

  • jackdeth72

    Memo To Zed:

    “Ah, but man’s reach should exceed his grasp. Or what’s a Heaven for?”

    *Robert Browning*

  • JohninMd.(help!?!!)

    Zed better be careful. Remember when he got home from Afghanistan, and all it took was Sam’s thin sundress silhouetted in the window to bust stitches!!

  • Grape

    The original expression was “Good move Ex-lax” and was a derisive remark directed at someone who and seriously screwed up.

    • Grape

      ……someone who HAD seriously screwed up.

    • nonncom

      I thought it was a reference to diaria of the mouth….

      • Arkay

        We used it both ways. A good derisive remark is versatile.

  • Ed

    Ya know, I had a hospital tell me I couldn’t see my wife until a certain time once. The prospect of having their hospital dismantled unnerved them. Then the cop they called agreed with me. End of problem.

    • eon

      Old Dave Allen joke;

      Young husband asks older man, “You and your wife have had four children. My wife is about to deliver our first. How soon after birth can we, umm, you know…?”

      Older man replies, “Well, that depends on whether it’s a private room or a semi-private room.”



      • GWB


      • Solaratov

        Eon…Are you sure that wasn’t Steve Allen; the original host of The Tonight Show?

    • Fox2!

      There is a story that, one time when Arthur Miller had Marilyn Monroe hospitalized, she somehow got word to DiMag.

      Joe shows up at the hospital, and tells the desk he has come to take his wife home. The person at the desk reminds him that he isn’t married to MM anymore. “I’m here to take my wife home.”

      The person notices that DiMaggio is, between thumb and forefinger, breaking the counter into little pieces.

      “We’ll get her right down, Mr. DiMaggio.”

      I suspect that Joe may have been the only person who ever loved Norma Jean for being Norma Jean.

  • Cliff H

    The great Dave Allen! Many conservatives peed their pants laughing at his authority bashing humor – many liberals just pissed themselves.

  • Frank Burt

    Or you can predate them all with an assonance that predates them all – “Smooth move, prune juice.” I can picture little Puritan school children uttering those risque words during recess back in Pilgrim days. Kids have been scatological in their humor since time began. We just call it “Potty Humor” nowadays. Of course, we’ve become a lot looser (excuse the expression) since the days when the late, great George Carlin put “The S-word” at the head of the list of The Seven Words You Can Never Use On Television.

  • GWB

    Chris, if you ever put a soundtrack to this, Sam needs “Some Kind Of Wonderful” by GFR for her entrances when Zed is around. Or maybe just when you do something like show her silhouetted through her dress (as JohninMd recalls that scene).

  • Duke of URL VFM#391

    I like the way naive commenters are assuming Zed would win a fight with the Doc. Perhaps they should note how many medical people are trained in martial arts – has it occurred to them that Doctors/Nurses/EMTs know EXACTLY where to strike and how hard?

    • Pamela

      The sneaky ones carry a loaded syringe with go night-night for certain situation

      • Polly Cy

        But of course if she tried, Sam might have a word or two on the subject…

  • Ryk E Lee

    What kind of prude hospital are they in. If both are so injured as to have to stay in the hospital, why would a man and wife sharing a room be wrong or immoral?

    • silvergreycat


      Different injuries may require Zed and Sam to be in different departments, and different rooms, during the first days. Prudish hospital administrators/staff members have nothing to do with bed arrangements.

      Personal example…my father and step-mother were in a serious car accident 23 years ago. They ended up in different departments, possibly different hospitals (I’m not sure), he was in intensive care for roughly two months. She was home over a month before him.

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